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QLD Premier Rugby 2015

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Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Greene's kicking should benefit the Reds.

T12, the last time I recall I relatively strong GC/BU side was in 2009 when they made the semi finals, only to be beaten by 30 odd points by a strong Easts side. Coincidentally, that strong Easts' side met a butchered striped wall the following week and the result didn't go their way.

Red Heavy

Billy Sheehan (19)
I'd suggest Mick Heenan, except I'm not sure he'd accept the stress and pay cut. His record is extraordinary.

If my sources (and parts of my memory) are to be trusted, his teams have only ever missed the finals once in his whole coaching career, spanning colts and grades - Uni in 2009 in his first year at the club. That year Uni finished 5th (on for & against) but had come from wooden spoon (or close to) the year before. Won the comp in 2010, 2012 and 2014, minor premiers in 2011 in what will go down as one of the hardest years in the club's history.
Couldn't agree more Cat.
Taking a team from last to first in 2 seasons using essentially the same players is a sign of a great coach. To then be able to stay around the top of the bunch over a long period of time proves it.


Peter Johnson (47)
Congratulations to Sam Greene on making the Reds 23 this weekend. No ill will from this doggy fan.

I know it sucks to see guys like Sam Greene/Sef Faagase go onto greater honours at a different club but you still gotta be proud of them knowing they paved their trade down at Sylvan Road.


Frank Row (1)
Seeing as it's throwback Thursday I thought I would analyse nenenoah's post (as shown below) predicting the young gun's to watch out for this year.

Souths: Nigel Tanuvasa - Not too sure where he is playing his rugby this year. I think he may be injured?
GPS: Dylan Sikimeti - Made the switch to Norths, regular premier grade starter when available, also played very well in the Qld u20's competition. Nice choice.
Campbell Magnay - Yep. Nenenoah you were on the money for this one, few starts for the Queensland Reds, has racked up several caps this year and will feature in the Australian u20's, great selection for this list.
Easts: Michael Gunn - Made his reds debut, one of Easts premier grades best players week-in week-out will be a key feature in the Australian u20's, well done again.
Wests: Alec Fontavalo - Your prediction was correct, a few starts and plenty of time off the bench.
Bronson Taukipulu - Seems to be stuck in the colts team at Wests but still a good player and is in a class above most colts. I've heard he's received a bit of game time for premier grade off the bench
Bond: Douglas McMillan - Plagued by injury, he has started for Bond Premier Grade when available.
Norths: Garrath Ryan - Heard he played really well in the Queensland 20's, starting premier grade every week, nice prediction nenenoah.
Patrick Fortescue - Heard he is another plagued by injury after a promising start to the season with a few trials in premier grade.
UQ: Adam Korczyk - Aus u20's standout player, started for the reds a few weeks ago. Need I say more?
James Dalgleish - Australian u20's and constant premier grade starter, great choice again nenenoah
Phil Potgeiter - Constant premier grade starter
Hayden Russell - Recently has been playing premier grade , and playing exceptional footy every week.
Sunnybank: Conrad Quick - Australian u20's and killing it, also playing really well for Sunnybank at club level.. good prediction nenenoah
Brothers: Henry Fitzgerald - Injury plagued this season, think he has just started to make his come back
Patrick James - 'Unfortunately has been competing with sam greene all year but has made a few starts.

Overall nenenoah.. i rate you predictions a 8.5/10 well done mate.

Colts to Grade Players to look out for in 2015.

Souths: Nigel Tanuvasa - After breaking into premier grade midway through last season and playing great rugby, he will find himself a definite starter at 12 for Souths this year.
GPS: Dylan Sikimeti - Back at GPS for 2015, looking to start and will play plenty of Rugby off the bench for premier grade.
Campbell Magnay - 'Big Red' has tough opposition for a starting spot as GPS centre, however he is simply well above a colts level and his Reds training should see him as a permanent starter in premier grade.
Easts: Michael Gunn - No surprises here will probably miss out on the Reds starting 23 for most of the season however, he is looking fit and thick and ready to play a strong season for Easts Premier Grade. Definite starter.
Wests: Alec Fontavalo - Played a lot of 7's over the offseason and is relatively fit, size is not on his side but he is an exceptional rugby player and should receive game time off the bench at Wests.
Bronson Taukipulu - Altho still a colt, his training with Reds 20's has seen him fitter then previous offseasons and should receive plenty of game time off the bench.
Bond: Douglas McMillan - Had a quiet year in 2014, and word is he is bigger and stronger and wanting to take premier grade by storm, with a strong push from bond management, should be a starter.
Norths: Garrath Ryan - Looking much stronger physically with his 20's training. Fittest prop going around, and was a permanent starter for Norths last year and will retain his spot as he was arguebly one of the standout props in premier grade.
Patrick Fortescue - Straight from colts and word from the nest is he is looking more sizier and fitter then ever, back playing 7 or 6. Should be a definite bench player if he doesn't work his way into the starting premier grade side.
UQ: Adam Korczyk - After a couple of years of on and off starting in premier grade, he is looking like an absolute man. His size and pure aggression will see him starting to dominate the Premier Grade scene. Bench for Reds is more than possible for Adam.
James Dalgleish - Will continue to string Uni's premier grade backline together and will find himself a permanent starter outside Pincus this year. Too much talent to sit in Reserve Grade.
Phil Potgeiter - 20's training has Phil in great shape, and he is hungry for another season at the Red Heavies. Will probably spend most of his time on the bench due to Uni's massive depth but nevertheless a few injuries could see him frequently in Premier Grade
Hayden Russell - Unfortunately for Hayden he is as good as they come for big, hard centres, yet will struggle to play premier grade being overshadowed by the exceptional James Dalgleish. A definite bench player for premier grade and potential starter again with injuries
Sunnybank: Conrad Quick - Will find himself starting in premier grade more and more as he gets older. Size also is not on Conrad's side but he makes up for it in sheer power.
Brothers: Henry Fitzgerald - Freakish flanker, can do anything you ask of him. Will definitely see game time in premier grade.
Patrick James - 'Sticksy' is the thinnest rugby Player, but unbelievable at tackling, breaking the line, and using players outside him. Brothers have great depth already in this position but word is, at training Sticksy has been putting his hand up and been involved in absolutely everything. Hopefully will see plenty of game time 2015.

My predictions on the players too lookout for in 2015 who will be leaving the Colts bracket. Lets see how right these predictions hold up in 6 months time .. Goodluck


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Brothers v Wests – Game of the Round – LIVE stream via Reds TV at www.redsrugby.com.au
Location: Roma Echidnas Rugby Club

Brothers: Tom Moloney, Matt Mafi, Taniela Tupou, Terrin Walls, Ben Hyne, Charlie Freney, Luke Beauchamp, Criff Tupou, Angus Fowler, Clynton Knox, Sam Hyne, Nathanuel Gendle, Giles Beveridge, Mitch Felsman, Pierce Fitzgerald
Coach: Anthony Mathison

Wests: Sione Na’a Helu, Mick Lee, Jake Newell, Tom Holliday, Harry Struss, Jeremiah Lynch, Fraser Donaldson, Rhett Cope, Tim Smith, Andrew Turner, Jack Pinchin, Devyn Smith, Tyrone Lefau, George Kepa-Morseu, Luke Ferry
Coach: Pat Byron

Easts v Norths – Griffth BLK Queensland Premier Rugby Radio show coverage
Location: David Wilson Field

Easts: AJ Campbell, Sam Richards, Josef Horomia, James Moore, Greg Riley, Tyrell Barker, Tom Milosevic, James Sua, Jack Mullins, Johnny Wilder, Matt Brandon, Matt Gordon, Toby White, Joel Faulkner, Elliot Hagen
Coach: Tim Sampson

Norths: Garrath Ryan, Bart Ritchie, Gerrard Bell, Roberts Puil'uvea, Andy Weaver, Api Naiyobo, Nathan Keating-Jones, Dan Crichton, Sean Minehan, Logan Tibbets, Craig Hunt, Siaosi Lealiifano, Tonga Hopoi, Veresa Mataitini, Sam Satui
Coach: Nick Fogarty

Bond University v University of Queensland
Location: Bond University RFC

Bond: Sam Clifton, Nick Turner, Will Slipper, Rubin Fuimaono, Sam Fattal, Cam Bracewell, Jaye Paton, Josh Fuimaono, Vinnie Quigley, Vitori Buatava, Yuga Hyakutake, Sean Fletcher, Brad Jones, Adam Gauder, Sam Cox
Coach: Sean Hedger

University: Reuben Leilua, Campbell Wakely, Sef Fa'agase, Thomas Vaessen, Phil Potgieter, Jay Adkins, Conor Mitchell, Jack de Guingand, Moses Sorovi, Ed Gibson, Clifton Setu, Tom Pincus, Harry Parker, Gareth Kalell, Jamie-Jerry Taulagi
Coach: Mick Heenan

Souths v Sunnybank
Location: Chipsy Wood Oval

Souths: Markus Vanzati, Maille Ngaumo, David Faeo, Matt Bennetts, Owen Jones, Jimmy Turner, Beau Robinson, Jonathan Kalauta, Scott Malolua, Teti Tela, Kalavite Kaloni, Paul Brown, Stephan Van Der Walt, Mika Tela, Andy Muirhead
Coach: Brett Picone

Sunnybank: Haydn Hirsimaki, Shane Tasi, Feao Fotuaika, Andrew Gentles, Brendan Mitchell, George Blomfield, Chazz Mahina, Jeffrey Fa’amausili, Sean O'Connor, Mitchell Third, Junior Laloifi, Henry Taefu, Rex Tapuai, Joshua Edmond, Matthew Feaunati
Coach: Rod Seib

Tigers Tale

Red Heavy that looks like a more formidable pack with Sef, Mitchell & JDG.

Will it be good enough to get a win at Bond tomorrow?

Bond are a tenacious opponent and at home they might be good enough to knock over your blokes.

Bond at home in 2015 is a much tougher road trip than in previous years - didn't Uni or GPS lose to Bond at Bond in 2014?

Great to see Cox & Fattal contributing so whole heartedly to Bond's cause, they would be welcome back at Tigerland anyday.

Tigers Tale

Jets do you know when James Sua played his last Premier Grade game for Sunnybank?

I see he is relacing Elias Power at #8 for the Tigers this weekend. Power will be disappointed to miss the clash with one of his former clubs.

TGB - got some of what you were after with your game plan - no Paraka, Ready or Sanday this weekend but the Easts scrum did well against your guys in round 1 so it will be good to see AJ & Josef at work tomorrow. And Sam Richards has held his own when filling in for Ready this year - remember Sam is still only 20/21.

I thinks there are only 3 survivors from the 2011 loss to Norths playing tomorrow: Riley, Mullins & White.


Paul McLean (56)
Staff member
Around 2010 I think TT. He's been running around for Logan so he's still in good shape. I used to see him as he coaches a junior team that my son played against. They were very well drilled.

Good to see him back in the Premier comp, would be a big loss to Logan.

Tigers Tale

I think Sampson & Connellan are happy to have Sua around Tigerland.

The Easts backrow - Milo, Barker & Power have been going really well, but great to be able to call someone like Sua in as a replacement.

Then what happens if/when Gunn, Quirke & Wilken return to Bottomley?

Quirke is still a week or two away apparently, would be nice to get 30/40 minutes from him v GPS & Uni.

If Easts can consolidate their position with wins over the next month v Norths, GPS, bye & Uni they will be nicely placed by round 13 to take up the challenge of Bros, Snbk & Bond in rounds 16-18.

Having said that there are no certainties in this comp.

Tigers Tale

Filth & SX - what happens to your Prem Res sides this weekend do they loose half a side to be reserves in Roma?


John Thornett (49)
Massive result with Souths thrashing Sunnybank.

Is that 3 losses in a row for the Dragons (or 3 from 4)? Easts and the Varsity teams will be pleased by that result.

Tigers won a pretty low energy game against Norths. Without being too disrespectful to Norths, it felt like their poor handling and lack of structure made it too easy for Easts, who were well below their best, yet still raised the bat with a half century.

It was good to give some Premier Colts & Reserve Grade fringe players a run in the last 20min. It will bode well should injuries strike (touch wood). The Premier Colts lock who came on was an absolute monster, he would have been at least 6'6.

Tigers Tale

You have to give respect to those guys in the traditional Teachers-Norths jersey they have copped cricket scores for the last 5/6 starts yet they keep fronting up and giving a shot. The tide will turn at some point and it will be very satisfying for all from Courtney Oval.

Tigers Tale

Table after today
Easts 38
Uni 33
Snbk 31
Bros 31
Bond 28
Sths 22

Well done to the Filth who now sit in the top 4.

Significantly from an Easts perspective they are nearly 2 wins ahead of 3rd, but still lots of the season to play out.
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