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Sydney Subbies 2015

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by boyo, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Seagull Butler Herbert Moran (7)

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    Pissed isn't quite the right word. But Congrats to both Barker and Forest for two hard games of Footy. The 1 point lose to your boys and losing by two to Forest (we did get a converted-try right on the bell which changed the score a tad though) is a bit hard to take.

    Jimmy James - It's a coming (just like the Bledisloe is coming back home any-time soon).
  2. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Just proves you cannot buy passion. Well done Forest as heart and ticker have gotten them two quite remarkable wins in a row over last years Premiers and this years early comp favourites.

    Will be interesting to see how Hunters off season recruitment goes with Tonga, Nisifolo and others all retring or moving to coaching roles in Shute shield.

    I will also be very interested to see what subbies do with Brothers and Iggies next year. At least Brothers showed that the top 4 clubs in Barraclough could be competitive in Kentwell. I think the gap now is in the lower grades and that will mean trouble for the likes of Lindfield next year. Unfortunately for all clubs their just isnt the player numbers out there to fill the holes.
  3. SackRobbie Chris McKivat (8)

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    Huh? So you are saying on the one hand you cant buy passion through the HH model but on the other that Brothers have done well to match it in 1st Division?

    I think you'll find that Brothers may have bought a little passion with their 6,7,8,9,10,11,13 to name a few.

    All solid Shute Shield players & 9 & 10 were Shute Shield superstars.
  4. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Almost all of those Brothers players played Div 2 last year? My comment there is that most Div 2 clubs are scared to go to Div 1 as they think theyll get flogged in 1st grade. My point is maybe the gap isnt as big in 1st grade but I think in 2nds and 3rds present a much harder encounter for Div 2 clubs stepping up.
  5. SackRobbie Chris McKivat (8)

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    The issue for Brothers next year is when these Shute Shield guys retire. They are then well & truly stuffed as their lower grades are non existent.
  6. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    This is a massive issue for all clubs. Look at Kings from 2010. The team had grown from Colts premiers to first grade premiers. They win the comp then the players decide they have had enough!

    It is very difficult to keep teams together whether they are paid players or a group of mates that have played together from a young age!
  7. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    2nd Div Grand Final Analysis

    Clubs with teams in the grand final

    1. Forest - 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 4th Grade. (3 Teams)
    2. Lindfield - 2nd Grade, Colts (2 teams)
    3. UNSW - Colts, 3rd Grade (2 teams)
    4. Barker - 1st Grade (1 team)
    5. Blue Mountains - 3rd Grade (1 team)
    6. Hills - 4th Grade (1 team)

    Very interesting that the club (Lindfield) that won the club champs has as many teams in the Grand Final as the club (UNSW) that came last in the club champs!

    Grand Final Previews

    4th Grade: Forest minor premiers vs Hills 2nd Place in the minor premiership. Forest won both regular season games by a grand total of 7 points. Hills won major semi 17-0. I expect Forest to reverse the major semi result and get the club off to a good start to Grand Final Day.

    3rd Grade: Blue Mountains (2nd Regular season *** Should have been minor premiers but had points taken away due to infringements) vs UNSW (3rd place). Each side won their home fixtures during the season. Blueys have only lost one game all year. I expect them to get up in this one!

    Colts - Lindfield (Minor Premiers) vs UNSW (2nd Place). Once again during the regular season both sides one at home. Lindfield won the minor semi and have been the strongest team all year. I expect them to take the chocolates.

    2nd Grade: Forest (Minor Premiers) vs Lindfield (2nd Place) Forest have won all 3 games convincingly vs Lindfield this season and have only suffered a draw this season. Forest hot favourites but grand finals do funny things!

    1st Grade: Barker (Minor premiers) vs Forest (4th Place) Barker won at home by a big margin and away by 3 points. This points to a BOBs win, but i say tosh! Forest on a roll having knocked over last years premiers (Newport) and the hot favourites HH. Forest on a roll and will be tough to stop!
  8. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Ozzie Bob,

    My tips are
    4ths Hills
    3rds Mountains
    Colts Lindfield
    2nds Forest
    1st BOBs

    Interesting that Newport had 4 grades and Hunters 3 in the semis but didnt cut the mustard.
  9. tim_mac01 Frank Row (1)

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    4th Division tips.
    Beecroft, Beecroft & Beecroft

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  10. Tommy Tudehope Ted Fahey (11)

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    Strange things can happen in Grand Finals and the clean sweep is damn hard to achieve. Watch out for Irish in 2s.
  11. tim_mac01 Frank Row (1)

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    Very true. Grand Finals are always a step above.
    It will be interesting to see what team Irish 2's put together, as they lost to Beecroft in the semis 49-3
  12. rugbyking2 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Just out of curiosity, who are these players?

    Also I'm not too versed in the subbies rugby culture but can anyone tell me the standard of 1st divison Kentwell in relation to grade rugby.
  13. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Good question...you'll get 20 different answers but I reckon it's top 4 in 2nd grade grade.
  14. grobbo Stan Wickham (3)

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    If you mean the top 4 of our 1st div 1st grade could mix it with 2nd grade Shute sheild id agree with you.

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  15. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Div 1

    Colleagues and Mosman have teams in every grade bar 1st grade. Great achievement for both clubs.

    Based on this i would be interested in some feedback from any Mosman insiders. You have two Shute Shield clubs (Norths and Manly) on your doorstep yet the club continually does well in terms of player numbers and quality. Is there anything special that the club does to attract players? Are they locals or is the club culture so strong that you attract players from further afield? I do accept that you are in a wealthy part of town and I'm sure work colleagues etc get dragged along for a game!

    Just interested in how the club manages to drag in players and whether there are any associations with schools nearby such as SHORE. Mosman always have a strong colts team!
  16. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    With all due respect to both Harding working committees they are both located in the heartland. If they weren't as strong as they are questions would have to be asked. Unfortunately the litmus test for rugby is in broader metro Sydney and that's where player numbers are plummeting and clubs slipping before folding.
  17. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Look at the number of lower division clubs - or those that have hit the wall - on the lower north shore.

    So rah for Mosman, but its not exactly an indicator of health for rugby in those parts.
  18. Micheal John Solomon (38)

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    I play Mosman Colts and our squad (approx. 28 boys) is made up of about 20~ or so boys from Shore graduating class of 2012 (including myself).

    I personally played 5ths at Shore, but most of the team was 1sts / 2nds and we've got a few GPS Reps.

    They either played Shute Shieild Colts for a couple of years and decided the workload wasn't for them, or made that decision straight out of high school.

    For us, Subbies isn't a geographical choice, but more of a lifestyle one. Less training, more beers etc.

    So yeah, we're mainly locals, but the club culture has helped, and so has our location. Theres a navy base in Mosman, so we get a lot of Navy boys (and then subsequently lose them when they get deployed). We've had two Navy boys go through our colts team, and we currently still have one playing with us. There are more in Grade, and it was a similar story last year.

    As for the culture, we had a bloke from Norway come to play Mosman Colts in his gap year (he's since gone up the East coast). Why? He wanted to play rugby in a rugby-playing nation (as Norway only has a handful of Grade teams) and his coach, who had done a similar trip and played for Mosman as a youth, recommended the club.

    I couldn't be any happier with the state of the club and the guys I'm playing with. Unfortunately, as Pfitzy alluded to, this isn't the same everywhere.

    We've absolutely flogged some teams that don't have the squad numbers / player quality that we do (we beat Petersham by 100+ before the game was called off early) and we've had several teams forfeit due to lack of numbers. We've even played 7s games against teams for the same reason (although it counted as a forfeit).

    This became particularly bad during the Uni break, when even we couldn't field a team (despite having around 30 squad members at the time) as everyone, as all students who live with their parents do, buggered off to Europe.

    In those five weeks we forfeited one game and had three teams forfeit to us.

    So in summary, Mosman has a great culture for a number of reasons, and is blessed with a strong player base. This is due to the schools we attend, the dominant sports in the area, the Navy base, the culture etc etc.

    This is replicated in Colleagues a little bit as well, with their Colts team being primarily made up of boys from Kings / Sydney University Colleges. We're mates with them outside of footy and that clash is always great.

    Also, with Old Iggies, who's team is mainly made up of Joeys / Riverview boys from our Year Group.

    It seems that the key to having a strong Colts colts is to have a GPS feeder school, or an associated residential College at a Sydney university somewhere. Unfortunately, this isn't something that be replicated at all clubs, and it isn't particularly healthy for the game.

    But alas that is how it is.

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  19. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Top post Michael - good to get a look at how the other half live. We have a long-term quest for Colts at Rouse Hill and it will take patience and a shitload of work.

    Two things about your post stood out for me:

    That's pretty handy, even with the problems you mentioned on some weeks. I guess that needs to be the approach when you're effectively a "single grade" and guys have to accept that some weeks they're not getting a game. As long as everyone knows that when they sign up, then great.

    I can tell you that even dealing with 3 Grades, there are some (supposedly) grown men who chuck their toys out of the pram when they don't get what they want.

    Well, I think you're painting with an overly broad brush there :)

    But I'm not being critical, just envious ;)
  20. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Pfitzy. Excuse my ignorance, but in the last few seasons the only lower division club from the lower north shore that i can think of that is no longer with us would be Killara/West Pymble. Am i missing anyone? Seaforth maybe?

    The reason why i asked about Mosman is that in their direct suburb there is no major private school (Shore is close by) and they have Gordon, Norths and Manly as shute shield clubs on their doorstep. I do find their success a good news story.

    You also mentioned in a latter post about trying to build a colts team at Rouse Hill. It is vital for the future success of the club. You should move heaven and earth to make it happen. When BOBs moved into Div 2 in 2006 despite the link with the school struggled to get 15 players each week. 9 years on and the center from that team is playing in the 1st grade grand final this Saturday. Colts have been the lifeblood of our club. MAKE IT HAPPEN PFITZY!

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