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Shute Shield 2015

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    West Harbour v Manly. Pirates showed that they are a team not to be taken lightly with their performance last week but they will be blown off the oval by a rampant MMM. Marlins by 20+.[/quote]

    MMM will be too strong but Pirates will take the game too them Lolohea is arguably the best prop off the bench in SS and it will be a battle between the forwards for the full 80
    One thing that won't happen is being blown off the oval - real pitches out west
  2. blindside Stan Wickham (3)

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    'luke holmes playing openside', finally he's on the move out to where he spends most of his time. shame he'll miss the clash with the Marlins next week.
  3. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    14-3 MMM at half time
  4. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Any scores in the Southern Esstwood game?

    I am in Bangkok at the moment.
  5. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    No ladyboy bar with game on?
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  6. Nusadan Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Eastwood 39-24 ten mins to go
  7. Nusadan Chilla Wilson (44)

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    I daresay its too early and bright for going to a ladybar methinks!
  8. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    Ha maybe but they are genuinely the best places to watch sport and I am sorry if anyone took what I said offensively it was a tongue in cheek remark
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  9. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    Souths were robbed. Clock was on 79:00 as Souths were awarded a penalty and then he didn't restart it. Ref played to 82:00 and then gave a scrum to Eastwood.
  10. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Mmmmm. I'll check with my wife.
  11. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Round 10 Results

    Shute Shield - First Grade
    Eastwood 42 Southern Districts 41
    Gordon 73 Penrith 0
    Northern Suburbs 16 Randwick 15
    Parramatta 20 Eastern Suburbs 43
    Sydney University 28 Warringah 23
    West Harbour 17 Manly 21

    Colin Caird Shield - Second Grade
    Eastwood 29 Southern Districts 7
    Gordon 66 Penrith 7
    Northern Suburbs 17 Randwick 48
    Parramatta 22 Eastern Suburbs 24
    Sydney University 37 Warringah 25
    West Harbour 18 Manly 51

    JR Henderson Shield - Third Grade
    Eastwood 60 Southern Districts 0
    Gordon 106 Penrith 0
    Northern Suburbs 36 Randwick 22
    Parramatta 0 Eastern Suburbs 65
    Sydney University 38 Warringah 17
    West Harbour 38 Manly 15

    Henderson Cup - Fourth Grade
    Eastwood 41 Southern Districts 15
    Gordon 44 Penrith 0
    Northern Suburbs 30 Randwick 10
    Parramatta 15 Eastern Suburbs 24
    Sydney University 19 Warringah 5
    West Harbour 10 Manly 22

    Round 11 Games - 30 May
    Eastern Suburbs v Penrith
    Manly v Warringah (Televised game on 7Two)
    Northern Suburbs v Eastwood
    Southern Districts v West Harbour
    Sydney University v Parramatta
    Randwick v Gordon
  12. Whale berry Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Things are grim for Penrith, when Gordon can put on 289 - 7 across 4 grades.
  13. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^^ Fairly typical effort for a standard weekend across the season for the Emus.

    In all 4 grades. 38 games played. 2670 points against. 232 points for.

    Average score for the season is 6-70. Sounds like a lower grade cricket score.
  14. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    The referee is the sole judge of time regardless of what the clock at the ground says.
  15. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Also the time shown on the television coverage is pretty dodgy, from what I have seen.
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  16. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Just finished watching the Hobbits vs Woodies game which I recorded yesterday. Great game.

    Great effort from the Hobbits to nearly steal it at the death, particularly when they were getting monstered by the Woodies in the scrums for much of the game. Any lesser team would have packed up their tent at half time and been absent after oranges.

    It pleased me to to see the Cauliflower Club on the scoreboard for the Hobbits with both Maumalanga boys bagging a meat pie each.

    What is with Andrew Swain referring to the Hobbits as "Southos"?

    Next week's TV game will be massive, MMM vs the Green Slime in the battle for the Insular Peninsular. It's Nomad and 4 Pines Breweries vs Modus Operandi Brewery, Ferry Bower vs North Narrabeen, Harbour View property vs Sea View Property etc. Big Day Out at The Village Green.
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  17. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    In seconds
    Marlins blu the Pirates away in the second half with some serious gas out wide on both flanks.
    Had the wind in the first half and didn't convert a couple of opportunities. Hard to break out of our 40 in the second so excellent D kept us in the lead.
  18. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Gordon v Penrith as mentioned before was some big scores. Generally I think Gordon is OK across the park in the top 3 grades at the moment(could change if injuries hit). There have been some serious issues with scrums recently though which against clubs in the top half is pretty much committing suicide. Eight guys you wouldn't have heart attacks putting into a 1st grade scrum are out injured and quite a few are for the rest of the season.
  19. sidelinesid Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Split grounds again for the wicks grade with thirds and fourths at the top field.
    Fourths their own enemies in a very tight affair up until 20 to go. Norths wanted it more -30-10.
    Thirds was an excellent game to watch, with the 4 and 5 for wicks having good games but the team took some poor options. Norths collectively were the better team on the day with some good speed out wide coupled with good organisation and backup allowing them to come home in the last ten minutes.36-22
    Seconds played on the lovely surface of the main north sydney oval and the Wicks players were too good winning 48-17. No wonder as they had half of last years first grade and they were not taking prisoners. Catt was their best and found openings with ease.They were however done for speed out wide and the loss of Hiddlestone with a broken finger will hurt.
    First grade put on a poor first half performance not playing with their customary level of attitude and enthusiasm but rallied in the second half and played with far more authority. They lost 16-15 but they certainly gave the norths coach nightmares in the last twenty as they would have won but for some errant kicking. Armstrong coming off the bench played strongly.

    Chip kicks if used and not regathered - should player drop a grade as a cure ?
    Is the rolling maul off a lineout boring play?
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  20. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    Chip and grubber kicks should be banned IMO -- have to be the lowest percentage play in the game. I reckon the Wicks tried 3-4 yesterday and none of them ever looked like coming off. Ball in hand except when under extreme pressure in your own red zone should be Wicks mantra. They showed in the last 10 minutes what can be achieved when multiple phases are put together.
    I thought Norton went OK except for a few poor kick options (including a dumb grubber attempt), but I hope Horwitz is back next Sunday.
    Phibbs was great again and well supported by Baldwin, Vea and Latunipulu looked dangerous every time he got the ball.
    Starting to have some doubts about Coupland at 15 -- not sure he suits the Wicks running game.

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