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RWC: NZL v ARG (Wembley Stadium) Pool C

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Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)

Losing the collisions, losing the game.

Chubby old gimps in the front row, the rest of the forward pack looking spindly and anaemic.

Media princesses with perfumed quiffs all a-pompadoured for the press conference and media PR garbage, oh what a gaye olden time we are having here in ye olde Londone towne. The rugby? Today? Do we have to?
I hope these chunky argie stallions run out of puff soon oh shit theyve still got Leguizimon to come off the bloody bench



Stirling Mortlock (74)
I just hope Fiji doesn't ambush us.

Unlikely with their turnaround. The draw really sucks for us, I think we'll come out poorly. Boys will be so anxious watching all these games and then playing 3 days after it all.

Chris McCracken

Jim Clark (26)
Argies absolutely dominating the contact at times.

Sonny Bill looks like he could be dangerous if they don't hem him in, though.

Pumas really look up for it, though.


Tony Shaw (54)
Score please.
SBW on? Who is off?
No TV channel in Spain hotel so only news is the match thread.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
16-12 Argentina

53 mins gone.

Nonu off for SBW.
Skudder off for Barrett (fullback, Smith to wing)
Woodcock off for Crockett.
Franks off for Faumuina.


Tom Lawton (22)
Ref's explanation for not reversing that penalty that gave the Kiwis that try: "Swinging arms at opposition heads is only a penalisable offence if you don't have advantage!"

the plastic paddy

John Solomon (38)
Amazed no one has mentioned Carter kicking the Puma's try scorer in the head. That would be cited in the NH even though it wasn't deliberate, it was reckless, dangerous and your man has been concussed as a result.

Chris McCracken

Jim Clark (26)
Leguizamon has been a menace at the breakdown since he came on. Bringing him off the bench was a great plan.

Losing Senatore will be an issue for their breakdown work, though.

Sonny Bill has been the source of just about every break since he's been on, too. Much improved.
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