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Wallabies v Portugal, RWC Pool C, Mon 2 Oct 2.45AM

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John Thornett (49)


Allen Oxlade (6)
Who's talking about a huge win? The main purpose herr is survive. Winning means you mantain your #10 spot. You can be #14 or #15 if you lose against a semi professional teams with 5 French.
I am Australian born to Portuguese parents but of course my loyalties lie with the Wallabies and whilst I'll be super pissed in the unlikely scenario they will lose, a little bit of me would be happy for Portugal.

Just to correct you, not 5 but 10 of the Portuguese squad were born in France where they qualify via at least one parent being Portuguese. 4 of these had played for France at either u17, 18 or 20.

Many players in France of Portuguese heritage, choose not to play for Portugal - most notable (and do you blame him) being Morgan Parra who has a Portuguese Father and there are other players such as Thomas Laranjeira, the fullback for Brive who has Portuguese parents.

Love seeing the emergence of Portugal and hopefully this team has boosted the game in Portugal where of course football well and truly dominates.

The passion that they sung their National Anthem before the Georgia game was memorable - many countries including Australia could learn from this.
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Simon Poidevin (60)
Pretty sure Eddie saw me calling out Donaldson as pants about three years ago (a position, mind, that none of you fuck knuckles agreed with).

Anyway he's just selecting him to troll me.
His repaid your faith in him ..starting 10 for Australia at a world cup...you do know how to pick them..

It's actually EJ (Eddie Jones) is Actually @Dismal Pillock trolling you


Jim Lenehan (48)
At least Eddie can identify who are underperforming...

Kerevi underperfomanced, OUT
Philip underperformanced, OUT
Petaia underperformanced, OUT
Nice White underperformanced, OUT
Gordon underperformanced, OUT of the starting XV

And what about Porecki, Richie Arnold, Pone F? Well he may not have enough quality substitutes. I'd change the whole team if I had quality substitutes