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Rebels 2019

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by oztimmay, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. RoffsChoice Peter Johnson (47)

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    Went through and you're right. Just so happened to watch Leicester for two weeks in that three week window, haha. 19 games at 12, 3 at 10.

    Though, for the people who doubt him as a 10 (and as a goal kicker) check out those Quins and Saracens games. Showed his class.

    Relevent links:

  2. neilc Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Good goalkicking and defence by Toomua in those highlights, didn't see a lot else. Strong forwards, maybe he could come to the Reds, we need a 10 and since his parents are missionaries Thorn might approve. Toomua was a very good player when in Oz but I do recall him more as a great defender and strong runner, less of a playmaker but maybe that's just my memory. He might find it different at the Rebels without dominant forwards as the game against the Reds showed. Rebels definitely need a 10 though.
  3. kiap Paul McLean (56)

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    An underrated attribute, IMO. When able to be maintained under pressure (not that the Premiership would show that too much) it's worth its weight.

    In those clips, Toomua showed some handy kicking in general play (producing tries) and ran through some weak defence for another try. I don't think he's got a bad pass either. While Toomua may not be a World XV ten, he's a very good one.

    And a point of note: He's not flaky!
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  4. Mr Wobbly Arch Winning (36)

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    How good is Telusa Veainu though? I still can't believe we let that guy go. Thanks, TT.
  5. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    Colby is off to Connacht. Did we know this yet?
  6. oztimmay Peter Sullivan (51)

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    No, well not me. Perhaps Rock Lobster has been sitting on this news for a while.

    If confirmed, sad to see one of the nicest blokes leave the club. Glad to see he played his 100th down here. He will be missed.
  7. oztimmay Peter Sullivan (51)

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    .and there's the confirmation. The wrong player in the picture tho.

  8. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    the transfer was known a while ago i thought. it is Colby in the picture Mafi hasnt played for the Rising.
  9. Scooter Alex Ross (28)

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    Swingpass that photo is from the Brisbane Tens and therefore isn't a Rising photo.

    Sad to see Colby leave, has been awesome for the Rebels.
  10. Mr Wobbly Arch Winning (36)

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    Yep, this news was leaked back in May. Still a shame to see it confirmed though :(
  11. Rock Lobster Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Yes I have been sitting on this, however I can tell you the final decision was only made on Monday after the Rebels made a last ditch play to keep him there for next season after getting wind of the Connacht offer. While he had been looking at overseas options for a while the Connacht offer only came through in late June after a deal fell through with a kiwi backrower, so any talk of this being done in May is false.
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  12. Mr Wobbly Arch Winning (36)

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    Thanks, RL. I did a quick search of the 2018 thread, this is the post I remembered (actually I recall that there was a deleted post with a bit more info). It is pretty non-specific.

  13. Rock Lobster Larry Dwyer (12)

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    No worries at all Mr Wobbly. I missed that post that got deleted so couldn't comment at the time.

    I can tell you Colby has loved his time in Melbourne and would like to settle there when he and his family eventually return to Oz
  14. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    If the deal only came in late, you only have to look at who gave him his start at the Brumbies and where they are now coaching.
  15. oztimmay Peter Sullivan (51)

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    As referenced in one of the twitterr posts from Connacht. The photo - Colby, sans beard, in a Brumbies "CA era" Jesery.
  16. Mr Wobbly Arch Winning (36)

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    Contracted for 2019 (so far):

    Jermaine Ainsley
    Ben Daley
    Pone Fa’amausili
    Tetera Faulkner
    Fereti Sa'aga
    Sam Talakai
    Laurie Weeks

    Jordan Uelese

    Adam Coleman
    Matt Philip

    Back Row
    Angus Cottrell
    Richard Hardwick
    Ross Haylett-Petty
    Rob Leota
    Isi Naisarani (not sure if officially confirmed)

    Half Backs
    Will Genia
    Harrison Goddard

    Fly Half

    Reece Hodge
    Bill Meakes
    Sione Tuipulotu
    Semisi Tupou

    Outside Backs
    Sefanaia Naivalu
    Dane Haylett-Petty
    Jack Maddocks

    Not yet contracted:

    Tom Moloney
    Sama Malolo
    Anaru Rangi
    Sam Jeffries
    Michael Ruru
    Tayler Adams
    Jack Debreczeni
    Tom English
    Marika Koroibete

    Parling, Mafi, Fainga'a, Timani, McGregor, Horwitz, Hutchison

    Any others?
  17. oztimmay Peter Sullivan (51)

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    You know you wanna chuck Toomua on that list :)
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  18. upthereds#! Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Timani is signed until the end of 19. I think it's a big mistake to let him go/push him out. Also a shame they flicked Mcgregor, no real australian developing flyhalf for the franchise.
  19. Rebels3 Bob Davidson (42)

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    Uelese is signed until 2020

  20. Rebels3 Bob Davidson (42)

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    I also believe Koroibete is signed until the end of 2019 but can't find anything definitive online about it, other than reports saying he signed a 3 year deal with the Rebels mentioned in some reports.

    Cant be bothered snooping around too much, gotta actually work while im at my desk :p

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