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Ewen McKenzie Resignation

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Average Outside Center

Herbert Moran (7)
As someone who has played several sports at a competitive level. I can undeniably say that you need buy in from all of the playing group. You cannot expect to be able to compete with the best if not in total unison. If what Ewen said was true, then there needs to be not only bonding within the playing group but a cultural change. I'm reading far to many tahs vs reds tahs vs brumbies fraction fights, when you play for the wallabies you play together you are 1 not 5. Pull it together and get behind the goal you have all worked so hard for. Rant over

Train Without a Station

You guys really want to be careful where you go with this AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) stuff. Until we have any hard evidence, speculating that he might have done anything is shaky ground.

That's fair. As I said it's solely the opinion of me and me only based on what I've witnessed him be involved in during his career and nothing else.

Could be wrong. Would prefer I was.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Anyway Mods can we close this for the next few days.. Seriously we will have the ban stick out and no one will be on here. Maybe a new. Who to coach the wallabies next will be better

Tom Ando

Fred Wood (13)
Yeah, you made that clear enough. Some other posts are wandering into the Kill-Zone.

I echo what you say. Many years ago I said something stupid on social media because emotions were high. Its not right and in the end you look back it and you think you are an idiot. If anything we should all see what character assassination did to Ewen, and back the fuck away from creating rumours or damaging comments about individuals


Desmond Connor (43)
Yeah I checked my head and I blame Pulver.

Why was Beale played at 10. Pressure from above regarding a petty desire to retain a demanding high profile player from a CEO desperate to raise the profile of the code. It really is the only explanation that could explain the inconsistency of the selection.

Pulver seems very happy for somebody else to take the fall for the mess that has happened in his house.

I checked my head again and I still blame fucking Pulver.

give me a fucking break. stop drinking and posting.


John Solomon (38)
I will say one thing on AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper). No opinion, just fact.

I tweeted him a congratulations for his 100 games the other day. He favourited this tweet. Right after, I tweeted my endorsement of an article that supported McKenzie and bagged player power. A minute later, AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) removed his earlier favourite. Possibly a coincidence, but that is what happened.


Sydney Middleton (9)
And while we're here, it looks like the chosen coach needs to be approved by the NSW Rugby Media - maybe it's worth having Georgie Robinson on the selection panel? Maybe Matt Bourke?

They both represent a significant amount of credibility. Matt could be on the selection panel given he's "got the playing background required to talk about it" and Georgie could run the background qualification checks given her gifts in that area that have come to light.

Fuck that


Sydney Middleton (9)
I think it clearly precedes Hooper. I'd doubt his faults are anything more than being a product of the environment.

Somebody made the good point about the old Brumbies player power. Difference was they used to win.

Think old hair flick is going for captain coach. Everyone else in his way has fallen over


Tony Shaw (54)
For me, Rugby is almost religion. In dark times I turn to Rugby and it heals me.
Possibly the worst moment for me in Rugby was in 2003 when I watched on as the RWC slipped from our grasp. I was numb. I remember thinking that this is as bad as Rugby can ever make me feel. Watching us lose the World Cup in the dying seconds to the Poms.
Well tonight I found there is a worse feeling. Watching us lose the World Cup just under a year from full time.

I feel like I need to wear my Wallabies jersey tomorrow with a black arm band on to symbolise the death of Aus Rugby. Possibly a bit dramatic.
I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning so I'm done people.


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
With the help of McKenzie, Qld did the unthinkable (ten years ago) and actually won a Super Rugby title in 2011.

I say thanks for the good times, Link. Queenslanders still love ya.
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