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QLD Premier Rugby 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by RugbyReg, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. JeepsTragic Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Same as the year before were Uni won the only one that mattered. It seemed that the week off did neither team a favour.
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  2. Bulldog Alex Ross (28)

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    Wouldn't be surprised if Uni and Easts get the chocolates this weekend as they probably have more to get out of a round 18 clash - I.e. a bit of belief heading into the finals.

    How have other teams gone after their bye this year?
  3. BORED Herbert Moran (7)

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    I have 3 thoughts about this

    1. Brothers, Wests, GPS, Easts and maybe Souths are in the 2nd Grade finals. If you rest players where do you bring in the replacements from????
    2. Winning form is great form. Loosing creates doubt.
    3. Players want to play.:). imagine if a replacement player came in and had a blinder of a game just befor the finals (against a top 4 team). Do you pick reputaion or form. Players won't (shouldn't) want to give anyone a chance to take their spot.
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  4. Red Dogs Barking Frank Row (1)

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    Looking forward to seeing Norths finish the season with a W.
  5. Bulldog Alex Ross (28)

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    Sadly but for a miserable bonus point; a Brothers penalty kick after the siren at Uni or a Brother's try in the last play at Sylvan Rd the Bulldogs could be lining up for a 2nd top 4 finish in three years.

    Alas already looking forward to 2020 but not before a cracking last 4 weeks of the season.

    At least the Green & Gold will be seen at Ballymore over the finals even if not premier grade.
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  6. LearningCurve Ted Fahey (11)

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    Wests had some very good moments this season BD, you should be pleased. Looking good for the future.
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  7. Bulldog Alex Ross (28)

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    Are we going to see McDermott, Scott-Young, Hockings, etc run out for Uni this Saturday?

    Liam Wright for Easts?
  8. Bulldog Alex Ross (28)

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    The 6th grade live stream up on the QPR Facebook page was great but for the late penalty.
  9. The Nomad Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Don't think we will see McDermott Bulldog, he was still in a moon boot 2 weeks ago.

    ASY would be a chance , his "rest" period would have been served you would think.

    Hockings has been playing for a few weeks now, as has Campbell.

    Korczyk had the Brothers game off due to the player union mandated 2 week rest, not sure if the bye counts for his second week or not.

    All bar Tate should be available for the first week of finals.
  10. Finsbury Girl Dave Cowper (27)

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    Didn't see the Uni game this week but against Brothers they were both pretty good. The addition of Scott Young would make Uni this weekend an even scarier prospect.
  11. Bulldog Alex Ross (28)

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    Probably why GPS & Easts would rather that Brothers took that shot at penalty goal v Uni recently.

    In hindsight Brothers themselves probably have a small regret.
  12. Red Heavy Billy Sheehan (19)

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    The pen was 6 meters in from touch on a very windy day on the side of the field that would of been the hardest to deal with in the conditions.

    Brothers would of been going for the option that gave them the best chance of winning which they obviously thought was a lineout.

    I highly doubt brothers have given it a second thought.

    Secondly if UQ manage a win or draw this Saturday the result of that match wouldn’t have mattered to the finals spots anyway
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  13. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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  14. Sage Too Ward Prentice (10)

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    I think if you play as well as you did against Brothers, and hold it for a little longer; you will just have them covered.
  15. Sage Too Ward Prentice (10)

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    Well it sounds like the rest of the competition have the regrets, and yes it may come back to bite us, but I think they are fairly comfortable with the two narrow losses of the past few weeks.

    Easts at Easts may be another story; recently been a difficult task for Brothers, but again, I think we may sneak a win.
  16. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    GPS V UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, YOKU ROAD, 3:20PM | Match of the Round (Halley Appleby Memorial Trophy)

    GPS: Emosi Tuqiri, Troy Simkin, Ruan Smith, Tuaina Tualima, Oliver Bartlett, Michael Richards, Tom Kibble, Mitch King, Jordan Lenac, Bryce Hegarty, Jono Kent, Bernard Nickel, Maaloga Konelio, Alex Samoa, Pat Nicholson

    Coach: Elwee Prinsloo

    University of Queensland: Sam Mellor, Tom Mellor, Singcho Tamala, Adam Korczyk, Harry Hockings, Angus Scott-Young, Pat Morrey, Sam Wallis, Jacobus van Eeden, James Dalgleish (c), Sam Edwards, TJ Siakisini, Ash Watson, Clifton Setu, Jock Campbell,

    Coach: Mick Heenan


    Easts: Braden Schiller, Carter Ozanne, Rhys van Nek, Fred Fewtrell, Ben Mowen, Liam Wright, Tom Milosevic (c), Seru Uru, Phoenix Hunt, Rhys Jacks, Max Baker, Tervita Ahosivi, Landon Hayes, Riley Cooper, Dylan Taikato-Simpson

    Coach: Moses Rauluni

    Brothers: Tom Moloney (c), Matthew Faessler, Garrath Ryan, Bradford Kapa, Ryan Smith, Jeremy Skelton, Noah Nielsen, Harry Wilson, Reuben Wall, Rohan Saifoloi, Sam Hyne, Patrick James, Byron Ralston, George Partridge, Lawson Creighton

    Coach: Rod Seib


    Souths: Clinton Malolua, Alex Casey, Jake Simeon, Matthew Bennett, Josh O’Rourke, Josateki Murray, Brad Kelegai, Sean Farrell, Scott Malolua, Teti Tela, Emori Waqavulagi, Abele Atunaisa, Semiti Tela, Mikaele Tela, Jake Strachan

    Coach: Elia Tuqiri

    Norths: Dane Zander, Tonga Ma’afu, Jacob Pinkey, Michael Jones, Harry Fox, Sala Vauca, Michael Leary, Jordan Tuapou, Liam Prendergast, Jordan Luke, Veresa Mataitini, Tony Hunt, Conor Chittenden, Kegan Tuhega, Sefa Naivalu

    Coach: Luke Oxford


    Bond University: Sam Dobb, Nick Turner, Will Slipper, Angus Blyth, Matt Dalton, Luke Papworth, Connor Pritchard, Zach Moimoi, Harry Nucifora, Mitch Third, Gus Qasevakatini, Hamish Stewart, Dan Boardman, Ryan Menzies, Joey Fittock

    Coach: Grant Anderson

    Sunnybank: Lloyd Gorman, Eli Fakailoatonga, Daniel Anae, Fala Tuala, Zac Shepherd, Christian Malaulau, Joel Brown, Dilon WIhongi, Neal McNamara, Hayden Sargeant, Will Feeney, Tom Lucas (c), Liam McNamara, Josh Walker, Isaac Lucas

    Coach: Evan Willis
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  17. Adam84 John Solomon (38)

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    Didn’t see Stewart or Naiavalu playing today. Did I miss them?
  18. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    No for Stewart at least. I had planned to watch Bond v the Bank to watch Stewart and he didn't start.
  19. SouthernX Arch Winning (36)

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    Congratulations to Isaac Henry on being the top point scorer in QPR.

    Its a bit of outlier to see easts & UQ going into the finals with negative for and against.

    I wonder if my bulldogs would of qualified on the previous bonus point system where 4+ tries earned a bonus point over the more recent implementation of bonus point for 3+ tries margin of victory over opponent? I CBF going back to calculate that but worth noting that most of the bulldogs big scores were singlehandly the result of Isaac Henry accuracy boot.

    PSA - I am not related to Isaac Henry just a massive fan of this kids talents.
  20. triplet Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Great show of power from GPS yesterday. They really went hard into their first half tackles and Uni started to slip off tackles late in the first half. I thought Uni looked really done at half time and that GPS would roll over them in the second half however they tried valiantly and scored some good tries from loose play. They missed too many easy one on one tackles particularly in the backs. Once GPS scrum found their groove in the second half it was all over. One other point, and this happened on last years GF and yesterdays game - where were Uni's Reds forwards? If Scott-Young, Korczyk etc are representative of the best Qld have then the Reds will never progress. They were ordinary in my opinion. Kibble and Tualima comprehensively outplayed them
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