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All-Time Crim 1st XV

Beer Baron

Bill McLean (32)
Brendan Mullin (50+ caps for Ireland just prior to professionalism), accused of fiddling €573,000 from a Bank he was a Director of.

The lessor fildding crime.

We must be good for an A vs B trial match. (Each with support crew).

Need a women's team too for equality.
We must be good for an A vs B trial match.
Looking at the WTG, theyre miles better players than the 1st XV. Hore, Hayman and Woodcock, all-AB front row. But then again, the WTG don't have 6 convicted murderers in their forward pack.....

Would be one HELL of a matchday thread. Perhaps an annual occurence. Someone find a gap in the calendar!
"..... oh God, 1st XV captain Michael Quinn, the notorious convicted paedophile, is now being chased down the sideline by his own teammate! It's flanker Joseph Ntshongwana and he's brought his axe onto the field with him! Make it four, Joseph, make dirty filthy Kiddie Fucker Quinn victim number 4!....."