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  1. lily

    Shute Shield 2018

    When are Gordon getting punted? They have sucked for at least a decade.
  2. lily

    Shute Shield 2018

    I'm hearing that Robbie Coleman will be at 9 for Manly. Also hearing that Ed Gower has finally retired and Dennis has gone to Souths. He lives in the Shire. Also Alex Northam and possibly Mali Hingano are back on the scene. Manly have also recruited another centre as it looks as if Lalakai...
  3. lily

    Shute Shield 2017

    I'm not sure about the Marlin Burger or Steak Sandwich. I've had another one on Saturday and as per usual the steak was way too chewy.
  4. lily

    Shute Shield 2016

    How is it possible for the Norths halfback to drop the ball at the back of the ruck and it be ruled a knock back. This occurred after the bell. Halfback even dobbed himself in by looking at the referee.
  5. lily

    Shute Shield 2016

    Have they reversed the draw?
  6. lily

    HSBC 7's 2015/16: ROUND 2 - CAPE TOWN

    Killingworth was from Mater Maria Warriewood. Only went to Kings to further his rugby as he was totally screwed by NSW schoolboys selectors in the 16s. Hard as nails. Only ever coached against him but he was awesome. His dad is also a longtime contributor to CHS rugby as a coach and selector...
  7. lily

    Sydney Rays .. NRC Team Official Thread

    Are you referring to the Willie O stand?
  8. lily

    Australian Rugby / RA

    So the brains trust have organised the Wallaby fan day for the 6th of August. This is a Thursday. Why am I not surprised. Are they aware that their target audience will be at school? Or are they really that stupid? Fucking muppets.
  9. lily

    Shute Shield BBQs and Canteens

    Last Saturday at Manly Oval no onions or sauce. Some idiot forgot about Anzac Day. Not happy.
  10. lily

    Blues v Brumbies Rd 9, Friday 10 April 2015

    Andre Lees, I cannot understand why you have to be the star every game you officiate.
  11. lily

    2015 S15 Refs panel

    I agree with Quick Hands. Lees is a terrible referee. He must have the photos.
  12. lily

    All-Time Crim 1st XV

    Martin Bayfield was also a copper. Locks are sorted. Can we widen the team by including the military? Rory Underwood for Vice Captain and winger.
  13. lily

    And so it begins. Trial match. Force v Brumbies

    Steve Mafi will start in any Force First 15. Dominant for Leicester Tigers before coming home.
  14. lily

    All-Time Crim 1st XV

    So were Wade Dooley and Paul Ackford.
  15. lily

    Player Movements Shute Shield 2015

    I posted this in the Manly thread a couple of weeks ago. Philip has gone. Marlins coaches expected it but were unimpressed with how he went about it. Also Gower is a strong possibility of heading to Europe. Add that to Lucas, Swanepoel, Milroy, Hingano, Sefenaia,Petersen and Aholelei. I...