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Shute Shield 2015

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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  2. FTS Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Is there any way of me watching 7Two on Foxtel and recording via my IQ? If not how do you record it Jarse? And besides the Rugby News website are you aware of any way to watch replays or highlights online somehow?
  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^ I record the games by using the Foxtel IQ machine. I have it "series linked", so it just happens.
  4. Stands Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Tough game played at Syd Uni on Saturday afternoon with the Students v Rats.
    Lots of intensity and feeling particularly in the forwards, Liam Winton is an impressive player.
    Some interesting tussles in the backs with Tommy Carter's niggle not having much impact, in fact Tommy got 10mins in the bin for a lifting tackle.
    Disappointing crowd with possibly more Rats Hillbillies than Uni's Gold members!
  5. Gibbo Ron Walden (29)

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    Apparently Penrith RSL U14s (a eam primarily of league players having a crack at Rugby for the first time) beat Wahroonga Tigers U14 Blues. While I'm sad for the local lads who haven't had too many games this year, its great to see these kids from Penrith having a crack. Hats off to them and all the parents that came to Cliff oval for the match.

    I also saw the Penrith RSL group at ANZ on Sat night. They represented their club very well. Some big units in that squad.
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  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Penrith RSL Juniors and Allambie Jets are apparently Sydney's newest rugby clubs,and they represent a glimmer of hope that all is not doom and gloom at grass roots level across rugbydom in Sydney. It is understood that Gaggerland's own @Cattledog, and @Dave Beat have been actively involved in standing these fledgling clubs up. Well done.

    We need to do more to celebrate our successes, no matter how minor they may be.
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  7. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    HJ - I just jump on hear because i enjoy rugby - there were some other gentlemen that did a heap of work in bringing back the Allambie Jets.
  8. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    As you probably know better than I, Coach, kicking was virtually banned at Coogee in the good old days.
  9. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Even with a digital tv, have a connection through a set top box and record on usb stick.
  10. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    For good reason too!
  11. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Mind you, you guys usually had some good kickers. Just as you had a good strong forward pack back in the days of Randwick running rugby.
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  12. formerflanker Desmond Connor (43)

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    No more boring than a scrum that goes on just as long. So it's all in the eye of the beholder.
    Should rolling mauls be permitted? Given that the ball carrier can be shielded by multiple team mates, then I vote no. With 7 forwards and a few more backs, say 4, then 11 players blocking access to the ball carrier contravenes the spirit of fair contest.
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  13. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    I suggest the law should be changed so that the support players (ie those without the ball) need to be bound behind or alongside the ball carrier. That would give the defenders some chance of preventing progress and/or getting the ball without acting illegally.

    The "use it or lose it law" was introduced to stop teams with dominant forward packs from continuously taking the ball into a maul and then getting the put in / loose head and therefore possession again from the resulting scrum, provided the maul was moving forward before it went to ground. And that gives the defence a chance in general play (eg Ireland v Australia at the last World Cup), but not close to the try line where the defending team has very few legal options.

    IMO the players in front of the ball carrier should be offside, especially when the ball carrier has 7 players in front of him and is only holding on with one hand.

    As a bare minimum a collapsed maul over the try line should have the "use it or lose it law" applied instead of a 5 metre scrum to the attacking side if they are unable to score a try.
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  14. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    interesting point re ball carrier holding on with one hand. I have always thought that for a player to be 'bound' in the maul he had to have his shoulders in i.e. no meerkatting. I hate seeing those mauls where the player at the back has it under one arm, disengages and then re-engages with the ref looking on. Should be a penalty to the opposition for obstruction.
  15. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Gordon won 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade vs Southern Districts tonight. Conditions were cold and dewy at Chatswood and Beauchamp.

    2nd Grade - 31 - 27(both sides got a BP)
    3rd Grade - 30 - 12 (Gordon got a BP)
    4th Grade - 7 - 5
  16. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    I have just had a look at the Club Championship Gordon are in 6th place after 10 rounds(still one catch up round grade games for Norths,Manly, Gordon, Uni) as well as one round catch up of Colts for (Norths, Manly, Warringah, Parramatta).

    Fair achievement after some very lean years in the last five seasons let's hope the depth can last the season.
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  17. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    @ the half way point I tried finding some pre season tips – whose close. Note some teams have a game in hand. I clearly had no idea.

    1. Eastwood
    2. Manly
    3. Souths
    4. Rats
    5. Wicks
    6. Norths
    7. Uni
    8. Wests
    9. Gordon
    10. Easts
    11. 2Blus
    12. Penrith

    Qwerty 51
    1. Souths
    2. Eastwood
    3. Manly
    4. Uni
    5. Easts
    6. Randwick
    7. Parramatta
    8. Warringah
    9. Gordon
    10. West Harbour
    11. Norths
    12. Penrith

    1. Eastwood
    2. Sydney University
    3. Manly
    4. Souths
    5. Warringah
    6. Easts
    7. Randwick
    8. Parramatta
    9. Gordon
    10. West Harbour
    11. Norths
    12. Penrith

    1 Eastwood
    2 Uni
    3 West Harbour (think the return of Barakat will add some steel to the Pirates)
    4 Souths
    5 Easts
    6 Manly
    7 Randwick
    8 Warringah
    9 Parramatta
    10 Gordon
    11 Penrith
    12 Norths

    I Like to watch
    No,I predict they will struggle to make the semi's.


    1. Souths
    2. Eastwood
    3. Sydney University
    4. Easts
    5. Warringah
    6. Parramatta
    7. Randwick
    8. Gordon
    9. West Harbour
    10. Norths
    11. Penrith
  18. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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  19. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Two club Presidents go toe to toe

    SATURDAY’S big local derby between Manly and Warringah at Manly Oval is shaping up as a battle between the silvertails and their fibro neighbours.
    “Manly are the team to beat – they are definitely premiership favourites,” Rats president Phil Parsons said.
    “They are a great club. I know that because they have written a book about themselves.
    “They are a very wealthy, highly influential club.”
    By contrast, Parsons said, Warringah were the poor cousins up the road.
    “Obviously we haven’t done as well from capital gains as they have,” he said.
    Parsons wondered whether this would be the last time the two sides played at Manly Oval.
    “I hear they may be turning it into a carpark,” he said. “Perhaps we could cohost them at Rat Park.”
    Manly president David Begg fired back, saying the last time he checked, the highest property prices on the peninsula were at Palm Beach.
    “And if we do have a good balance sheet, it’s because we have people that work really hard on it,” Begg said.
    “Even though they are our younger brother, we view them as having three times the amount of space we’ve got, a lot more of a junior nursery and three times the population.
    “It’s amazing we have managed to stay so close to them.”
  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Round 11 Team Lists

    Eastern Suburbs vs Penrith
    Eastern Suburbs:
    1. Clay Brodie, 2. Clarrie Moore , 3. Jake Ilnicki , 4. Fergus Lee-Warner, 5. Sam Stitcher , 6. Tala Gray , 7. James Graham , 8, Liam Moylan , 9, Jack Grant , 10. Jono Lance , 11. Charlie Clifton , 12. Will Fay , 13. Kataro Matsushima , 14. Liam Faughlin , 15. Will Paterson
    1. Emanuele Fuamatu, 2. Samiuela Tuitupou, 3. Luke Bryan, 4. Doug Want, 5. Joe Neikere, 6. Tu'itakau Kioa, 7. Sam Siaki, 8, Jason Havea (c), 9, Michael Baysaat, 10. David Isopa, 11. Sione Pusi'aki Fifita, 12. Paueli Halafihi, 13. Marika Meo, 14. Saia Fapuaki, 15. Luke Flower

    Manly vs Warringah (Televised Live on 7TWO)
    1. Dane Maraki, 2. Vance Elliot, 3. Andrew Collins, 4. Ed Gower, 5. Ryan Melrose, 6. Harry Bergelin, 7. Kotoni Ale (capt), 8, Daniel Alley, 9, Matt Lucas, 10. Sam Lane, 11. Chris Yarrington, 12. Reece Hodge, 13. Dennis Pili-Gaitau, 14. Richard Hooper, 15. Brenden Hartmann
    1. Rory O'Connor, 2. Robert Kelly, 3. Wayne Borsack, 4. Vincent Wright, 5. Junior Palau, 6. James Cunningham, 7. Sam Crompton, 8, Sam Ward, 9, Josh Holmes, 10. Hamish Angus, 11. Chris Arnold, 12. Josh Gillard, 13. Michael Adams, 14. Jamie Forbes, 15. Dave Feltscheer

    Northern Suburbs vs Eastwood
    Northern Suburbs:
    1. Tyron Rota, 2. Will Weeks, 3. Lawrence Hunting, 4. Nick Palmer, 5. Mike O'Hea, 6. Ben Matwijow, 7. Will Miller, 8, Michael Wells, 9, Tim Duchesne, 10. Josh Kay, 11. Lochie Creagh, 12. Ben Murray, 13. Peter Schuster, 14. Richard Woolf, 15. Mitch Walton
    1. Sam Needs, 2. Todd Pearce, 3. Martin Plokstys, 4. Tom Alexander, 5. Jared Barry, 6. Michael Kovacic, 7. Hugh Perrett, 8, Pat Sio, 9, Matt Gonzalez, 10. Jai Ayoub, 11. Ben Shorter, 12. Tom Hill, 13. Mike McDougall, 14. John Grant, 15. Ben Batger

    Southern Districts vs West Harbour
    Southern Districts:
    1. Salesi Maumalanga, 2. Max Holland, 3. Willie Maumalanga, 4. Fili Tufui, 5. Jake Douglas, 6. Albert Hemopo, 7. Jono Hayes, 8, Marcus Carbone (c), 9, Dewet Roos, 10. Ben Volavola, 11. Alex Gibbon, 12. Apolosi Latunipulu , 13. Denny Godinet, 14. Feluela Finau, 15. Paul Asquith
    West Harbour :
    1. Joe Dakuitoga, 2. Daniel Midghall, 3. Michael Alaalatoa, 4. Bradford Kapa, 5. Tom Games (c), 6. Kelly Meafua, 7. Cohen Masson, 8, Matt Coles, 9, Mona Silipa, 10. Ben James, 11. Tito Mua, 12. Henry Seavula, 13. Rory Sidey, 14. Joel Brooks, 15. Rory Clegg

    Sydney University vs Parramatta
    Sydney University:
    1. Alastair Ryan, 2. Thomas Coolican, 3. Tomas Robertson, 4. Byron Hodge, 5. Matthew Philip, 6. Samuel Quinn, 7. Benn Melrose, 8, Jake Wainwright, 9, Jake Gordon, 10. Angus Roberts, 11. Greg Jeloudev, 12. Tom Carter, 13. Jim Stewart, 14. Henry Clunies-Ross, 15. Jack Macklin
    1. Nick Blacklock, 2. Liu Taituave, 3. Nigel Vaifale, 4. Peter Brush, 5. Evan Olmstead, 6. Kura Lalaga, 7. Daniel Tamone, 8, Andrew Cox, 9, Dan Tully, 10. Nathan Langsford, 11. Larry Hermens, 12. Chris Nay, 13. Regan Haika/ Feka Silva, 14. Petero Satogo, 15. Tom Woods

    Randwick vs Gordon
    1. Latu Talakai, 2. David Vea, 3. Dashville Kuate, 4. Dave Parsons, 5. Will Munro, 6. Sam Figg , 7. Jack Johnson, 8, Mark Baldwin, 9, Patrick Phibbs, 10. David Horwitz, 11. Tom Coupland, 12. Ben Starkey, 13. Brogan Roods, 14. Latu Latinipalu, 15. Andrew Norton
    1. Aritema Ralulu, 2. James Wilkinson, 3. Tobias Guikabau, 4. Mark Johnson, 5. Ruirahh Wilson, 6. Luke Papworth, 7. Luke Rissman, 8, Harry Rorke, 9, Terry Preston, 10. Mark Preston, 11. Michael Manners, 12. Erik Moss, 13. Tom Matthews, 14. Matt McDougall, 15. Sione Ala

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