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CAS 2018

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Greg Davis (50)
Agree. Crook news in so many ways. Hope he makes a speedy recovery, back to rugby.

It takes 30 to 50 days from the time of infection for glandular fever to develop. A person with glandular fever is contagious for months after the infection so it's important to follow good hygiene so others don't get infected. Symptoms can come on gradually, and at first there may be just tiredness and lack of energy. I would checking those who he bunked and played with at the Nationals.


Bob Loudon (25)
Re Moretti- terrible stuff- I had glandular fever at the end of year 12- lost 3 stone- it is a terrible shitty sickness. This is a real pity, I would much rather have seen him in the team for Waverley in the match v Barker. I hope he recovers quickly and is back on the paddock before too long.

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
17/5 here at Barker. Aloys have been very stoic... they value possession. Barker could learn a thing or two from them

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