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Crusaders (NZ) Rugby Team Thread.

The Crusaders Rugby Football Team

  • I begrudgingly respect their success

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • I do not

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • I hate them

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • We all hate them

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • I welcome their tumble into mediocrity

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • I prefer that Auckland team, you know, "The Auckland Blues"

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • The disintegration of the Cantabs empire gives me a stiffy so big it blots out the motherfucking sun

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • They had a good run but enough is enough

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Commentator Tony Johnstone having to witness their decline + Blues ascension = Major Stiffy Time

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • I like pole

    Votes: 5 25.0%

  • Total voters


Ken Catchpole (46)
Have clearly been strong armed into this, so Joe Schmidt to the Blues it is.


waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Actually I kinda hope they did as it'd speed up the process no end & possibly some of the craters I mean carefully excavated trenches could be used as footings...