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Western Force 2013

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Shiggins, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    Here are a list of WA Rep sides from this year. Ill highlight the players off the top of my head who i think are real stand outs and given the chance could look to make the step up.

    Force 'A'/ Perth Gold
    Hayden Baird
    Trent Vatseilas
    Anare Koliavu
    Joe Savage
    Conor Higgins
    Jake Ball
    Ryan Black
    Jarrett Budworth
    Tobias Hoskins
    Nick Lekkimlin
    Ryan Louwrens
    Nick Haining
    Ryan Hodson
    Ollie Hoskins
    Tyler Berry
    Richard Hardwick
    Wesley Roberts
    Harry Scoble
    Ethan Carlisle
    Brent Murphy
    Andy Finn
    Fionn McLoughlin
    Cian O'Connor
    Jeremy Smith
    Corey Thomas
    Richard Hardwick
    Nevin Mills
    Daniel Griffiths
    Ammon Matuato
    Kane Koteka
    Bradley Lacey
    Teava Te Rangi
    Chance Bunce
    Rhys Peakman
    AJ Smith
    Matthew Venter
    Juan Pretorius

    Perth KIWIDave Kara - Kala Fullback
    Benny Titoko - Neddies Wing
    Maia King – Palmyra Wing
    Vincent Solulu - Wests Wing
    Brendan Anderson - Baysie Wing
    Heremaia Te Aute - Wests Wing
    Shaun Tamehana - Baysie Centres
    Saula Fifita - Kala Centres
    Mike Lee - Baysie Centres
    Gray Gardiner - Kala 5/8
    Raa Wilson - Palmyra 5/8
    Marsh - Wests ½ back
    Isaac Naniseni - Rocky ½ back
    Pierre Roberts - Wests No.8 VICE-CAPTAIN
    Nathan Oakley - Palmyra Flank
    Phil Corliss Wests - Flank
    Jurrell Te Kahu - Baysie Flank
    Nikau Rangiwhetu - Kala Lock
    Salo Tutaia - Wanneroo Lock
    James Riddell - Palmyra Lock
    Kaisa Reidy - Cott Prop
    Travis Church - Neddies Prop
    Jake Smith - Wanneroo Prop
    Hamiora Tioke - Palmyra Prop CAPTAIN
    John Williams - Kala Prop
    Mason Pomare - Neddies Hooker
    Dean Rumble - Kala Hooker
    Fraser Smith - Palmyra Hooker

    The Force A team at the Start of the year destroyed an Australian Barbarians Team made up of Shute Shield First Grade players. The Force team did have 4 Force players Faulkner, Whittaker, Manu and Battye for the first half (all fring players you could say a the start of the year maybe not whittinker but he was coming back from injury) but after that it was all WA payers. This List doesnt include players who have already made the move because of lack of chances players like Cruse Ah-Nau Holmes Ect.

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  2. thierry dusautoir Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    i Heard genia's brother was over ther enow trying to get a contract. How has he been going? Much chop?
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  3. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    He is playing for Soaks along side Godwin and Turner. Before he Arrived they where 3/6 and now they are sitting second with 12/16. Not sure of the impact he has had but they are one of the comp favs. But from what I have been told don’t expect him to be part of the force next year. I guess big brother stuffed that up for him. But maybe if he can get a good enough combo going with Godwin who know what might happen.
  4. Shiggins Paul McLean (56)

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    I'm back :)

    What's Matt giteau up to? I believe this is his last year up there unless he has resigned.

    I don't think he is the answer at all. Just throwing it out there.
  5. Brumbies Guy John Solomon (38)

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    Isn't he out of pocket over $1M from his last stint with the Force from the Firepower deal? Doubt he'd go back especially now that he's settled in to family life on the French beaches.
  6. Nipper Ward Prentice (10)

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    More interested in his roommate over there, David Smith!
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  7. Shiggins Paul McLean (56)

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    David did say he would
    Come back. He was probably just being nice.
  8. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    He probably loves WA, but pleging to come back is an easy thing to say at the time without the benefit of reflection.

    Looking back he'd probably realise as a guy who can never play in NZ he'd be best to stay in Europe.
  9. Shiggins Paul McLean (56)

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    Alcock confirmed.
  10. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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  11. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Hmm, looks like Ben McCalman will be playing plenty of 2nd row this year.
  12. tigerland12 John Thornett (49)

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    Surley the backrow has to be Brown, Hodgson and McCalman?
  13. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    How often in the last couple of years have all three of those players been fit at the same time?

    Having four good backrowers isn't a bad idea.
  14. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    My personal opinion is the back 5 of the pack should be:

    4. Wykes/McCalman
    5. Lynn
    6. Brown
    7. Holmes
    8. Alcock

    Now that's not a perfect pack but it'd be suited to playing expansively with Lynn taking personal responsibility for line-outs.
  15. tigerland12 John Thornett (49)

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    I meant that in regards to McCalman playing lock. It significantly hinders the line-out if he plays there, because neither Brown or Hodgson are great jumpers, and McCalman is only average.
  16. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    who is Holmes?

    My forward pack would be

    1 Cowan
    2 Charles
    3 Manu (and no i dont mean Mafu)
    5 Lynn
    6 Cottrall
    7 Hodgeson
    8 McCaffrie

    16 Whittiker
    17 Faulkner
    18 McCalman
    19 Brown
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  17. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    True but there are workarounds.

    There are MANY professional teams with no business attempting attacking 7-man line-outs, but for some reason they all do it anyway. Seriously, if you worked hard on a 4-man lineouts there's all kinds of wacky bs you can pull off, you can even maul.

    Holmes is Hodgson. I'm quite prone to typos. You really wouldn't have Alcock in the 22?
  18. GaffaCHinO Greg Davis (50)

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    With Him here yes i would use him (not sure where or how but thats not uptp me). what i was more saying is that i think the spot could have been better used. 2 very good young guys coming through and Wykes can also cover 6. with limited spots in the squad i dont want to see us but all out eggs in the back row again.
  19. Forcefield Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Pick on form. We have two good options in each backrow position.

    The Force need another lock. A Wykes/Lynn second row wouldn't be hard enough.
  20. Waylon Banned

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    Brown is actually a vey good lineout option. During his best years a season or two back he was the regular jumper at 2 and was very tradesman-like

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