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Southern Inland Rugby 2012

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    Thanks for that namtrak, losing Adam leaves a decent size hole in the front row mate, are the Kiwi/s any good?

    Is Justin Wheatley having a run again?
  2. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Will tell you about the Kiwis after the first game. JW has been training a little.
  3. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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  4. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    Did anyone get over to the Leeton 10's on the weekend?

    Another Tahs v City final, also interesting to note that both East's (ACT) teams were bundled out by Tahs. City have shown some good pre-season form so far, I'm looking forward to seeing them run around in the SIRU 15 a side tournament this weekend.

    Good effort by the Beasts to get out of the 'Berra and support the Leeton 10's, it's a great carnival run by some real characters!!
  5. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    SIRU Pre Season Tournament Wrap Up

    Saturday saw 9 teams head out to Kapooka to have one last trot before the season starts on the 14th April. Wagga City, Cootamundra, Griffith, Deniliquin, Albury, Waratahs, CSU, RARC and Leeton all turned up on the day to some magnificent fields and a sunny day of rugby.

    It was great to see the likes of Deniliquin having a run and from all reports, the Drovers had a great day out. Although their time on the field may not have yielded any wins, they all boarded the bus in good spirits (or is that with good spirits?).

    CSU had a cast of thousands there on Saturday and played their cards close to their chests. The boys from Griffith showed up a little light on and were lucky to make kick off in game one. Cootamundra rocked up and made a good account of themselves early on. Albury were missing a few but rattled some cages along the way, their backrow looks good. I was impressed by the RARC workrate and fitness but I guess that should be expected from a Defence Services club playing at home!! Leeton played valiantly and it was great to see the Phantoms running around in Wagga particularly after the recent floods in the MIA (same goes for Griffth).

    Wagga City and Waratahs were the two teams who topped their pools and played the final, although they were both tested along the way given their recent form it's no surprise that these two teams faced off in the final.

    Waratahs played 4 games on the day due to the draw while City played 3 and had a rest before the 3:30pm match. City controlled the game well in the first 15mins and went into half time up 7-0. Emotions ran high in the first half of the match but nothing major came out of it although rumour has it that Myer's handbag sales jumped on Sunday morning as the boys rushed down to replace their damaged rigs.

    Tahs bounced back well in the second stanza and bagged an early try to lock things up with 13mins to play. City looked to their new English 5/8 to maintain his composure while Tahs plugged away and stole some decent ball at the breakdown after wearing some early penalties in this area.

    A couple of poor lineout throws cost the Tahs possession at key times which lost some much needed momentum. City crossed over with about 5mins to play and tried to grind things down from there. A poor decision to kick the ball out with 30secs to play could have cost them the game, but they came away with the win 14-7.

    I was impressed with how City composed themselves in the final, which may have some teams taking notice of their early season form. SIRU clubs are on notice that City are not the easy-beats they have been with some good off-season recruitment bearing early results for them. It's a long season, but City are looking good at the moment.

    Tahs show cased the depth in the club on Saturday (they probably have done all pre-season) and have promoted some 2011 Under 17's players to the grade ranks early which is a great investment but raises the question about where the rest of the team are at?

    Keegan Thornhill from Wagga City was voted "Player of the Tournament" and deserved the gong after a tough day toiling away in the tight stuff.

    It was interesting to hear some gossip about what is happening around the grounds at some clubs, particularly those outside of Wagga.
  6. RyanP Bob McCowan (2)

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    Thanks for the update mate. I have been out of wages for a few years, but always enjoyed the SIRU comp. good go see the City have a decent team this year as well.Go RARC!!
  7. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Border Mail yesterday

    Steamers shock as Cameron quits
    01 Apr, 2012 11:58 PM
    DON Cameron has resigned as coach of the Albury-Wodonga Steamers on the eve of the season.
    In a major shock, Cameron, who signed for a fifth season at the helm before Christmas, told players and officials of his decision at training on Thursday night.
    The reason behind his decision was not known, and Cameron could not be contacted yesterday.
    Steamers president Justin Clancy said there was no bitterness towards the man who took over from Chris Davison in 2007.
    The club will release a full statement today.
    “Don has given himself wholeheartedly to the club,” Clancy said.
    “He’ll remain a valued member of our club and we appreciate every-thing he has done.”
    Cameron’s successor could be announced as soon as today.
    The Steamers kick off their season at Murrayfield on April 14 against Temora.
    Cameron, who joined the Steamers in the 1980s, previously played senior grade rugby with Randwick and Sydney University.
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  8. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    My mail says ex-CSU player/coach Dave "Wal" Stuart will fill the breach. Sad news for the Steamers as Don has put a lot of effort into the club over the years, not only in the Seniors, but with the Juniors as well.
  9. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    I think there maybe a media release on the way. Yes Don has bled Blue and Gold for over 30 years, he has cast a big shadow over the club for a long time. Will be interesting to see how the Steamers respond
  10. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    SIRU 2012 PREVIEW.
    2012 has the potential to be a really close season – there have been some significant player and coaching movements which should see a much more competitive playing field across the board. I don't see Aggies and Tahs being the powerhouses that they have been for the past few seasons, Reddies have a big year ahead of them, Albury have a lot to build on providing the core of their club sticks together and Wagga City have shown that they are turning the corner in 2012. The likes of Tumut, Temora, Coota and Young have some work to do to be competitive with the top four but I believe they have the potential for at least one of these clubs to make it into the top 6.

    I started drafting this preview a while ago now and really don't know why I bothered - there have been so many changes at club's, rumours abound left, right and centre about all the club's in the zone, player movements have been crazy, it just hasn't stopped! I'm really looking forward to the 2012 season as the playing field appears to be a lot more even this year.

    Albury – Recent developments at the Steamers with the shock resignation of club stalwart Don Cameron have amazed most punters in the zone. Don is a shrewd operator and ran a tight ship down on the border. Player withdrawals for the pre-season tournaments are said to be the straw that broke the camel’s back – whatever the reason, Don Cameron is a loss and has some large shoes to fill. Having said that, they have some smarts in Matt Cook, Nathan Bright, Louis Levett, Jim Lollback and Justin Wheatley who could hold things together if required. The return of livewire Blake Le Cornu from Manly gives them some more ammunition in the backline. The Steamers have been there or thereabouts over the past 4 seasons or so, they were not happy with how they bowed out in 2011 and I think this has got to be a motivator for them in 2012. Your thoughts namtrak?

    Aggies – The boys from the College have been really quiet over the pre-season. Having played all their trial matches away from the traditional SIRU tournaments, there isn’t a lot of mail on the Aggies in 2012. Word has it that Richard Turnbull will coach the Aggies from Orange 3 days a week which will leave a bit of work for Stu Hodgson to take on for one session a week. I’m not sure that this is a great result for Aggies as there are some younger players out at the College who need the guiding hand of a crafty coach to help keep them travelling in the same direction (and I have full confidence that SH is a good coach), but only time will tell how this system works for the Aggies. Was that Xavier Chigwidden playing with Aggies in Bathurst???????

    City – Got off to a shaky off-season by announcing Ricky Dumigan as coach only for Ricky to bag a job with the Riverina Melbourne Rebels. I thought this would really hamper their pre-season but they got ex First Grade Coach Mick Small signed on and have made some handy acquisitions over the off-season. Their halves combination of Kiwi Sam King and Pom’s Hamish Wrafter and Hamish Antill have been really steady (with minimal brain explosions) over the preseason. This has been a problem area for them in the past and it is good to see such calm, controlled performances helping them out during the preseason. Their forward pack has maintained their size and even added some in Joe Tora. Pre-season predictions are always great, but my feeling is that City will be a different club in 2012.

    Coota – The “on again off again” game against Griffith in Round One can’t be helping things over at Cootamundra, apparently there are three weddings and the Coota Picnics on the same day as round one against Griffith. The boys from Griffith are keen for a run, but the Tri-Colours won’t be at full strength to unveil their refurbished home ground at Country Club Oval. Only one new signing in Welsh 5/8 Geordie McGeordie (I’ll get his name later) will probably mean more of the same from Cootamundra in 2012. The new pitch looks sensational over there, it will be interesting to see how things fair during the seaon though as it runs East/West.

    CSU – Had a cast of thousands at the SIRU Knockout but were happy to just have a run around (they were very competitive against Tahs). Losing Joe Tora to Wagga City will hurt them, but they have plenty of depth to cover him. It will be interesting to see how the Reddies fair in 2012 as they probably punched above their weight a bit in 2011. Coach Cannon Banks will need to have his thinking hat on to conjure up some magic in 2012. Jack Burey bagging the Brumbies DO role will settle them a bit and gives them a solid base to build on in the backs and that fact that the competition is more open will play into their hands.

    GriffithRigs23 may be able to shed some more light on things here, but from what I saw at the SIRU Knockout, Griffith went alright. Nothing outstanding, but they put in an honest performance in the game I saw and the looked fitter than in 2011. I like the attitude that the Blacks display, they always play tough footy with plenty of hard tackles which have the potential to force turnovers. To my knowledge, they haven’t signed on any big names but I’m looking forward to seeing Griffith run around in 2012.

    Hay – 2011 Thirsty Thirds Premiers, the Hay Cutters were pushing to enter a Second Grade Team into the 2012 SIRU Competition, but left their run too late and didn’t get the votes they needed at a Board level to get the idea off the ground. I agree with the decision by the Board, this would have been a nightmare for every other club in the competition. Hay have some real characters out there on the plains who are as well renowned for their off-field antics as they are on it! They’ll be there when the whips are cracking at finals time in the McMullen Cup.

    Leeton – Dave Sinclair has relinquished his 2011 Player Coach position to ex-referee Greg Horton and rookie coach Matt Allen filling this role as Co-Coaches in 2012. Dave did a solid job with the Phantoms in 2011 but seemed to lack the support he needed and I think not having the stresses of coaching will really allow him to unleash on the field. Bill Bevan will be a standout along with Jaryd Pattison for the Phantom’s.

    RARC – Lionel “Leo” Orreal has returned to Kapooka and has taken on the role of Coach for the Defence boys, which is good news. It’s always tough to tell what sort of form RARC are going to harness for the full season, with all their players available they are a threat, but consistency has always been their biggest issue. The RARC boys played well at the SIRU Knockout, with good performances from Cyril Silarski and co. 2012 may be the year they rattle the top 6 clubs.

    Tahs – Haven’t hit their straps during the pre-season yet, but have put in decent enough performances to date. Pat Barrett is out for another 5 weeks at least which will hurt them and from what I’ve seen, they are not as fit as they have been in previous seasons. This has been a real cornerstone of the Tahs for a long time now and I’m wondering if they are suffering from the success they have enjoyed over the past 5 years or so. Word is that pre-season numbers haven’t been great, with the majority of numbers being made up by under 17’s players. Watch this space because the boys in blue have the ability but do they have the drive to match? Interesting gossip is that Xavier Chigwidden has not played pre-season with the Tahs.

    Temora – Looked good over at the Cootamundra 10’s with plenty of numbers, improved fitness and loads of supporters which is always a good sign for a country town. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of Temora this year, my mail says that Apenisa Tudulu has been scouring the islands over in Fiji for some talent and has come up with 4 keen rugby players, but given recent events over there, we haven’t seen them in SIRU yet…

    Tumut – The retirement of Jock Mason and Matt Chapman has to leave a huge hole in the Bull’s roster for 2012. These two guys have played at the club for so long; they are well renowned throughout the zone and will be sorely missed by the Bulls. Well known hooker Tim Graham will step into the role as a player coach in 2012 and will look to build on the success of the Bull’s second grade team in 2011. They were unlucky not to make the top 6 in 2011 and are a strong chance to get there in 2012.

    Young – Have managed to keep Luke Eldridge as Coach after losing Dr Michael McGee to greener pastures. I didn’t realise that McGee and Adam Cockburn were travelling from Canberra all season to play with the Yabbies in 2011, that’s commitment! The Yabbies have a really supportive club environment over there which helps promote their juniors and under 17’s players. They blooded a few Under 17’s in 2011 and have some real talent in their under 17’s that will come into Grade in 2012. No big signings or player movements but I think Young will surprise themselves in 2012.
  11. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Nice summaries.

    Albury has already had a couple of season ending injuries to key first graders Matt Cook and Reece LeCornu. And Don may yet be back in the mix, working with ex-Reddie Dave Stuart.
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  12. ripper868 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I was at Emus when Richard turned up. It was no fluke that the club thyen went on tow in 4 straight premierships (99,00,01,02, and a GF in 03) under his reign.

    I was only a young fella but attended his gym while recovering from a knee injury and he is the smartest rugby man I have ever met. He doesn't just know rugby he knows rugby culture - he does however expect discipline from his players (e.g. no beer for an hour after the game).

    He is a fantastic coach and person. If there was any coach in the game I would love to play for it is him.
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  13. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Heat on Steamers as pickle persists
    11 Apr, 2012 08:30 AM
    ALBURY’S coaching debacle added a new twist yesterday as replacement coach Dave Stuart announced his position “absolutely temporary” just three days out from the Southern Inland Rugby Union season.

    After the shock exit of long-term coach Don Cameron last week, the Steamers were forced to look to the club volunteer and former CSU coach for assistance.

    Although the Steamers yesterday announced Stuart as the ideal replacement for Cameron, the Reddies stalwart insists it is a temporary position.

    “I don’t have the time to be coaching full-time and if I did I would be with Reddies,” Stuart told The Daily Advertiser yesterday.

    “I’m filling in the position while they’re organising something else, I’ve only been to four training runs.
    “I’m just helping out for the next two weeks or so until they figure it out.”

    Signing on for his fifth year as Steamers coach this season, Cameron is believed to have buckled under frustrations over a lack of available first grade players at a trial game a fortnight ago.

    Reaching boiling point, Cameron announced his resignation to shocked players and club members at a training session following the trial.

    Steamers secretary Justin Clancy insists Stuart would be Cameron’s ideal replacement as the club looks to secure a permanent solution to the coaching problem.

    The coaching puzzle is the latest in worries for the Steamers as prized representative centre Matt Cook was hospitalised with a mysterious injury last week.

    Cook’s playing career is in jeopardy after suffering suspected muscle tears in his lower abdomen and a haematoma, which forced his legs to cease movement.

    “Matt Cook was our stand out player and he was recently hospitalised,” Clancy said.

    “After a trial match recently, he got up the next morning and couldn’t walk. It’s been a real shock and worry, but at this stage his immediate playing future is in doubt.

    “We’ll have to wait and see.”
  14. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    Albury v Temora @ Murray Field

    Tough first up game for Temora and probably their longest road trip of the year. I think this game will help the Tuskers out as it will give them a good first hit out against quality opposition and then an opportunity to bond together for the trip home! Albury will want to get their season rolling early and will appreciate the home ground advantage at fortress Murrayfield. Great match ups include Bill McCrone v Blake Le Cornu and Matt Swanston v Justin Wheatley. I would expect the Albury forward pack to put in a solid performance with set piece being a real strength, while the Tuskers will look to make the advantage line through the centres.

    City v Aggies @ Conolly Park MATCH OF THE ROUND?

    This is the litmus test that will let City know where they are at and they know it. Aggies have been quiet over the pre-season but from all reports have been training the house down and are chomping at the bit to get into some fair dinkum rugby. This will be a great game to watch and will let the local punters know where both clubs sit for 2012. I think the set piece will be pretty evenly matched as both teams have solid forward packs (Aggies may have a slight advantage here) but the backlines are where things could get interesting as City have shown some maturity in the backline recently and Aggies have some smart operators out there in Tim Corcoran and Peter Armstrong.

    Coota v Griffith @ Country Club Oval

    Just the one grade fixture over at Coota this weekend due to social commitments, but I don’t think this will worry either team as it gives them both an opportunity to ease into the season. The Tri-Colours will make a fist of it in the forwards but may be lacking some firepower out wide, while the Blacks have the ability to cut loose in the backs but may struggle a bit up front. Discipline will be the key for these two teams in what will be a very willing affair.

    CSU v Tahs @ Beres Ellwood Oval MATCH OF THE ROUND?

    As with the City v Aggies clash, this match will let the punters know where things are at with these two clubs. How much will losing Joe Tora hinder the Reddies? Are Tahs the powerhouse they have been in recent seasons? Both valid questions and hopefully we’ll have some answers after Saturday. Tahs haven’t had their usually consistent start to the season and Reddies have been pretty quiet over the pre-season so it will be interesting to see what comes out of this game as these two clubs have a bit of history together.

    Tumut v Leeton @ Jarrah Park

    Big road trip for the Phantom’s, nearly the longest in the competition but they will make the most of it I’m sure! This game will also be a good test for Tim Graham at home and let him know how his troops will fair against the Phantoms. Tumut have been slowly and steadily introducing some League flavour into their ranks over the past few seasons that have been groomed in second grade and may have the chance to show their wares. Leeton will be looking to get their forward play on the go early and will play a tight style of game. Fitness could be an issue for both teams here.

    Young v RARC @ Cranfield Oval

    Young will be looking to former Bill Castle winner Nic Walker to lead from the front at Cranfield Oval on Saturday as the Army boys roll into town. The Yabbies are a young team again this year and need their older heads to stand up this week as the RARC boys can be pretty physical when they want to. Cyril Silarski will be keen to kick the RARC season off to a winning start in this one as the launch their assault on the top 6. For me, I think this game will be decided at the breakdown. The team that shows strength in this area will come out on top. Both sides are reasonably evenly matched, RARC may have the upper hand in experience and fitness, but the Yabbies enthusiasm will hold them in good stead.
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  15. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    Sorry for the delay, I was watching the Brumbies PUMP the Rebels.

    1st Grade:

    Albury 35 bt Temora 19
    Aggies 29 bt City 8
    Coota 28 bt Griffith 20
    Tahs 31 bt CSU 27
    Tumut 15 DREW Leeton 15
    Young 38 bt RARC 10

    2nd Grade:

    Albury 31 bt Temora 17
    Aggies bt City - Not sure of score
    Coota v Griffith = NO GAME. Both teams have agreed to split the points in this one.
    Tahs v CSU No mail on this one.
    Tumut 33 bt Leeton 22
    Young 30 bt RARC 0 (RARC forfeited 10:15am Saturday morning. Disappointing.)
  16. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Re: Albury v Temora (this applies for both grades)

    Temora played above their weight, and I think will be the smokey for the season this year. 1 or 2 fitter forwards into the pack and they will be very competitive.

    Albury played very scrappy, probably reflective of the early season coaching woes.
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  17. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    Temora (10) v CSU (8) @ Temora Recreation Ground FRIDAY NIGHT UNDER LIGHTS

    Temora will be pleased with themselves after their efforts at the border last weekend with some bone crunching defence from Bill McCrone and will be looking to Campbell Maxwell to recover from his groin complaint to take the field against Andy Bedford at the Reddies this weekend. CSU were unlucky to not grab a win against the Tahs in Round One and will look to consolidate things at the Temora Recreation Ground under lights on Friday Night. This will be an interesting match and I’m looking forward to hearing what the outcome is as both sides would like to get some points on the board early in the season.

    Tahs (3) v City (12) @ Conolly Park MATCH OF THE ROUND

    Historically, this is a match filled with passion and both clubs will display these attributes tomorrow. In recent years City have been on the end of some regular hidings from the Tahs, but I wouldn’t expect this to be the case this weekend as City have shown some early season form (albeit not against Aggies). For the Tahs, they will need to shutdown the go forward of the large City pack, while City will need to be wary of the Tahs pace and skill in the backline. Xavier Chigwidden will be one to watch for the Tahs and I’m keen to see the match up between him and his City (imported) counterpart in Hamish Wrafter.

    RARC (11) v Albury (2) @ Kapooka Rugby Field #1

    RARC will want to get a win under their belts here and should be looking at their core player group to come up with some answers for their loss to Young last week. RARC will be smarting from their efforts at Cranfield Oval last weekend and will come out of the blocks with plenty of fire in the hole, the question is though – will they be able to handle the Steamers? Albury are happy to welcome Don Cameron back to the fold and will be keen to come away with the points in this one. I expect the Steamers forwards to be their strength lead by Nathan Bright and new recruit James Kora. Look out for English halfback Ben Walker. Justin Wheatley and Jim Lollback did not play last week, but SIRU journeymen Scott Hannaford and Richard Manion were able replacements. SIRU medical consultant “Doctor H” has advised me that Albury livewire Matt Cook is out for an extended lay up with a retroperitoneal tear.

    Griffith (9) v Young (1) @ Coro Club Oval

    Griffith did not display much discipline last week and would look to avoid a similar occurrence this week as they take on the young (age) and in form Yabbies at Coro Club Oval. The Griffith defence was solid last week and they were also able to score some handy points on counter attack. Young will be buoyed by their win over RARC but will need to maintain the rage when it comes to a pretty physical Griffith outfit. This match will be one of the most even matches of the round as Griffith traditionally field a stronger team at home and Young seemed to play some decent footy in Round One.

    Leeton (6) v Coota (5) @ Murrumbidgee College Fields

    Leeton would be pleased with their efforts in Tumut and glad to come away with some points out of their drawn match at Jarrah Park, although they will need to work on their discipline this week. Cootamundra will be keen to welcome back all their partygoers this weekend and will be the better for the return of some key players. This match will be a good contest in the forwards and I think the backrow battle will be one that will have the most impact on the game with the gong going to the most mobile backrow as the two forward packs are reasonably well matched. Look for both teams to play a fairly forward dominated match, Willy Purcell from Cootamundra will bust some tackles through the centres, Bill Bevan and Alex Hardie will be at each other at the breakdown which will be great to watch.

    Aggies (4) v Tumut (7) @ Beres Elwood Oval

    Although I’m sure Tumut will put in a valiant showing here, I would expect it to be a tough day at the office for the Bulls. Ag College were understrength when they faced City last week and they made light work of the City Men. Tim Corcoran played the final 20min or so of the First Grade fixture last weekend and Round Two sees the return of Peter Armstrong to the First Grade side. Discipline was a problem for the Bulls at home against the Phantoms last week which is something that Tim Graham will be keen to stamp out, particularly against a side such as Ag College who do not need easy penalties to help ease pressure and score points. Is this the start of Aggies assault on the Walsh and Blair Trophy? Early points are good points in this competition particularly as Aggies are not at full strength yet
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  18. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    RARC have forfeited 2nd Grade at home to Albury which is disappointing. There are discussions around Hay becoming RARC 2nds for the duration of the season with RARC losing two home games to Hay. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this as I'm sure RARC don't want to be in the situation they are in.
  19. namtrak Ted Thorn (20)

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    Albury 59 - RARC 0 First grade
    RARC forfeit Second grade
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  20. yourmatesam Alan Cameron (40)

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    First Grade:

    Albury 59 bt RARC 0
    CSU 43 bt Temora 6
    Coota 46 bt Leeton 13
    Aggies 79 bt Tumut 0
    City 21 bt Tahs 17 Tahs lead 17-0 at oranges
    Griffith 22 bt Young 19

    If my memory serves me correctly, Tahs have not lost to City since 2002. A few cricket scores in there, hopefully we don't see many more of them.

    Reserve Grade;
    Temora 12 d CSU 10, Waratahs 66 d Wagga City 0, Albury 30 d RARC 0 (Forfeit), Ag College 58 d Tumut 0, Griffith 21 d Young 7, Cootamundra 23 d Leeton 7

    3rd Grade;
    Waratahs 22 d Wagga City 5, Griffith 10 d Young 7

    Under 17s;
    Waratahs 47 d Wagga City 14, Griffith 34 d Young 15, Leeton 43 d Cootamundra 24

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