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Reds 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, May 9, 2019.

  1. Finsbury Girl Bill McLean (32)

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    Ah I see, I only had heard about him playing proper footy @ Churchie.

    I guess there's no accounting for taste.

    And playing for Easts? He could've at least chosen a decent club like the mighty Devils!

    EDIT: I should add, that I'm happy at least he's playing for the good guys ;)

    Surely a few Kangaroo caps await as well.
  2. VassMan Ward Prentice (10)

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    Doesn't he want to do a Thorn and play for the All Blacks as well later on?
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  3. Dctarget John Thornett (49)

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    Angus Crichton is the one from last night that got away (not from the Reds though). Went to school with Jack Maddocks in the same year, grew up aspiring to be a Wallaby. Always whispers that he's eyeing a return, but he's now a regular for NSW in the SOO, so don't expect him back anytime soon.
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  4. Finsbury Girl Bill McLean (32)

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    Ha ha, I played with heaps of blokes who played both, I've played both ; it's all a bit of harmless banter. I've been called worse from league peeps, that's for sure.
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  5. Show-n-go Banned

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    And Cameron Murray
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  6. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    If you go through it over the last few years I reckon we've picked up way more guys who started their career in league, then they have picked off genuinly union focused schoolboys.

    Even Timu from a couple of posts above
  7. The Nomad Alex Ross (28)

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    Sadly you are correct VassMan, Ponga has been quoted as saying IF he switched to rugby it would be to play for the ABs.

    Would imagine he would be pretty happy with how things are going for him at the moment.

    From last night's SOO , Tyson Frizell is a former Aussie Schoolboy as well , played 12 I believe. His brother Shannon has had a run in Super Rugby for the Highlanders and has a couple of AB caps I think.
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  8. RedsHappy Tony Shaw (54)

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    That's a very astute comment.

    I recall when I first come on to these boards in 2010, the patronising, condescending comments and general tone re League and 'the mungos' were nearly deafening. I didn't particularly like League but I didn't care for these attitudes and of course it's the NRL that's absolutely had the last laugh, its superior organisation, games format and far better holistic marketing has played a role (amongst many others) in virtually decimating Australian rugby which has been managed to far lower standards of competence and insight for decades.

    If we look more deeply at this streak of patronising elitism in Australian rugby it was partly responsible for gifting League a foothold when League broke away from rugby here eons ago - the toffs of the amatuer code could not imagine League ever succeeding without their 'breeding' and 'innately superior' game. The rest, as they say, is history.

    This deeply ingrained elitism - express and implied - at the unconscious heart of Australian rugby's governance still dominates the governing bodies of Australian rugby today, and it's crucial to understand this truth.

    Witness: the love of 'senior well-connected bankers' like the hapless Clyne at RA and Davis at NSWRU to chair Australian rugby RUs (the trained-in arrogance and 'superiority' of which as a class was so expertly uncovered by Commissioner Hayne), the unspeakable elitist arrogance of, for example, the QRU board in forsaking fans' interests for their pet 'good mates' projects in the likes of R Graham as a profoundly failed HC of the Reds (and look at the horrendous consequences accruing today), the callous self-centred monetary greed of John O'Neill and the then ARU board's appalling indulgence of him at the expense of the game's financial needs, and so on.

    The evidence of deeply ingrained attitudes of Australian rugby's supervisory elitism and self-designated superiority coupled with the years of manifest disdain for the 'lower' stakeholders of Australian rugby, is legion.

    The tragic yet inexorable results of these embedded and self-repeating cultures are there, in 2019, for all to see.
  9. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Wood, McReight, & Wilson all play together at Brothers.

    Add in Faessler too who is a very good hooker.

    The connection is strong in those men. Bodes well for the Red men.
  10. upthereds#! Dick Tooth (41)

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    Wood is listed @ 192cm & 103kg
    Wilson is listed @ 195cm & 106kg

    Whilst Wood is playing lock, I think that this is only happening at this level as Wilson is preferred 6 with Harris at 8 (194cm) which still gets 3 tall guys plus giant Hosea. Wood is definitely a 6 if that really is his height. Tough for him behind ASY and Wilson.

    Must admit I won't be surprised to see Wood benched in u20 for new giant Brumbies (ex saders) lock Nick Frost. Even bench will be tough with big Rebel Haangana there also.
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  11. Ignoto Chilla Wilson (44)

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    With Higgers and Timu leaving this season, who's playing 8? Would you say ASY has first rights over it, it'd then allow LSL to be pushed out to 6 with Rodda and Blyth/Hockings in the locks.
  12. Tomikin Mark Loane (55)

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    Yeah size rates as a 6 not a lock, but from the look of the chap in the 30 mins I watched, he was a damaging ball runner who always made meters after contact. Only thing I would think is Frost could add some weight in the scrum, which got belted.
  13. liquor box Ken Catchpole (46)

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    none, they cant read:D

    I seriously don't think any would have turned away.
  14. The Nomad Alex Ross (28)

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    Think we have contributed to perception of losing young talent to league by the way our schools often chase talented young RL players to "compliment/ augment " their rugby programs. A lot of these lads who are "lost" to league after finishing school and completing their First XV commitments were never ours to lose in the first place.

    In terms of crowds , I was at the game last night, great crowd, great atmosphere and what a cash cow for the NRL.

    Can remember being at the Reds v Tahs game at Suncorp in the lead up the RWC in 2003 along with 42000 other people.

    How things have changed.
  15. Adam84 Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Yeah he is playing lock, but I think we will see him shift towards the back row at some point.
  16. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    Kerevi not giving too much away on rugby.com.au

    Not sure who it's up to if not him though?

  17. The Nomad Alex Ross (28)

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    Have heard he is gone.

    Reds have topped out on payments , RA aren't prepared to add anymore ( or not enough ) to what he is already on. Effectively has him on a lower level/priority than Beale, which I certainly can't reconcile. Maybe he needs to be wearing sky blue to be rated that highly?

    Sad thing for Reds and supporters is he would have stayed.
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  18. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    His form is irresistible at the moment and he's the best Super Rugby player in the country but never quite done it at test level yet.

    Wish these negotiations were happening in December. A great test season under his belt and RA would find the money
  19. Jimmy_Crouch Trevor Allan (34)

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    RA statement is based on what? Do you know the terms of his offer or KBs for that matter?
  20. Finsbury Girl Bill McLean (32)

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    GG Raelene


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