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Southern Inland Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Maulalltheway Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Right. Where to start.

    Website. This is a hard one. When you’ve essentially got 2 people employed in the zone full time, one administering the comp and one growing junior participation it’s not surprising that website management isn’t viewed as super important. Significantly more time consuming than Facebook to maintain. I’d put the eggs in the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram areas. Link them together and plug away here.

    The clubs needs to be better here. I’m not saying that they’re all bad all the time but when BS stories get passed to the DA along with phone calls not being returned what can we expect. The coverage on the DA isn’t what it used to be but the communication certainly isn’t to that level either.

    Someone needs to broker peace between the DA and the SIRU office. I’m sure they will both say everything is fine but when the SIRU Facebook page isn’t re posting DA articles there is clearly a problem in this space.

    One thing I’d like to see is the return of the old SIRU tipping comp from 10 years ago or so. I’m pretty sure Marty Hogan has something to do with the running of this. Was a bit of fun and gave another point of interest in the zone.

    There’s no silver bullet. Print media is battling. Only have to look at the collapse of AAP this week as proof in point. The social media space, while terribly in accurate, negative and petty with minimal fact importance in lots of instances is where online news, not just rugby, is heading. People feel more invested in the socials because they can get their opinion out significantly quicker than by writing a letter to the editor. This is also a negative occasionally as heat of the moment comments are made, and subsequently deleted, but you get my drift.

    I suppose to really answer the question we needs to first understand who we’re targeting. I mean this space is brilliant for previews and reviews as anyone who watched it can write about it. I’d suggest most clubs would be covered by someone or another in the forums here. The negative is that only the current supporters will ever head here, zero extra reach. That and the infighting in the forums would also provide little interest to those outside the forum.

    Honestly PB I’m not sure you can point at Any one problem and I’m certainly sure there isn’t a panacea for this issue either. It will take parties putting to bed some history and wanting to actually see it occur prior to it improving.

    So yeah. Probably confused the issue further.
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  2. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Why aren't the Trial Games being played leading up to the Competition listed on the SIRU Website or Facebook Page
    The Employed Rugby Officers in the Zone are not Volunteers - I would have thought they would be mainly employed to continually Promote the game in SIRU
    Is the 1st Grade Competition the pinnacle of the Zone or have the Zone, Brumbies and their staff got other ideas

    Good research Mauler on Publicity etc - as you say there is no quick fix

    The biggest gripe I have is the very low ratio of coverage that local Rugby gets compared to Aussie Rules, Rugby League & Soccer - for every 1 Rugby Story there are 5 or 6 Aussie Rules stories

    It's probably time the Brumbies stepped in and tried to mend the relationship between SIRU and the Daily Advertiser because its pretty plain obvious they aren't working together well at all
  3. Bandar Alfred Walker (16)

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    For every Rugby Club there are 5-6 Aussie Rules Clubs

    I reckon the papers print what people want to read - I know we are all passionate about rugby but we are the vast minority of the public.
  4. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    For every Rugby Club there are 5-6 Aussie Rules Clubs

    Yep, 8 rugby clubs in a zone that spreads 300km east to west and 150 north south roughly. 9 Aussie rules club based in or within a 40km radius of Wagga* alone. Another 9 clubs I can think of within a 100km radius of Wagga . Personally, I am a rugby man , I couldn't care less about Aussie Rules , but I should imagine I would very much be in a minority in most towns in the Riverina. Thats a fact.

    And heres the kicker (pardon the pun), the AFL Riverina embraces the media in all shapes and forms. They dont plant rubbish stories , they constantly tell everyone how great their game is. AFL gets promotion. I'm not sure we do.

    *Tigers, EWK, Nth Wagga, Turvey Park, Collingullie, Mangoplah,Marrar,Coolamon, The Rock
  5. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    CSU Bushpigs . 10 clubs within a 40km radius of Wagga
  6. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    9 Aussie Rules clubs within 40km. That’s cute :) Try 6 competitions and 40+ clubs in a 40km radius...

    Anyway, I agree with the general media analysis. I think it is directly SIRUs responsibility to get our message out there. Social Media presents well when you’re listing numbers at an AGM, but it is essentially a circle jerk - you are already preaching to the converted. I know for a fact that the traditional media outlets right across the Riverina are all screaming out for content. Wouldn’t take much for SIRU to get on the front foot and get stuff across the 5 regional papers, 2 TV stations and 6 radio stations on a regular basis. They won’t publish it all, but at least it’s pretending we are trying to build the relationships.
  7. paul bristow Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    It’s good thing re ref pay. Need to do something. The whole media issue Athol re DA is pretty well explained by Mauler’s post on the subject. I just think Siru & the clubs have to get together to work out a way of maintaining the public’s interest in our sport. ie game reports, happenings at clubs, predictions, opinions etc. I think Mauler mentioned a tipping comp that was held in the past. That would be interesting.
  8. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    Any trial game news from around the zone ?
    City went to Hall and had a pretty solid day out with excellent player numbers making the trip. Hall were very hospitable and despite the lack of amenities, it was well worth the drive. Especially for the lads who met the St George womens rugby league side at Yass KFC afterwards !

    Uni Norths lower grades and Hall put up pretty good showings but City managed to win all 4 trials (2 x 1sts 2 x 2nds). We have a bit of break and then are off to Boorowa in 2 weeks now.
    The womens 10's have a trial v Cootamundra at Parramore (Equex) this saturday morning (10am) if anyone needs a rugby dose. Sadly ground availabilty has forced that time upon us.

    Its been at least 2 weeks since a rugby article in the DA by the way.
  9. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    My take on this is it's a double-edged sword. I understand that it's the way of the future, but I don't agree with it and I also doubt it will do much to attract people to referee. Money is not a motivator for any referee - bar Juniors where you might get a keen 14-16 year old who would rather referee the local Under 8-10's than work at Maccas.

    I reckon people referee because they are community minded and want to give back to the game. The key is to provide systems and structures that support that desire, it's much more about culture than money.

    By paying referees, there will be an expectation that a certain level or standard of performance is required for the payment. Don't get me wrong, I know that there has always been a payment system in place for referees but that was focused on payment for travel, not per game or performance.

    It's a complicated problem to resolve and becomes more complicated when you consider rankings, importance of games (and who decides that importance), referee qualifications, availability, variety of games, etc etc etc. Should the 1st Grade referee be paid the same as the 3rd Grade referee? What about the guy that does Match of the Round? A bonus for that game? Finals? It's a nightmare to come up with a system that works at the Community level of the game.
  10. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    I heard good things out of the Wagga City trials in Hall, it seems there are some positive vibes coming out of the Lollies early this year and great to hear that they were able to get through the games injury free.

    Ag College recruited every single person wearing blue jeans at CSU for Clubs Day, whether they want to play rugby or not.

    All roads lead to Borambola for Reddies this weekend as they play a trial against Yass Rams. There seems to be quite an International flavour to the competition this season with Reddies and Albury leading the way in the multi-cultural stakes this season.

    Language barriers could prove to be an issue for some clubs this season as they try to learn Fijian, French and Spanish. I hear one club has recruited a local school teacher to manage the language barriers for them this season - and he'll be on the field too.

    Flash cards might be a good investment?
  11. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    you are spot on with your comments Sam

    maybe SIRU could just increase the kilometre rate for each referee thet travels out of their home town

    the referee situation (numbers) is going to be interesting this season with Hay joining the 1st Grade Comp

    The last DA article on Rugby was the Aussie 7s side earlier in the week
  12. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Thanks mate, increasing the km rate is probably the easiest option, but I do understand that it probably doesn't work for all situations.

    There is certainly no easy answer but I think the key lies in the support not the payment. The "reward" from a referee's perspective is probably more linked to recognition and good culture not cash.

    I reckon Hay and Deni will be ok for their games this year, the difficulty will be if there are weeks when Deni/Hay/Griffith/Leeton/Albury/Tumut are at home on multiple weekends. ie Rd 6 - Hay, Albury and Leeton all have home games that weekend. Rd 7 sees Hay and Leeton with home games again. Rd 13 Hay, Albury and Griffith are all at home. Rd 16 Griffith, Tumut and Albury at home.

    It only takes one unavailability or injury to totally change the referee appointments and those rounds above will be difficult to manage. Potentially seeing CTA guys doing 1st Grade. The difficult thing there too is that if you call for additional support from ACTRRA or CWRRA, those guys may not be available, there's a cost to getting them here and they'll typically want to be in either Wagga or Tumut (possibly Griffith for CWRRA) which may or may not solve the problem. You could end up with too many referees in one place and not enough where you need them.
  13. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Obviously the worst scenario is a CTA refereeing a 1st Grade match !
    So Sam if that happens (a CTA in control of a 1st Grade match) what qualifications does that person HAVE to have
    The reason for my question is more aligned with trying to protect the person who more than likely looks as though will be required in 2020
  14. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    Boorowa gala day is now cancelled due to Covid19 . I think we may be looking at quite a deal of changes coming up soon !
  15. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    At least May according to ARU media releases.

    Yep, not good at all and definitely not what the referee association or zone want to see.

    I haven't reviewed any SIRU documents on what requirements there are. The desired qualifications are Level 2 Referee, Assistant Referee and of course SmartRugby.

    From what I understand it, the minimum requirements are - SmartRugby (online safety course). Ultimately that's all the qualifications the local members have anyway due to the re-qualification process. It's not easy to maintain referee qualifications.
  16. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    EDIT, just checked my qualifications, they were updated last year. I reckon other referees would have had theirs done around the same time also.
  17. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    Looks like a very lonely old first few months of the footy season. No SIRU until May at earliest. And from what i can gather the NSWRL has canned everything until June.
  18. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    If they (SIRU) can kick the Comp off on May 2 they can simply flick Rep Footy and won't need to change the Draw

    Personally, a may 2 start looks a little bit premature and I reckon the best result we'll get is a Comp where each Club plays each other once

    If you can't train before May 2 it is pretty hard to see the Comp kicking off on May 2 anyways
  19. Bubba Herbert Moran (7)

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    Unrelated to SIRU, but watching the NRL and flicking to the AFL in empty stadiums has got to be the most soulless footy watching experiences ever. It was terrible. How long can that last ?
  20. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Rugby Australia has announced that Community Rugby is now suspended to June 1
    That means that realistically the earliest the SIRU Comp could kick off is Mid June at the earliest due to a number of isssues including Fitness Concerns
    One wonders if the SIRU Board has set a deadline on when a Comp must kick off this year to constitute a Competition
    Not much bright news on the Rugby front nationally or locally at the moment unfortunately

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