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Sydney Stars . NRC Official Team Thread

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by boyo, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^^ If you took all the Randwick and Easts aligned players out of the Country Eagles, their roster would look very thin.

    There are some very talented players of NSW Country Origin around the country, but as Sydney Stars learned last year, the players of Country Origin will be playing for their Super Rugby franchise aligned/sponsored NRC team first before they are released to Country Eagles (or the Stars).
  2. MACCA Ron Walden (29)

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    The player allocation criteria is very loose. Eagles draw players from the United Nations so if they had first dibs on the Country Origin players that would help. Put Wicks Uni & Easts together and try and get a neutral coach.
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  3. Bring Back The Ruck Herbert Moran (7)

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    I heard someone suggest this the other day (hope they got a lot of money burning a hole on their pocket!)

    Expand Shute Shield, 2 divisions of 10, 1 up 1 down each year

    Add - Illawarra, Central West, New England, Hunter (for NSW Country with Southern Districts)
    Balmain, Petersham (new stars with Uni, Easts and Wicks)
    Central Coast to Rays
    Campbeltown to Rams
  4. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    In whose interest is it to expand the comp?
    Who would fund the extra costs?
    It's much more likely to contract than expand in the current environment.
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  5. Rugbynutter39 Mark Loane (55)

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    Lets not talk expansion but beefing up existing - re: revamp stars to be uni, wicks and easts combo and let Country NSW Eagles have first dibs on players of Country Origin.

    Benefits to Easts and Wicks
    - greater amount of home games in Sydney for their fans
    - more exposure of their club rugby brand
    - access to inner West market to grow their market (and interest) in club rugby brands

    So you get a few diehard shute shield supporters who follow NRC but also get a mix of those who just follow Tahs and Wallabies with little following / interest in club rugby. They get interest in some of the emerging players they see and hence potential to get them interested in going to a few club game.

    Much better commercial proposition for all concerned.Wicks, Uni and Easts.
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  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Detail on some of the late additions to the Stars squad

    Senio TOLEOFOA - Aust U20 2013, Samoa U20 2012, Penrith Shute Shield 2014, Rams NRC 2014, Tuggeranong Vikings 2015
    Kirwan SANDAY - Fiji U20 2011, Reds A 2014, Easts (Brisbane) 2015 http://www.redsrugby.com.au/NRC/nrcplayerprofile.aspx?pid=268. On loan from Qld Cnty?
    Jordan TUAPOU - Aust Schoolboy Capt 2009, Aust 7's 2011-2014, Sunnybank 2015. http://theateamsports.com/portfolio-item/jordan-tuapou/
    Todd PEARCE - 2015 Eastwood Shute Shield, 2007 ARC Fleet, Melrose (SCO) 2013
    Liam McGRATH - Tuggeranong Vikings 2015 (1st Grade Coaches Award), Gungahlin Eagles Club Captain - 2014
  7. Skunk Frank Row (1)

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    A little off-topic, but anybody else agree that a uni/Balmain team is a little bit alienating, and calling them the "stars" doesn't help the cause? I think a rebranding to the old SRU (like the Eagles did in 2015) would generate more supporters and bring some ITM cup style heritage into the NRC?
    .with white & black shorts respectively, obviously!
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  8. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    ^ I like the idea (although, TBF, not living in Sydney anymore I don't have much of a stake in it).

    Nice work on the graphics too. Old skool for the main jersey and, although the alternate wouldn't be my choice, there's still a decent nod to Uni/Balmain/Stars there for those fans. Classic-style hooped jersey which is good.

    What's the status of the SRU these days – I s'pose it was bit redundant – was it moved out of the picture?

    But if so, that doesn't mean the heritage aspect of it can't be revived.

    I love the way the green Aus Baabaas jersey is still being worn out in the field now. The old amateur Barbarian concept struggled a bit after the game went pro, but ways were found recently for the club to keep relevant via the NRC tour, plus age-group selections, and so on.

    Brisbane have also done a great job with linking to the heritage of their City team of the past and making it relevant again.


    The SRU insignia has history behind it. The Sydney rep team (if not the badge) goes back to at least the 1890s. Dust the anchor off and get it out there IMO. It even has a star on it, for the Stars fans ... and a bit of a nautical link to the old ARC Sydney Fleet team too.
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  9. TOCC Guest

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    I like the above mentioned concept, linking it to some sort of heritage or history couldn't hurt.

    But if rumours are true then the Waratahs will be taking control of the NSW NRC teams in 2016 and culling two of them. I'm which case, all of the hard work of the Rays, Rams, Eagles and Stars will be thrown out the window.

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  10. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I agree - it'd be great getting the anchor back, and the selection of that team ??? / I'll think about.

    I'm concerned about giving the Waratah's taking control, and also having 2 teams, just the same as being concerned about how much talent we are loosing off shore. By reducing the teams only forces players off shore because they get the shits with the set up.

    This is a pyramid;
    • Wallabies.
    • Super Rugby
    • NRC
    • Shute Shield / QLD Premier.
    I'd like to see the ARU concentrate on the bottom which lifts the top, and allows the others push up filling / retaining the gaps. The attached may not stop the travel offshore / it is one of the great things about rugby (ITS GLOBAL) but I think the foundations need to be looked at.

    I put together a Rays team through the year based on current players (around the world), tried to keep a balance between seasoned players and youngsters coming through.

    It resulted in a team that would compete in the Super 15.

    • The NRL makes their 16 team comp the premier show piece.
    • Super Rugby is doing its thing, each franchise is its own business.
    • I'd love to see the ARU make Australia Rugby their business.
    I've always said Australian Rugby is the people and the grass roots, the punters who follow the game.
  11. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Country Eagles should be based at Cambelltown (which is affiliated through Illawarra RU to the CRU).

    Easts, Randwick and Uni just need to be told - "if you want to be part of the NRC, then you all play together, if you want to stand alone or not play with others, that's fine, but do it in Shute Shield."
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  12. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I get alerts via emails - saw reference to Cambletown in the first line and thought QH, checked, and i was right ;)
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  13. Pass it to Dunning! Watty Friend (18)

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    Playing the Country Eagles out of Campbelltown makes as much sense as playing the North Harbour Rays out of Cronulla.

    Noone from Campbelltown thinks it's the country, and noone from the country thinks so either.
  14. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    You do realise that Cambelltown is affiliated to the Country Rugby Union?

    I suppose you think Randwick and Easts are more country??
  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    How many 4WD's, Akubra Hats and RM Williams Belts and Boots are there in Randwick and Easts?
  16. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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  17. Prodigy Syd Malcolm (24)

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    By that logic, why not set them up at Hornsby. It is also affiliated with CRU through Central Coast RU

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  18. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    No, it's completely different logic. Northern Sydney is already well-covered by the Rays.
  19. Prodigy Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Aren't we discussing the merits of a Sydney base for the Eagles?

    Isn't the West of Sydney (which C-town is part of) covered by the Rams.

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  20. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    So you prefer them at Coogee?

    You're making a common mistake of grouping the Cambelltown region with "the West of Sydney". It's a distinct geographical area known as the Macarthur Region and includes (rural) places such Camden and Picton. They consider themselves to be a stand-alone community.


    City of Campbelltown - a Regional City Centre and the capital of the Macarthur region.

    Located just 50 minutes from the Sydney CBD and within easy reach of major road and rail links to the Southern Highlands, Canberra, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast beaches, Campbelltown offers a unique combination of city opportunities in a natural setting to its 150,000 residents.

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