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Returns from injury

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Peter Johnson (47)
Faster, more agile, kicks from the hand better. More experienced, as good in defence. More versatile from the bench, some leadership value.

In short, yeah.

But he is arguably not as effective in a straight swap at 12 as finger would be > who plays a similar game to the man he would replace McCabe. Granted he can take the kicks if JOC (James O'Connor) go's down injured, but if JOC (James O'Connor) is on the wing then deans isnt going to sub giteau onto the wing anyway, it would require a whole backline reshuffle and I think he would chance his arm and have quade or kurtly take the kicks instead. Besides apart from that I dont really think he brings much to the team anymore, especially at 10.


Vay Wilson (31)
There's nothing more I hate than people thinking players are destined for the bench because they're impact players. What a joke.

I agree that if a player is the best in his position then he should start.
But once the starting XV are nutted out, I think it wise to select the bench based on their impact as opposed to injury cover (injury cover does play a part of course).

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
State preciousness prevails - but only in jest this time.

I'm for Moore to start based on the grinding down theory, but it may be academic because TPN will be short of a gallop anyway. Like many props who are yanked before oranges, I would rest Moore at 30 minutes and give TPN two bites of the cherry. Then at the 60 minute mark I would make a decision when to pull him off for Moore to have another go. TPN can't be substituted for tactical reasons so he has to be categorised as a permanent injury replacement- so a nice bit of cramp should be suffered by TPN.

The problem would be if Moore then gets injured, TPN, who has been permanently replaced, couldn't come back on, even for a blood bin. That would mean uncontested scrums which is a bummer, but it would mean also that a non-hooker would have to throw to the lineout.

Are there any referees around who can say if what I have written is right or wrong - I'm not sure. Please quote the law when doing so.


Peter Johnson (47)
Yeah that sounds like a decent plan. Betting on TPN getting injured at some point because you want to make a sub. Its sort of like taking an unbrella with you because you dont want it to rain.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Mitchell using a Clockwork Orange style approach to injury recovery...

Horror film steels Mitchell for World Cup bid
Jamie Pandaram
July 27, 2011

DREW MITCHELL was forced to watch the horrific leg injury he suffered in April numerous times in slow motion to overcome the psychological trauma as part of his bid to return for the World Cup.

Mitchell is squeamish by nature over such injuries, and it was difficult for him to watch his own ankle being broken and turned in the opposite direction after a collision with Queensland's Scott Higginbotham in round 10 of the Super Rugby season.

But a sports psychologist forced Mitchell to view the disturbing footage over and over to desensitise the star winger and allow him to return without fear of suffering an immediate recurrence.

''I didn't want to hold on to any stress or anxiety over the injury, I was quite open to anything that was potentially going to help me,'' Mitchell told the Herald.

''Sitting down and watching it in slow motion, which I simply couldn't do for the first couple of weeks, has really helped me. When it happened, I couldn't watch contact sport without thinking someone was going to do their knee.

''At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but after watching the clip over and over in slow motion it has maybe helped me overcome that psychological hurdle and helped me to progress.

''Every time I thought about it my stomach would turn, but now I can see it and I won't blink.''

Mitchell has made remarkable strides in his comeback bid after his World Cup dream seemed shattered as he writhed in agony at Suncorp Stadium. Despite stating two days after the injury that he could return for the tournament, few genuinely thought it possible.

Yet he has started running again and this week on the Gold Coast - where the Wallabies are holding a squad training camp - was able to complete drills where he stepped off both feet.

Mitchell has had screws removed from his ankle and is growing more optimistic about his chances of featuring in New Zealand.

''If I feel the ankle is solid and have trust in that, the confidence will be there,'' Mitchell said. ''If there is hesitation and doubt I will take that into my ball carries.

''I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think I could get back to my best, and it won't help my position in the team if I wasn't at my best.

''I don't want to be there to carry someone's bag.''

Mitchell will follow a strict rehabilitation plan, returning to Sydney on Friday to continue his running program. ''At first there was a bit of hesitation running, you think it's going to hurt a bit more than what it does,'' he said.

''I won't say I am running with perfect technique, but it's getting there. The more metres I get into that leg the better it'll be.''

Another Wallaby embarking on a remarkable injury comeback is prop Benn Robinson, who will fly into the training camp on Friday to have further checks on his knee after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament during training two weeks ago.

While ACL injuries ordinarily resign athletes to at least six months on the sideline, the state of Robinson's knee has meant he falls into a small portion of the population who can still function without the ligament.

While his hopes remain slim, Robinson has so far defied the odds and would be a highly valued scrummager for the World Cup.

With New Zealand facing South Africa in this weekend's Tri Nations match, the Wallabies are holding a string of exhaustive training sessions this week.

The squad will be cut from 40 to 24 and many players will return to play club rugby in Sydney this weekend. Those who remain on the Gold Coast will be given the weekend off and then train early next week before flying to Auckland for the opening Bledisloe Cup match on August 6.


Greg Davis (50)
For some reason, I've always associated the droogs from Clockwork Orange with the England rugby team.


Let's hope Drew's aversion therapy turns out better!


Phil Kearns (64)
Staff member
Yeah feel for Brown, but really he would be a dirt-track RWC player at best. He is behind McCalman, Samo, Higgers and Palu at 8 and Rocky, Higgers and McCalman at 6. He would only ever play for us if there was a hideous injury toll.


John Hipwell (52)
If Drew Mitchell's watching the video of his injury over and over again, would that help him get over the psychological scars or just make him more pissed off at Higginbotham.....lol


Chilla Wilson (44)
If Drew Mitchell's watching the video of his injury over and over again, would that help him get over the psychological scars or just make him more pissed off at Higginbotham.....lol

Haha, It's got to add insult to injury when Dingo let Higgers have a run on the wing. If Drew was one to hold a grudge he'd be spewing, luckily both are good blokes and know it was an accident.


John Hipwell (52)
Haha, It's got to add insult to injury when Dingo let Higgers have a run on the wing. If Drew was one to hold a grudge he'd be spewing, luckily both are good blokes and know it was an accident.

Bahahaha....Higgers grand masterplan is falling into place!!


Did I just see on the ABC 24 ticker news thing that Cliffy Palu has undergone knee surgery? It went by too fast.

Edit: yep

Wycliff Palu's Rugby World Cup hopes are on life support after the powerhouse Wallabies No.8's wretched injury run continued on the Gold Coast.

Palu "celebrated" his 29th birthday on Wednesday by undergoing a knee operation to remove floating cartilage which has hampered his fitness work in his rehabilitation from a cracked shoulder-blade.

He left the Wallabies' Tri-Nations training camp this week to have arthroscopic surgery in Sydney, further diminishing his chances of being selected in Australia's 30-man World Cup squad.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Any news on how long this keeps him out of training? I'd be preparing for the RWC minus Palu as he has fitness issues at the best of times.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
A Wallabies spokesperson stressed the operation was "minor" and would not extend Palu's time on the sidelines, with a comeback to be made at the end of the month - possibly for the Australian Barbarians against Canada on August 26.
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