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rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
That is genuinely silly. What employer funds the development of their competitors talent? No serious enterprise would do that.
It is a fact of life in the Qld GPS comp. It is seen as a rugby League nursery Nth of the border. We will see it more and more here in NSW. Tom Wright from Joeys spent 5 years playing for Manly Sea Eagles before coming back to union and being selected for the Wallabies. My view is ensure the talent enjoys their rugby while at school and if this means selecting lads who are going to League in our top representative sides then so be it. If they enjoy their time in rugby the more likely they will return.


Frank Row (1)
Im offically done with the forum. This will be my last post]
Just wanted to let you old heads know that we are not in the 1970s anymore.
Shore is the best school in GPS and there 16a's forward pack is aggressive in both attack in D
There first xv success in the last 7 years is a reflection of the hard but smart style of training the boys do
Does anyone know what time the Sydney Juniors u16s are taking on nsw schools 1 tomorrow morning? Should be a very intriguing matchup between them both with the Sydney Juniors amazing first half yesterday.


Bob Loudon (25)
Hi All

Can't understand the debate about whether boys should be selected in both rep teams when playing league/union.

Boys are free to play union and/or league. No problem. Once they reach the age 16's/18's and rep teams/contracts start to happen, imo the boys must choose or have the path chosen for them whether it be union or league.Obviously, they must play union for their school but outside its their choice. As mentioned atm, union is not doing a great job in selling it's product/pathways and must improve to maintain the boys being "lost"to league. Some boys choose to play league therefore aren't lost. These boys who choose league and have signed contracts/rep teams, have chosen their sport therefore why does/should rugby need to continue in investing/ upskilling these players in front of the boys who choose Rugby. Why should woolies continue to train a boy who has chosen to work at coles ? The boys are always welcomed back to rugby anytime ( ie Katoa etc ) but the boy has made his decision, go and good luck.
I agree with OlderSlower.
Running_rugby22, no doubt these boys are talented and deserve selection, but if they are not willing to commit to rugby in the short/ medium future, then why continue to invest in them in front of a boy who is committed?

IMO this view is too simplistic. League v Union, contracted v non-contracted. School rugby and school representative pathways ie. NSW Schools, GPS representative teams should be available to all regardless of whether they have signed a contract outside of school in league or any other sport. Should a young lad not be able to work in the school canteen and be trained there because he has chosen to work at Coles? Schools fundamental responsibility is to upskill students for life after school, academics, sport, playing a trumpet; whatever it is. Schools aren't funded by RA and therefore there should be no restrictions on who can access the school rep pathway. Can Athletics Australia prevent a young man from representing GPS in Athletics because he won't be following their pathway after school to the Olympics as he is signed to another professional sport or should Swimming Australia? I have no problem with the Tahs refusing places in Gen Blue to League contracted players although school representative teams should remain available to everyone regardless of what they might choose to do once they have left school.
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John Eales (66)
yes. Sydney juniors number 1, Conor Dempsey played out of his skin this morning. Deserves to be mentioned and noticed.
Anyone from the NSW team that beat them by 40 points play any good?

Footnote - I know Connor and I think he’s a ripper player so I don’t doubt he played well, but I also notice Sam from Shore picked a Shore boy from the beaten team as one of his best, granted he also had McLean from New in the winning team.
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Bob McCowan (2)
As a supporter and spectator over the last couple of days, I have got to say the standard of footy was amazing for u16s. Yet to say the u16s Gen Blues teams should be unstoppable. Poor selectors:D

Any predicted squads as of yet?
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