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Round 19 - Reds vs Sunwolves - Friday 13 July 2018

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by Braveheart81, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Reds team to face the Sunwolves
    1. JP Smith – GPS
    2. Brandon Paenga-Amosa – Sunnybank
    3. Taniela Tupou – Brothers
    4. Izack Rodda – Easts
    5. Lukhan Tui – Souths
    6. Caleb Timu – Souths
    7. Liam Wright – Easts
    8. Scott Higginbotham – Wests (C)
    9. Tate McDermott – University of Queensland
    10. Hamish Stewart – Bond University
    11. Eto Nabuli – Souths
    12. Duncan Paia’aua – Norths
    13. Jordan Petaia – Wests
    14. Filipo Daugunu – Wests
    15. Jono Lance – University of Queensland
    16. Alex Mafi – Bond University
    17. Harry Hoopert – Brothers
    18. Ruan Smith – GPS
    19. Angus Blyth – Bond University (potential Super Rugby debut)
    20. Angus Scott-Young – University of Queensland
    21. Adam Korczyk – University of Queensland
    22. Moses Sorovi – University of Queensland
    23. Teti Tela – Souths (potential Super Rugby debut)

    No farewell for George Smith as he is still injured.
  2. Up the Guts Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    The Sunwolves are in for a world of pain at scrum time. Massive yellow card prospects.
  3. Ignoto Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Weird that Moses is relegated to the Bench I thought he played pretty well last week?
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  4. Hawko John Hipwell (52)

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    Brad does not see selection as other mere mortals do. Form and potential are but minor concerns in the grand scheme of things.
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  5. Bobas Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Ben O'Keefe is refereeing
  6. Bobas Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Kane Douglas isn't even injured, I know he's moving on but that shouldn't be grounds to drop someone from the 23.
  7. RugbyReg Phil Waugh (73)

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    Meh. I’m not concerned about Douglas not being picked.

    I love that pack. If we can’t get go forward with Tupou, Tui and Timu playing then we never will.
  8. Bobas Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I like the pack too, it's the reasoning that shits me, he's off next season.
  9. neilc Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Given that this is the last Reds game of a poor season I think the guys who are leaving should be left out unless we are really lacking in a position. We need Lance because he can kick goals reliably and apart from Daugunu we lack that skill in the squad. Not sure who we have uninjured in the outside backs, perhaps no-one as he has selected Nabuli who is off. Maybe they would have been better off giving Tela his debut at last although I thought he was more of a 10/12. What's happened to Toua?
  10. Ignoto Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Rocks for hands. Shame we can't swap the Brumbies for one Queenslander with another and get Banks back!
  11. Dan54 Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Be interested if ref allows Tupou to scrum same as the one last week.
  12. upthereds#! Arch Winning (36)

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    Was named last week but got injured. pec.
  13. TSR Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Ok - I’ll bite. What in particular are you referring to? I didn’t notice anything particularly untoward.
  14. Sully John Eales (66)

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    I'm waiting for him to get pinged for boring. He seems to set up at an angle and has a good go at the hooker. Like all good tightheads.
  15. Dan54 Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Yep TSR like Sully says he does bore a bit and seems to get his shoulders below his hips a bit. I not accusing him of being a bad scrummager by any means ,I think he bloody good, and am supporting Reds, just thought he was a little fortunate a couple of times last week. Actually shows a bloody good prop who like a 7 should be playing the ref.
  16. TSR Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Ok - yeah, I can see that.

    Gee it’s fun watching him overwhelm his opposite though. Bloody impressive.
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  17. HJ Nelson Ron Walden (29)

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    Sunwolves team

    1. Craig MILLAR
    2. Yusuke NIWAI
    3. Takuma ASAHARA
    4. James MOORE
    5. Wimpie VANDERWALT
    6. Michael LEITCH
    7. Edward QUIRK
    8. ◎Willem BRITZ
    9. Yutaka NAGARE
    10. Hayden PARKER
    11. Akihito YAMADA
    12. Harumichi TATEKAWA
    13. Michael LITTLE
    14. Yoshikazu FUJITA ★
    15. Jason EMERY
    16. Jaba BREGVADZE
    17. Keita INAGAKI
    18. Hencus VAN WYK
    19. Kazuki HIMENO
    20. Rahboni Warren VOSAYAKO
    21. Fumiaki TANAKA
    22. Rikiya MATSUDA
    23. Ryoto NAKAMURA
  18. Brumby Runner Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    Dan, given that I haven't seen any comments from anybody criticising Tupou's scrum efforts, indeed just the opposite, what are you implying?

    EDIT : OK, just read the following posts and is now clear. Hadn't noticed the boring in myself, but given he will be important to the Wallabies' scrum later on, will look for it in this week's game.
  19. Scrubber2050 Mark Ella (57)

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    Once he gets the reputation with that he'll be pinged rightly or wrongly in the future
  20. Derpus John Thornett (49)

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    As with Pocock's trick, they'll attempt to ref him out of the game and it won't work.

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