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Reds 2016

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Hugh Jarse, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I would suggest that Stiles is the best set piece forwards coach in the country, because despite the Reds' pack excelling in both the scrum and the lineout they weren't up to scratch in general play..... but maybe I'm being too harsh?
  2. Sandpit Fan Nev Cottrell (35)

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    ☺ The irony is killing me. Early contender for post of the year!
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  3. gel Chilla Wilson (44)

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    When RG had the dual responsibilities of head coach and defensive coach in 2014 the reds were terrible. Our defensive record in 2014 was worse than what it was in 2015.

    I think Stiles is a fantastic technical coach as the reds work around the set pieces has been really special. However the manner in which our forwards have been playing the game outside of the set pieces has been really poor. I guess that is because those other areas fall under "defence"and "attack" and is therefore another coach's responsibility, but I don't know.

    A conservative game plan only works if the players are able to capitalise on the opportunities for points (not just goal kicking) - and that needs to be a well drilled team. No team under RG will ever be well drilled. I still think the current squad looks a little unbalanced.

    There actually isn't.

    If there was, the reds would not be putting out statements such as:

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  4. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    The possibility of conservative play is what worries me. But I'd agree the team make up and O'Conner as attack coach suggest it as a possibility.

    Using 2013 for RGs record seems to me being overly supportive, check tries against last season.

    BUT as most of the remaining Reds fans are here because, well we just cant do anything else, there are positives:
    Stiles, set piece, forwards. Awesome mix.
    Backs are inexerienced but ooze potential.
    Thank god we have decent S&C. Possibly best in Aus.
    Noise (Reds market machine hyperbole anyway) suggests O'Conner is pushing flamboyance. That would be a departure from his last gig but highly welcomed. Maybe he just needed the right cattle. And btw some O'Conner "pods up the middle" wouldnt go astray.
    RG has both O'Conner and Stiles breathing down his neck. Im not at all displeased in the discomfort this should create for him. Better buck up buddy.
    Herbert, still think its an odd selection but having the role over RG can only help.
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  5. upthereds#! Bob Davidson (42)

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    Not too harsh at all, however I would also contribute that to the style of players the reds have had in the forwards.

    Holmes, Schatz & Simmons were excellent at set piece time, Slipper and Gill were really the only ones applauded for their 'work around the field', however none of the players are particularly recognised for their impact on the field which is usually offered by the physically dominant players.

    Had a bit of hope in Douglas and Tui this year and guys like Fakasolia & Tupou for the future.
  6. gel Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Thanks @dru. I actually needed that.
  7. Scrum doctor Bob McCowan (2)

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    My Reds 23 Round 1:

    1. Ben Daley
    2. Saia Faingaa
    3. Greg Holmes
    4. Rob Simmons
    5. Caderyn Neville
    6. Jake Schatz
    7. Liam Gill
    8. Hendrik Tui
    9. Nick Frisby
    10. Jake McIntyre
    11. Chris Feauai-Sautia
    12. Karmichael Hunt
    13. Samu Kerevi
    14. Eto Nabuli
    15. Ayamu Goromaru
    16. Andrew Ready
    17. Sam Talakai
    18. Sef Faagase
    19. Adam Korczyk/Ben Matwijow
    20. Curtis Browning/Adam Korczyk
    21. James Tuttle
    22. Sam Greene
    23. Anthony Faingaa/Lagi Setu
  8. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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    You're right in saying the forwards weren't fantastic in open play, but some of the Reds better open field players were out.

    Look at the injury toll - Daley out, Slipper out, Holmes out, Korcyzk out, Fakaosilea out, Quirk out, Tui out, Browning out.

    Korcyzk and Fakaosilea especially were super promising in their debuts before getting hurt. I've got a feeling that Korcyzk was going to be breathing down Jake Schatz' neck, but did someone say he was injured again?

    I'm also keen to see how Tui goes this season. They bought him to be that wrecking ball in the middle, and his highlights tape suggest he was pretty good at it.

    I'd put money on Samu Kerevi supplanting Tevita Kuridrani as the Wallabies 13 this year as well. Kuridrani's regression and another strong year of growth from Samu should do the trick.

    Sorry, should this all be going in that optimism thread?

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  9. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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    I think this is pretty close to what they'll go with.

    Schatz' blindside flanker spot will be under pressure from Korcyzk, but I think he'll get first start, as he should.

    Not convinced by our 9-10 combination at Super Rugby level, but I hope they can bring some of their NRC form in to the competition.

    I'd also swap Karmichael and Samu around - getting Samu closer to the ruck will make for a great outlet to help McIntyre to transition in to super rugby, even though I think he's a is better in the wider channels, with more space to exploit. Karmichael at 13 puts a physical distributor out wide that should help unlock the outside backs, plus Samu inside him.

    Sautia's form in Premier Rugby was insane for the Finals and the start of the NRC, but he got hurt. If he gets a good preseason in 2015 could be Sautia's year.

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  10. Sully John Eales (66)

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    I think a lot of the forwards in open play problem comes down to fitness.

    By all accounts they have been flogged this pre season but I'm not sure if you can turn it around that quickly. Does anyone know about S&C? Can you?

    Anyway it should at least be better from that perspective.
  11. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Definitely welcome. There is good going on too.
  12. TOCC Guest

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    Depends on a few variables like the physical maturity of the players and injuries, but In a nutshell yes one off-season can make the difference.

    The players definitely looked less fit then some of the other teams but they weren't too far off the mark, all the players will still have a good baseline. Nothing which can't be overcome In a single off-season if they are injury free.

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  13. emuarse Dick Tooth (41)

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    Happy (belated) new year all.

    'Nothing which can't be overcome In a single off-season if they are injury free'.

    TOCC, my thinking is that if the S & C is on song, then there will be likely less game/training injuries occurring.
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  14. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Think a statement like that might be better in the Cloud Cukoo thread.

    I have a lot of faith in Kerevi making the Wallabies, but not at TK's expense. TK will have the benefit this year of being over his injuries and having a full pre-season to build on. And, if Bernie Larkham is to be believed, the Brums will be playing a more attacking game plan this year, so I expect a very successful year for TK.

    Kerevi's best spot imo is at 12, and he just might be the option we need to replace Matt Toomua in 2017. Imagine a centre partnership of 12 Kerevi, 13 Kuridrani. That is mouth watering.
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  15. TOCC Guest

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    It's not a completely unreasonable statement, Tevita's performances in 2016 failed to consistently reach the level of 2015. I agree Kerevi's best position is probably 12, but wouldn't be surprised to see Cheika test him at 13, especially since the Wallabies are lacking depth in this position post AAC.

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  16. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I think people are maybe clouding their judgement because of his extremely poor Super Rugby form, but Kuridrani was consistently pretty good for the Wobs last year....

    Certainly not as dynamic as the year prior (which might be attributed to being rushed back from injury), but he certainly didn't put his spot at risk with his performances during the RC and RWC...

    But that's probably a discussion for another thread.
  17. upthereds#! Bob Davidson (42)

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    A 12/13 combination of Kerevi & Kuridrani, whilst physically scary, IMO would mean that a 2nd play maker would have to be at FB (beale) at the expense of Folau, unless Folau starts playing Wing, which wouldn't be terrible considering the (probable) non-selection of Mitchell & AAC, the 7s involvement of speight, and the impending departure of Tomane.
  18. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    No its not. Especially on the Reds thread for crying out loud. I could understand Brumbie fans being churlish if I suggested the 2016 WB will need:
    Frisbey at 9
    Hunt boots out Beale at 12 he he (Kuridrani bench)
    Kerevi 13
    C F-S takes 11.

    Oh! Forgot, Gill takes 7, Finger hooks. For 12 months anyway when Squeak can return. :)
    We already have props and locks sorted.

    Ah well, I wont make those suggestions. yet.

    Brumby fans can moan on the Brumby thread.
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  19. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Thanks Dru. I thought, and believe, my response was completely legitimate to the proposition put forward by The King. That was where the first reference to TK was made. And I haven't seen anywhere else where anyone has mentioned the likes of Frisby et al. Think you might have been reading more into the exchange than any of the contributors meant.
  20. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Your post started thus:

    "Think a statement like that might be better in the Cloud Cukoo thread."

    And nup. Its a Red thread. Talking about a Red. By a Red fan.

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