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Rebels 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, May 9, 2019.

  1. swingpass John Thornett (49)

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    so for want of anything better to do, Scooters post prompted me to pick an all time best Rebels XV and then i thought i'd do two, one XV who were the best of the Rebels to play and another XV of players who at their peak would have been better, should bring about some discussion, In ten years there have just been too many and some who didnt even get a run. I've gone the traditional 6/3 split.

    Best of Rebels

    1 Smith
    2 Robinson
    3 Weekes
    4 Jones
    5 Philip
    6 McMahon
    7 Fainga'a
    8 Delve
    9 Phipps
    10 Cipriani
    11 Koroibete
    12 Toomua
    13 Ellison
    14 Naivalu
    15 Woodward

    16 Leafa
    17 Henderson
    18 PAE
    19 Pyle
    20 Fuglistaller
    21 Genia
    22 JOC
    23 Gerrard (Hodge)

    back row most difficult, Higgers, Jordy Reid, even Timani had his moments. Beale had very few good moments in Melbourne. Inman was industrious, long lived and never stopped trying, but i thought reward for effort was lacking. I loved Lachie Mitchell when he was there but couldnt fit him in to the 23.

    Would have been at their peak
    1 Henderson
    2 Horie (never got enough game time - greatest waste of talent thanks again Tony)
    3 Sommerville
    4 Parling
    5 Coleman (nowhere near his best at the Rebs)
    6 McMahon
    7 Fainga'a
    8 Higginbotham
    9 Genia
    10 Q Cooper
    11 Koroibete
    12 Ellison
    13 Mortlock
    14 Naivalu
    15 Woodward

    16 Freier
    17 Smith
    18 Weekes
    19 Philip
    20 Thomson (Samo)
    22 Beale
    23 JOC

    hard to leave out Julian Huxley, K Matsushima, Mike harris , all great at their best.
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  2. Silverado Arch Winning (36)

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    Would have been great for English to have cracked the ton. Sadly looks unlikely:(
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  3. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    Why didn’t he just come up and stay in hotel for 2 weeks?
  4. Dctarget Tony Shaw (54)

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    That hasn't been possible for Vic residents for a while now.
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  5. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    OK I thought it was just like OS travellers, could still come in but had to quarantine.

    EDIT: OK I see, it's only for NSW residents.
  6. Tex Peter Johnson (47)

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    I'd bring in that mad Japanese bastard who went all Rocky on Timani over Delve and Higginbotham. That season when he won MVP was insane. Probably put Alo-Emile in instead of Weeks at 3.
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  7. swingpass John Thornett (49)

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    Yes i completely forgot about Amanaki Mafi, he'd be in my best ever. The other one i'd neglected was Tom English, had be close to #23 in my best Rebels team, but hard to put him above either Hodge or Gerrard. at his best i think Laurie was better than PAE, but a close thing i agree.
  8. Tex Peter Johnson (47)

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    I just get nostalgic of the year when PAE was the starting tighthead, first year of the NRC I think. We just walked over every scrum in front of us.

    English is a funny one. Never struck me as a high quality player, but consistently beat tackles and scored tries. The stats are hard to ignore, even with players with better pedigree as alternatives.

    We've had some great players, the players have probably had some great parties, but we've bloody struggled to keep the good ones here long term
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  9. Dctarget Tony Shaw (54)

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    Genuinely my theory on why we're so consistently shit despite the great players. I've bumped into a fair few too many players past their bed times on game week
  10. swingpass John Thornett (49)

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    clearly for some, Melbourne and its lifestyle was on the bucket/to do list before retirement, others were here for a "good time not a long time"
  11. Rebels3 Ken Catchpole (46)

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    McMahon and Woodward for me were the two biggest losses considering where they were in their careers at the time. Woody would of got a good handful of tests for the Wallabies if he stayed around and McMahon left the same year he was close to the best Wallaby in an international season.

    Tyrell Lomax and Telusa Veainu were the two that we never saw the best of that have turned into amazing players.
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  12. Jimmy_Crouch Colin Windon (37)

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    Tyrell Lomax is an interesting one. Clearly talented but fourth professional club by the age of 23 raises some questions about his character.
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  13. Mr Wobbly Alan Cameron (40)

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    The problem with Mafi was that it was all about him. A bit like the Reds with Kerevi. He was (is) a great player but there wasn't much balance when he was around, plus massive penalty magnet. I'd take Isi, Delve or Higgers before Mafi.

    PA-E vs Weeks is a bit of a line ball. At their best either of them could do the job.
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  14. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    Mafi also took a dive when given the slightest nudge by a halfback.

    If that wasn't an indication he was a poor character...
  15. Scooter Vay Wilson (31)

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    Telusa Veainu didn't get the opportunities he should have, I always liked him. He impressed with the Rising in the NRC. Something else we can thank Tony McGahan for. Tony just didn't like X-factor.
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  16. Rebels3 Ken Catchpole (46)

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    He’s turned into one of the best 15s in the premiership in the last 10yrs.

    I see the Telegraph has linked us with a return for Steve Cummins. I’d be happy with that, could be a handy player until Philip returns from France. He’s been playing fairly regularly for Scarlets in Wales. Then turn into a good 3rd option from then.
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  17. Bobby Sands Banned

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    I always wanted him to come on and be a skilful lock.
  18. Mickey Rummery Bill Watson (15)

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    He tore it up at Leicester before injury and covid curtialed his time there
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  19. Scooter Vay Wilson (31)

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    Another player we lost when Tony McGahan was coaching " due to injury" was Max Lahiff. He is still playing for Bristol.
  20. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    I thought Max had some sort of Back Condition that made him uninsurable here but not in the UK. Or did I have a weird recollection of events.

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