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Olympic 7's


Steve Williams (59)
French sticking it to GB right now. Hopefully they get through, need someone to cheer for in the final.


George Gregan (70)
Also, Fijian player looked like she was tackled from behind without the ball which prevented her from getting the ball in the lead up to a certain try that would have won it for Fiji.

I saw that, but what WOULD have guaranteed them the try was just going to ground and a quick pick n go instead of trying to offload forever


Tim Horan (67)
Christ on a unicycle. I'm fucken exhausted just sitting on my backside watching this match. God knows how some of them are still standing out there.

I missed game was at rugby, got home and missus says she was jumping up and down yelling at tv. Reckons the most exciting 7s game she has seen.

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
Aus getting the job done v USA, showing a lot of patience when in possession.

Edit: did USA player Emba just get a dislocated finger reset by her teammate?

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
Crushing blow by Fiji just on HT.

Edit: failed to allow for the ref factor, he seems committed to keeping it going until GB score..... which they do ~3min after the hooter. HT Fiji 14-5 GB.

waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
It's called ADVANTAGE, ref! OK it's 12-5 but it's STILL CALLED

Edit: at what point does YC come into play? Never mind, try Fluehler NZ 19-5 France at HT.