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David Codey (61)
The big test for O'Connor will be whether he has the nous, and humility, to realise that his fortunes lie in his hands, and he needs to start working out how to fit into a team structure and environment, on and off the field. It's crazy that a guy with that much talent is potentially putting a punctuation mark in his career at his young age.
As with many of this situations, you wonder who is close to him giving him advice, and whether he listens to it.

I have heard two sides to this. Friends that have met and found him to be polite and friendly, on the other hand talk is that he has straight out rejected advice from a few assistant coaches because 'they didn't have anything to teach him'.

Out of the three amigos Cooper is the only one that appears to have matured (at least off the field). Perhaps Beale and JOC could do with a bit of tough love from the ARU as well.

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Nathan Sharpe (72)
From what I've heard out of the Rebels - yeah, he did.

No4918 I was thinking about this this morning: when did they tell him?
However much I would like to think he found out when we did there's almost certainly no way that is how it happened.
If thats correct then they must have told him in the last week - cant see that they could have reliably assumed they'd be able to find him this morning prior to the announcement.
Makes it even more bitter if this is true.


John Thornett (49)
JOC is 23. Hard to believe this is his 6th season of Super Rugby, but at his age this is a pivotal time in his development. He is very talented. His try last night and his general attack in broken play demonstrated that, but as everyone has said he has to play wider than 10.
His next move is critical. He needs to bunker down, find his true position and commit to a team for the long term. I hope it's in Australia and I hope it's in Rugby.
He'd make a sensational 7s player, but could the ARU afford that?


Herbert Moran (7)
I believe his dad has been somewhat of a pain in the ass, as has Joc at the rebels. I'd suggest it's his old man advising him.


Ken Catchpole (46)
He won't want to play wing at Super rugby level.

Watching him crab for the side lines this month says otherwise! Seems he finds solace in getting closer to the chalk lines!

JOC, Ricky Ponting, Lleyton Hewitt, Mark Webber... It appears you're not better off with Swisse.

They all seem to be doing it so tough ;)



John Thornett (49)
lots about JOC over on the rebels 2014 thread.

similar sentiment. hard times ahead wherever he goes

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Nathan Sharpe (72)