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World Rugby Sevens Caravan coming to Sydney

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Hugh Jarse, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. TOCC Guest

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    Apparently pressure from the local community and government officials over the behaviour of fans during and after the event.

    Seems very draconian and will probably undermine the future success of the tournament leg

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  2. p.Tah John Thornett (49)

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    I'd move it to another stadium. Wembly?

    How dare people have fun.
  3. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Back to Edinburgh.
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  4. Omar Comin' Chilla Wilson (44)

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    I think they're going to kill the event like the Wellington fun police have done there. The Saturday in London has been sold out for the last 2 or 3 years after a steady build up in support before that (and starting from a pretty low base). I was there in 2014 and it was great. If the pressure from the Twickenham community is so strong they should just move it to a different stadium in London, or god forbid somewhere else in England.
  5. qwerty51 George Gregan (70)

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    Auck 9s is only on Fox right? The ratings will be very interesting. Should be on at exactly the same time.
  6. Jezza Bob McCowan (2)

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    Absolutely brilliant event! We braved the 2 days and took our kids both days, and the whole event exceeded our expectations. The 15's and test organisers could learn a few things..
    Having the event so spread out meant that you could take your time getting there, getting in, getting food and drink etc. The outlets were (just) able to cope. But also the chance to get up close and personal with the players and teams from all of the other countries was just amazing - there was plenty of opportunities for the kids (and grown ups!) to get autographs, selfies, and even just chat to all of the players and ex-players.
    The Kids zones were also a great way for the kids to let off some steam and wander about in a pretty safe and very entertaining environment. We had no worries staying in our seats in the stadium whilst the kids got out and played in the kids areas.
    The first day in the stadium seemed to be skewed towards entertainment, and the seconds day had a slightly more serious rugby view. But only just! The effort that people put into getting dressed up was outstanding. After wearing their club rugby jerseys on Saturday, the kids decided to go the next day dressed as a hotdog and Mexican respectively!
    Nice to see that the rugby can organise the Veronicas and HoodoGurus as match day entertainment! Seriously! That was just incredible.
    The quality of the rugby was amazing, and it was great to see not just the normal sevens teams, but also the Sydney Club rugby 7's final (nice win by the Wicks), the Bondi 10's final, and the awesome Aussie girls 7's team take on Ireland. Why, oh why, oh why cant some of these be shown as curtain raisers during the day for Sydney night tests.?
    Highlights of the days - The Aussie team exceeding expectations and coming close to knocking off the Kiwis. The Fijians who outnumbered any other supporters over the weekend. The Aussie fans making it sound like it was a home ground (I havent heard that since the Super 15 final a few years ago!)The costumes of the fans. The Vibe. We will be booking tickets for next year as soon as they go on sale.
    Lowlights - Can someone tell the pig ignorant overweight facially tattoo'ed Kiwi fans it is NOT alright to boo, jeer, and abuse Quade Cooper from the safe anonymity of the grandstand when he is walking past the crowd on the field? That's makes you look and sound like chickenshit, and you should get over it. No other player, from any other team, attracted any of this crap from anyone - not even Dollar Bill Williams. You have plenty of chances to do it one-on-one at the sevens when the players mingle with fans - so just shut your fat mouths - or stuff in a few more hot chups. If there was a way to get these "fans" visas/day release forms cancelled, we should do it. We only saw one blue in the crowd, and it was between two middle aged Fiji fans. The coppers sorted it out pretty quick.
    Anyhow, thats enough from me. Indeed the caravan came to town, make sure you get on board next year!
  7. Jezza Bob McCowan (2)

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    Oh Dear. So "the big end of town" want to tear down the SFS and build a 55,000 seater in its place.
    After a spectacular inaugural Sydney 7's at Moore Park, this will obviously mean a shift to Olympic Park. May as well draw the white screen around the event and put a bullet through its heart now. While you are at it, kill off all the family members, tear down the houses, and plough the fields with salt. Burn the bridges and poison the wells.
    Just double the number of pie warmers and extend the piss troughs at the current venue for Gods sake!
    Maybe put some PortaLoos and Food Trucks along Driver Avenue, which is already closed to traffic!
    It's not rocket science!
  8. matty_k Peter Johnson (47)

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    Not exactly. At the moment they want to build on Kippax and the lake and then demolish the SFS.
  9. Jezza Bob McCowan (2)

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    So basically move the stadium 100 feet to the West? Hmmmmm.
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    There won't be any trees there soon. The Light Rail project is taking care of them.

    That eyesore of a bridge over ANZAC Parade will probably need to be shifted as well.

    I wonder if this is a sign of the Government's commitment to grow sport in Sydney's West.
  11. Jezza Bob McCowan (2)

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    True. You cant have any trees near a Light Rail System, but you can have a 55,000 capacity white elephant. With pissed idiots wandering all over the tracks before and after games...
    In fact, why not shift the bridge 100 feet to the North (and put it where it should have friggin been) as a show of commitment to the traditional North Shore rugby fan base?
  12. TOCC Guest

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    I live within walking distance of the stadium, so don't take this as a NIMBY comment, but the current location isn't suitable for anything larger then what's currently there.

    All the major stadiums in the world sit on top or adjacent to major PT systems, Moore Park doesn't, yes the light rail will improve things but the light-rail still has capacity constraints and limited routes which will limit its ability to effectively service the SFS.

    If the government is willing to spend a motza knocking the stadium down and building a new one, i reckon they should just look to build a new stadium elsewhere. There is a new development proposed which will straddle the stabling yards at Central Station, this is the kind of locality where you want a major stadium. Build a new 55'000 capacity rectangular stadium central to the city and adjacent to a major PT route and all accessibility issues disappear.

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  13. TOCC Guest

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    See below for the site i was talking about, also i acknowledge that some people deem the walk from Central to Moore Park as been accessible and not that bad, but the reality is that 2.4km is a sizeable distance and far outside the planning distance used when determining accessibility to PT.

    800m is the standard planning distance used in NSW and in most western countries for determining 'walk up' distance to PT, depending on the mode of transport this can vary slightly with people walking less distance for busses and people prepared to walk longer distances for trains, but 2.4km well exceed this planning distance.

    Shuttle busses do bridge the gap somewhat, but are a bandaid solution and still not as efficient or effective at moving large quantities of passengers or rapid dis/embarkation as rail is.
  14. p.Tah John Thornett (49)

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    I do like the idea of a stadium at Central station
  15. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Funny - I live in paddington and all I saw were a few blokes in nun's habits, some parking police and people having fun.
  16. Antony Alex Ross (28)

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    He was talking about the London 7s, not the Sydney 7s. Although I am worried that the NSW Government (with its opposition to anything fun) is going to try and crack down on this. Some of the police comments afterwards about having to kick out ~80 people each day weren't encouraging.
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  17. TOCC Guest

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    Yes it was in reference to the London 7's..

    As long as Sevens fans remained better behaved then the Wanderers fans there shouldn't be an issue.

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  18. barbarian Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    That's very unlikely. NSW Government putting big $$$ behind it, so doubt they will pull the pin. Only one complaint received, by an old bird who did an interview on Sydney AM radio about it. She's a Paddington resident and made it sound like the suburb turned into downtown Kabul for the afternoon, but the lack of any other complaints makes her look a bit hysterical.

    You can see how it could get out of hand, with big crowds ducking in and out to get cheaper/higher strength piss. But it was all managed well.

    Key is to get the in-ground experience so good that people don't want to leave.
  19. waiopehu oldboy David Wilson (68)

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    Don't you just love the people who choose to move in adjacent to a major sporting venue then whinge about how horrible it is living adjacent to a major sporting venue?

    I used to live ~2km from Athletic Park & it seemed like the local residents association were always trying to find new ways to restrict the frequency & duration of events there. I'm guessing they're probably now banging on about all the mobility scooters coming & going from the retirement village that's now sited there :)

    Different story if a brand-spanking stadium were to be built in the middle of a residential area but I doubt that happens much these days, too much NIMBY drama to contend with so better to find some spare industrial land or an unused part of the local railway or port.
  20. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    The NIMBY virus is alive and thriving up here in the beautiful Blue Mountains: at this late stage the local rag (run by a Labor sympathiser) is running a campaign to stop the planned Badgerys Creek Airport, can't have a flight path 10,000ft above the BM, 20km is too close, etc. And the Labor-dominated council's picked up the ball and ran with it.

    Only some 40 years too late.

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