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Props are People too

Sydney Middleton (9)
Pitch is holding up. Well done Knox groundskeepers.


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Frank Row (1)
Rodwell playing well for NSW schools. On another note how in the hell did Finnlay Bartlett from Scots not make any of these teams its a complete joke.
Very controversial with the note on finnlay bartlett. Same with other boys including Alex conti and Mitch woods who both played 1st for st pats in year 9. Union have lost the plot with the politics.


Hi All

Can't understand the debate about whether boys should be selected in both rep teams when playing league/union.

Boys are free to play union and/or league. No problem. Once they reach the age 16's/18's and rep teams/contracts start to happen, imo the boys must choose or have the path chosen for them whether it be union or league.Obviously, they must play union for their school but outside its their choice. As mentioned atm, union is not doing a great job in selling it's product/pathways and must improve to maintain the boys being "lost"to league. Some boys choose to play league therefore aren't lost. These boys who choose league and have signed contracts/rep teams, have chosen their sport therefore why does/should rugby need to continue in investing/ upskilling these players in front of the boys who choose Rugby. Why should woolies continue to train a boy who has chosen to work at coles ? The boys are always welcomed back to rugby anytime ( ie Katoa etc ) but the boy has made his decision, go and good luck.
I agree with OlderSlower.
Running_rugby22, no doubt these boys are talented and deserve selection, but if they are not willing to commit to rugby in the short/ medium future, then why continue to invest in them in front of a boy who is committed?

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