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The best XV of players from any school

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. exISA Fred Wood (13)

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    I was trying to find the post that had the Marist Canberra best possible XV but this one will do as its similar (ish) . couple of replacements I would make out of this would be Marco Caputo in for Saia Faingaa. Yes Saia is a current wallaby and has a bright future ahead of him, Marco Caputo is a far more accomplished hooker (from a career point of view) from the Kookaburra's/Brumbies golden era - he went to Daramalan. He had one P. Kearns ahead of him keeping him out of a permanent spot in the Aus team.

    Also - Josh Birch (ex Marist/Brumbies player from the late 90's - played centre at school and wing for the Aus junior rep teams and for the brumbies) - I would replace either winger you have mentioned, probably only Lewis Holland as I haven't actually heard of him! Dean Zammit would have to get a mention too , ex Marist/vikings prop, cult figure in ACT rugby who has international caps for Malta of all countries!

    As you can probably tell my picks are from the 90's mainly. My era in schoolboy rugby was the mid nineties. I played in the ASC and ISA comps in my senior years (thus my user name) .
  2. random477

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    What about Stephen Larkham (Lyneham High) and George Gregan (St Edmunds) for an ACT team?
  3. Stickybeak Banned

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    Was the sarcasm not apparent?
  4. Stickybeak Banned

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    That Nudgee team would beat all comers - it would not be the worst team ever to play for the Wallabies
  5. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Strong talk stickybeak, but hey, let's thump our chests as we spruik our team for a notional contest.

    As much as I hate big quotes it's worthwhile looking at the Joeys team again.
  6. bring back rucking Chris McKivat (8)

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    Its a good side that can leave out Darren Junnee, both Jorgensons (Michael in particular, even if they did come from newington) and both Kellehers.
  7. bring back rucking Chris McKivat (8)

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    Just read the part saying- "Judged on how they played as senior players".. i stand self corrected
  8. RugbyInterest Herbert Moran (7)

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    Chris Roche also went to BSHS going on same Aust Schoolboys tour as Wally Lewis and Ella brothers
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  9. RugbyReg Rocky Elsom (76)

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    pfft, I reckon the current Gregory Terrace First XV would beat that team.
  10. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    This was 1982 - came with Flemons - not centenary though. Brook also won 84 85 94.
  11. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    Also Ricky Stuart from Eddies
  12. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Yeah - Burgess wouldn't have made the Joeys team based on school ability.
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  13. exISA Fred Wood (13)

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    Ya I would include those two - but are we splitting hairs and saying they must be playing today?
  14. Brumbies Guy John Solomon (38)

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    Both valid points, however if you look again, the team quoted was a Current ACT XV. Larkham, Gregan, Stuart and Caputo would obviously be in an all time XV.
  15. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Easy to say RR, while compiling that Nudgee team I had a little glimpse at the would be GT line-up and wasn't too impressed. By all means have a go but I think in terms of QLD GPS it would go;

    Nudgee, Brisbane State High, Terrace, Churchie, TSS, Toowoomba, Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane Boys College, Ipswich
  16. exISA Fred Wood (13)

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    Ah ok - i thought we were talking all time judging on the other teams posted - overlooked the word "current" in your team. Plus i was probably more referring to the earlier team someone posted, I just happened to click reply on your quote rather than the one earlier.
  17. RugbyReg Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Its very easy to say. I am sure a couple of the Nudgee guys have passed away. That SHOULD leave some overlaps somewhere.
  18. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Barker College Hornsby

    15. Tim Wallace (Tahs and Wallabies)
    11. Cam Sheppard (Tahs, Force and Wallabies)
    10. Nathan Spooner (Reds and Wallabies)
    7.Chris Alcock (Force, and Tahs)
    5.Hugh Pyle (Rebels, Aus A)
    3.Ben Darwin (Brumbies and Wallabies)
    2. Ben Whiticker (Force)
    1. Richard Harry (Wallabies and Tahs

    Could throw in OZ schools and Oz 7's players but decided to keep it to Rep teams
  19. Micheal John Solomon (38)

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    You could probably add Jordy Reid somewhere in that list. Interesting to note that in his final year of school he was originally in the 3rd XV, but worked his way up throughout the year.
  20. Alex Larkin Frank Row (1)

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    Westfields Sports High

    1. Lamarn Ma'a (Parramatta)
    2. Scott Podmore (Northern Suburbs)
    3. Daniel Murray (Northern Suburbs)
    4. Valeni Tiatia (Oyonnax/France)
    5. Ben Matwijow (Northern Suburbs)
    6. Steve Mafi (Leicester/England)
    7. Ben Coridas (ex Qld Reds)
    8. Tony Williams (NRL Bulldogs)
    9. Jeremy Sua (Worcester/England)
    10. Isaac Luke (NRL Rabbitohs)
    11. Pat Richards (NRL Tigers)
    12. Jarryd Hayne (NRL Eels)
    13. Jamal Idris (NRL Panthers)
    14. Alfi Mafi (Montpellier/France)
    15. Israel Folau (Waratahs)
    16. Kelepi Tanginoa (NRL Eels)
    17. Joey Afualo (Eastwood)
    18. David Klemmer (NRL Bulldogs)
    19. Rodney Ma'a (Parramatta)
    20. Shanin Proctor (Eastwood)
    21. Lenny Beckett (ex Brumbies)
    22. Leon Bott (ex Broncos)
    23. Siope Aukafolau (Aus u18s 7s)

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