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CAS Rugby 2022


Nev Cottrell (35)
And as is the pattern of this game, Trinity replies with a try, 8 Leao barging over from close in. Nice conversion by Hatton Ward. 31-12

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
Great game. Could have gone either way. Best for Waves 1, 3 and 15…. Best for Knox 2, 8,10,15. I’d expect those 2 props to be selected in CAS 1s tonight.

Props are People too

Sydney Middleton (9)
Sounds like a cracking game
Great game. Could have gone either way. Best for Waves 1, 3 and 15…. Best for Knox 2, 8,10,15. I’d expect those 2 props to be selected in CAS 1s tonight.

Was a great game. Waves attacking in the Knox quarter for the last 10 minutes to no avail. Could have gone either way. Knox a little lucky with an intercept and a try from a charge down. Agree the waves props were great, though I thought the Knox 15 Saunders is better in the centres. Also the Knox 6 and 12 McLeod had big games.

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
Yeah agree, much more effective at 13 but made a lot of good defensive decisions in the last 10 mins to snuff out the waves attack. I expect Jarah and Archie to be the 12 and 13 picked tonight
Wayne Bennett talking about the Barker 10. Glowing support from one of the best.

He had the ball on a strong today for Barker. He will be missed for CAS that’s for sure. The combination between 8,9 and 10 was great to see, Hooper and Philipson are a lock for CAS 1st I’d say. 1, 6, and 13 for Barker also played very well and stand a good chance. For Cranbrook the No8 played well and got MoM from Barker, Obaseki was playing 2nds and stood out there for the half he played, came on as a sub for 1’s but didn’t make much impact and looked to be struggling with his knee.


Frank Row (1)
CAS 1sts
Samuel SayounBarker College1
Bryn EdwardsBarker College2
Will GoddardKnox Grammar School3
Ned EricssonKnox Grammar School4
Adam Van WykBarker College5
Aiden O’NeillKnox Grammar School6
Ethan HalatokouaWaverley College7
Lachlan HooperBarker College8
Doug PhilipsonBarker College9
Thomas DaveyKnox Grammar School10
Tino Jahnke-TavanaWaverley College11
Jarrah McLeodKnox Grammar School12
Archie SaundersKnox Grammar School13
Alexander SherlockKnox Grammar School14
Charlie PoyntonBarker College15
CAS 2nds
Will McKinnonKnox Grammar School1
Sam BourgeoisKnox Grammar School2
AJ PreketesWaverley College3
Aden EkanayakeBarker College4
Thomas GirleCranbrook School5
Jordan BaggsCranbrook School6
Tom LivingstonBarker College7
Noah JacksonCranbrook School8
Orly Hatten-WardTrinity College9
Manus BaileySt Aloysius’ College10
Jaxson AllenCranbrook School11
Eli SagalaBarker College12
Otto SerfonteinCranbrook School13
Gus RunowCranbrook School14
Dane TownsWaverley College15
Ky PuleWaverley College16
Nosa ObasekiCranbrook School17
Kaleb Ah-ColtCranbrook School18
Angus HaymanCranbrook School19
Jonathan RyanKnox Grammar School20
Hunter RaymondKnox Grammar School21
Noah WicksSt Aloysius’ College22
Solomon TuquiriWaverley College23
Joe RouseCranbrook School1
Jonas DowlingWaverley College2
James FinklesteinCranbrook School3
Luke HedleyKnox Grammar School4
Ben FineganWaverley College5
Oliver WelschCranbrook School6
Ted WhelanKnox Grammar School7
Harry HillSt Aloysius’ College8
Hugo WalshCranbrook School9
Tom MarrCranbrook School10
William ConstableKnox Grammar School11
Jonti Morshead-FiedelWaverley College12
Dom FerosTrinity College13
Gabriel ReadBarker College14
Caleb Sinclair-HarrisWaverley College15
Onita Finau
Will Kennedy
Harrison Miller
Cooper Stynes
Paulo Tauiliil-Pelesasa
Isaiya Katoa
Malakye Enasio
Hamish McDonald
Jakob Biet
CAS teams have been just been released on the website. Thoughts ?

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
Yes I thought the scrum was very good. Just thought the waves props offered a lot of go forward in the general play. It wasn’t a comparison between the 2 sides props (I’m a knox supporter). I thought the waves props were their best contributors together with the 15 on the day