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Reds 2019


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Force Kerevi to add to his game (learn to pass by playing 12). Add CFS at 13 since he has finally grown into his body (similar issues to Rob Horne). Leave the young bloke on the wing for awhile. Higgers to play 8 over timu due to his handling at scrum time.


Jim Clark (26)
Force Kerevi to add to his game (learn to pass by playing 12). Add CFS at 13 since he has finally grown into his body (similar issues to Rob Horne). Leave the young bloke on the wing for awhile. Higgers to play 8 over timu due to his handling at scrum time.

Agree just don’t know what to do with Duncan. I think he deserves a start. No reason you couldn’t use both really throughout games/the season. Only thing I’ll add with Higgers/Timu is that I don’t trust Timu at 6 on defensive scrums. He doesn’t read it very well and isn’t v quick off the mark.

I’m actually excited with this squad and the new coaching structure. Whilst we will not be world beaters this season I think we will see some players and the team really come along.

Couple spots left to fill. For me I think we lack a little balance with experienced players. I’m all for bringing youth through but I think we have a heap there already and at the end of the day that’s what EPS contracts are for. Would have probably contracted Campbell and given Eadie an EPS and let him play a lot more premier/NRC.

I won’t discuss those who have just left. I don’t hate the idea of Barnes coming in as long as he is seen as a reserve/player to learn off... definitely not to take Stewart’s starting spot. We also need backup in that 10 role, Duncan can fill in at a pinch but not full time if Stewart goes down long term. I know many blokes who have played with Barnes and think he has one of the best rugby brains they had come across in their careers.

Need another prop, no ideas who or from where though. With Thor and Smiths there maybe we could get a younger guy. Not sure how many spots are left after that.

Bobby Sands

Richie Asiata / Kirwan Sanday will be the prop.

Tasi the center.

10 I am not sure, potentially Dalgliesh, and very hopeful that Gill is the 7.


Dave Cowper (27)
Interestingly I was reading “The Rugby Paper” a few weeks ago and Steven Luatua was being interviewed. they’re of the impression that G Smith is contracted to the Reds next year. He was saying they would love to have him back after the 2019 Super season. Wonder if they’re still working through that at the Reds. Clearly I’d be happy for it. Next gen of forwards learning from one of Australia’s best.
I remember when he signed for the reds i believe intent was for him to stay in qld long term and he was looking to transition into a coaching role at the reds. Not sure if that's still on the cards.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Forgive my ignorance but does he have ties to QLD? Is he based in Fiji? Would he have to be a marquee player?

he's based in Fiji and has been capped by Fiji (7s) so would be a marquee. He's just been named in the Fiji national squad to tour wherever they are touring.

He'll have a pro contract very soon I'd expect.


Steve Williams (59)
I thought marquee contracts had been scrapped/were being phased out

There was an exception for Drua players allowing one per team separate from the marquee spot, similar to what was done for Japanese internationals. Not sure if it's still in place.

Bobby Sands

Whoever signs Veitokani is very lucky. I hope it’s us & have put this forward previously.


Billy Sheehan (19)
yeah aussie teams are allowed 1 Drua player (not marquee) each, NSW signed prop Kali Tawake last year and rebels had halfback Frank Lomani and NO, i'd rather Veitokani plays in NZ/OZ than end up in france cause our last year's 10, Peceli Nacebe joined a top14 team last year and didn't play a single game for them (they only signed him up to prevent any other club from getting it, i'm worried they might do the same to veitokani too) and thus was lost to Fiji ( we don't select players who don't play games) and yeah Veitokani has been playing 15's since 2015, he was brought into 7's due to his playmaking skills, he isn't a 7's player turned 15's player, its vice versa..


Steve Williams (59)
As promising as Veitokani is, there's gotta be some thought that he shouldn't be playing in OZ/NZ at all (well, the Kiwis can make their own call … but the guy should really be playing in Fiji teams and for Fiji).

On the other hand, if he needs the cash, then go to Europe. Veitokani cannot be poached—or at least I am assuming that it's neither desraible nor feasible—so him playing for the Reds can only make Australia's own (already weak) flyhalf stocks even weaker.



Arch Winning (36)
Alivereti Veitokani takes the NRC rising star award in a landslide, with Jock Campbell coming in second:


At least one of these two should be signed to fill our remaining backs squad spaces.

I believe it has been reported elsewhere on this forum that Campbell has signed for US' Major League Rugby. Unsure which team.

I think that either Duncan or Stewart can play FB, if Thorn continues to be too pig-headed to select Hunt there. Toua will also be back.

Naivalu would be great at the Reds, an upgrade on Daugunu defensively and with more to prove than Perese (signed NRL 2020). I see CFS as exclusively a centre, though happy to be proven wrong.

And 'Tahs have $0 in their cap to sign anybody