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Ewen McKenzie Resignation

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Desmond Connor (43)
I'm sober mate, not a drop to drink for the record. Don't sook because I responded to your post in the tone you wrote it. I even explained why I do blame Pulver.

For the record, telling somebody "they should have their head checked" can easily be offensive to somebody with mental problems, so maybe you would like to be a bit more considerate in the tone you post.

I appologise for the sarcasim in my reply but it struck a nerve which I don't use as an excuse.

Your original post came across as over emotional, irrational and very one sided. "should have your head checked" is a saying, not something to be taken literally. As for the tone of what i said, this is a forum and the internet. Thats what's just it's like when people are yelling over the top of people in keyboard form.

Saying that link was pressured from above to play KB (Kurtley Beale) at 10 come across as very paranoid way of thinking.

Link is no white knight. he played his own very public political game to get the job and was happy to use the media to help his agenda.

Tom Ando

Fred Wood (13)
I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and say Ewen. Solely based on the fact that if he had met QC (Quade Cooper) 13 years before 2011, there would've been very little chance that he was no different.

mmm yeah haha that would've made Quade about 9 or something haha my bad. But in all seriousness, I've probably been a complete pain the ass wanting to have a chat with Quade when I can after getting to meet him over the course of a week, but he's never not had time for me, or any of his fans for that matter. I think he was a class act before the toxic stuff happened, and there should be no question about Ewen being a class act before or after the Wallabies job. Being a diehard Brumbies fan, the admiration I had for Ewen's set up should speak volumes, as its easy for any opposing fan to look with enemy glasses on.


Cyril Towers (30)
Higgins, Hodgo, Horwill
All three of those would have been controversial as none of them are guaranteed starters - and none of them have featured regularly since then.

Comes back to the "do you pick your captain first and then your team, or your team first and then your captain" question I guess.

Would've been interesting to see if any of this would have unfolded if Ewen had reappointed Kev as captain...


Bill McLean (32)
Seriously Ewen is gone?

The man is a legend; he, with Kearns and Daly Re-established Australia as a powerhouse to reckoned with back in the late 80's early
90's - he deserves better!

Gee I hope Pulver throws himself on the same sword!


Simon Poidevin (60)
I'm just sad. Losing the game hurt.. Losing Link is devastating.. It's hard to be a rugby fan.

Good note NRC baby!!!


Mark Ella (57)
Cooper's quite happy/capable playing a field position game.

I agree with this. But do you think Jake White would agree with this? Assuming he is first choice wallaby coach now. I'm nervous he would choice To'omua instead.

I hope I'm wrong I want to see Quade back and firing our back-line.
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