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Joe King

Dave Cowper (27)
Well done View. Good win. Joeys just too tired. Not as fit as years past. Passes use to always be in front of players in backline. No real moves. Just a bit one dimensional.

But boy. Thought Joeys were going to follow their usual script there, and win at the end. They just never, ever give up!

The Ghost of Raelene

Paul McLean (56)
What a war. Wasn’t the prettiest game of footy but it was what these rivalries become.

Joeys ball retention was excellent but just outdone by Views defence that didn’t stop.

Best on ground for me;


Herbert Moran (7)
Maybe. View couldn’t have been much worse than that though. Possession must of been at least 60/40 and Joeys were camped in Views half almost the entire game.
Joeys also had a disallowed try that he scored, he said he lost it. But refs don’t get video help unfortunately

I thought the ref had a great game otherwise


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Allen Oxlade (6)
Riverview very very lucky to get a win. Joeys will belt them by a margin in the return clash with returning troops.
Could even say unlucky with a few calls that stopped guaranteed tries. Especially that trip that joeys got away with, and the line breaks that were called back (no advantage). And the end of the day, view defence was strong and they looked the better team but just couldn’t execute. A couple lucky tries, especially with the two Joeboys down (which should gave been called back) but still good attack. Joeys, as they often do, almost came back to win it. And at 0-2-2, they need a really big shift in the coming rounds to stay in the comp.

Easy to say a lucky win without looking at what the other side achieved.

The game encompasses what schoolboy footy is. Might not be the cleanest, but it’s a great fight and a great rivalry.

A poor craftsman blames his tools.

The Ghost of Raelene

Paul McLean (56)
Recall one where the ref said View knock on from their advantage
Didn’t notice that one. My fault.

Joeys lack punch from what I saw. Think of last year with Jorgensen, Leahy in the backline and a guy like Barrett amongst the pack. It had defences worried about them and they will do something at some point. Right now nobody in that team looks to pose a threat. You can stay calm in defence. If the 9 wasn’t out there it would be a mess. 12,14 in the 2nds deserves a run IMO


Trevor Allan (34)
Question for the Joker...

When was last time Joeys played a round of matches and did not win a game? I know in 79 they won 1 game but have they ever won 0?
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