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QLD Premier Rugby 2015

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Allen Oxlade (6)
As far as I am aware, the standings are not shown anywhere..

Premier Reserve PColts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th C1 C2 W Total
University 33 23 44 30 29 24 7 34 37 22 283
Sunnybank 31 26 36 27 14 5 0 39 38 39 255
Brothers 31 40 31 30 36 12 0 32 29 0 241
Easts 38 25 27 17 24 13 26 26 20 0 216
GPS 12 22 28 15 22 20 17 16 23 21 196
Souths 22 8 5 33 30 24 0 5 0 0 127
Bond 28 37 16 0 0 0 0 30 0 0 111
Norths 5 5 6 0 29 0 0 14 0 28 87
Wests 9 5 5 26 8 11 15 -3 0 0 76
Logan 0 0 0 16 -4 0 0 0 25 -3 34

The above shows that Doughty rewards Clubs that have representation across all 10 competitions that go toward the Shield.

University and GPS are the only two clubs with such representation.
Sunnybank and Easts represented in 9.
Brothers and Wests in 8.
Souths in 7.
Norths in 6.
Bond and Logan in 4.

Where Clubs have two teams within the same competition (Easts in Colts 2, University in Colts 2 and 4th Grade), Doughty Shield points are allocated as per their highest team in that competition.

So, University runs out 12 teams across 10 competitions, whilst Easts run out 10 teams across 9 competitions and GPS trot out 10 teams across all 10 comps.

Unfortunately it also highlights that Wests are a club in a spot of bother. A shame for a club with such strong heritage and a strong junior club. They have representation across 8 competitions, yet are languishing behind clubs with lesser numbers.

Tigers Tale

Big Dog do you know the last time GPS beat Easts?

It was the corresponding game in round 12 of 2013 at Yoku Rd.

On that day it was a 38-33 win to the Gallopers, and the Easts side's last defeat in 2013 as they went through the remaining 7 games undefeated (6 wins & a draw) including Major Semi & Grand Final wins over GPS.

So on that basis your boys are due for a win.

It was a 26 all draw at Yoku Rd in 2014.

If you need a recap of 2013 watch this little QRU piece:



Ted Fahey (11)
Yeah it is tough. I'm not going to sugar coat it.

When you have 35-38 guys turn up on a turn up on a Tuesday, you pick what you can from there.

15-16 for Prems
15 for Res grade
The remaining 4-7 guys are 1st grade for the week.
(training with Res grade on Tues then mix in with 2nds on Thurs)

Cant really work on anything with those guys, just do some drills, fill in some gaps in the other teams, and try and keep their interest up.

The 2nds only train on Thurs, and even then, they also struggle for numbers at times. The 15 guys that train on a Thurs for 2nds also aren't necessarily the same 15 that run out on Sat morning.

So the 2nds work on what they can, Prems & Res also work on what they can with a full compliment, and 1st grade is sort of stuck in the middle.

The boys that are turning up week in and week out for our 1st grade side, need a medal in my opinion. They are true club men. This small group of guys are getting bashed physically and emotionally, and will still be there on Tues at 6pm ready to go another round.

I'm not posting this for sympathy or to hear "poor Norths" etc. just to state the reality. Provide some transparency.

Now - look out Uni!!!

Great to read this, but also bitterly disappointing at the same time.

Those bloody, Mosman, private school, pencil pushers at the ARU, need to get out of their long lunches at Rockpool and spend some time at training on a Tuesday night at Norths and Saturday mornings at Logan City watching the Under 10s.

That's the heart and soul of the game, not sitting in the Waratahs box at Allianz Stadium, comparing leather elbow patches and Hunter Valley Shiraz varietals.

If somebody had half a brain at the ARU they would understand that the grassroots of rugby is a marketers dream. Whacking your brand on a stadium for 10 years for $20M is a stupid concept and the sooner the ARU developed a program that took this type of investment from brands and tipped it into the game to reduce player registration, the better off the game will be.

I for one wouldn't mind an Emirates logo on my sons Under 10 jersey, or getting offered a cheap flight while I am slugging down a burnt sausage in Home Brand Bread on a Saturday morning!

Go The Eagles! and any other club with people who are supporting our game (without any bloody help from the ARU).

Billy Pulver is probably too busy booking his room at The Savoy in London for the World Cup to give a lolly bag!

Tigers Tale

Filth & Jets - I am just being consistent last week I posted some images of the 2011 Easts v Norths clash - which was the most significant game between the two clubs in recent history.

And I tried to do the same with Easts v GPS and the most significant recent game between the two clubs was in fact the 2013 GF.

Look I would be happy to post images of a GPS win but they haven't tasted victory over the Tigers since 2013 - maybe they will fix that this Saturday and the Big Dog can post a photo of the score board?

(Unfortunately Filth, I haven't been able to find footage of the 2008 GF - I am sure its on "Brendan McKibbin's greatest moments in Rugby when I didn't come off the bench video"!!! I believe there is a series of them - Sean Hardman has one and the Water Boy is working on one for Sam Greene)!!!

Tigers Tale

This is the image of Simon Moore blowing that penalty on full time in the 2015, round 2 match.

Now what's more interesting? (pardon the pun)


  • Easts v GPS rnd2 2015.docx
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thierry dusautoir

Alan Cameron (40)
TrainerGB, where has Sikimeti & Perez been lately?

Those two were integral to the early season win over Souths. Hopefully not long injury layoffs as I feel those two with Ryan and Ritchie will be key contributors to Norths rebuilding.

Corne Uyc

Chris McKivat (8)
My GPS friends any early thoughts for the first round of the Dammers Redemption Cup this Saturday v the Tigers?
Dammers Redemption will be as shaky as the first part of the season. Can't see GPS getting close. Tigers are just getting stronger and closing out games better than anyone in the comp.
The question should be who will they beat in round two. Might just be Wests and Norths again on current form. There's nothing to suggest a resurgence.
Bank seem to have dropped their bundle but should be back. Keep an eye on Bond. The quiet achievers. Filth should win a couple more if they can close out the tight finishes.


Ward Prentice (10)
TD, Alex Perez will be back on deck this week after a few weeks off with a knee injury.

Dylan Sikimeti inured his knee quite badly either in the Souths game or the following training session and has been out ever since.
I think he is actually heading overseas now and is unfortunately unlikely to pull on the Norths strip this year again.

Sent from my mind......

Tigers Tale

Regardless of what happens for the rest of the season the Sampson/Connellan combination at the Tigers would have to be close to the best coaching combination in QPR15. They have taken a line-up that not many rated at the beginning of the season to the top of the table after 10 rounds.

It's no wonder that Easts know how to close out a game with Sampson at the helm (& the experience of the #9 & #10) and the strength of the forwards has to be linked to Connellan because they are not just doing it when Ready, Paraka, Sanday & Gunn are there but they're doing it week in week out no matter who is in the 8.

I just hope it continues this Saturday @ Yoku.

I would like to see Quirkie get a run at Yoku but its still in the hands of the QRU medicos apparently - it must be getting close though. He'd be handy for a cameo against Uni in two weeks after the bye.

Easts host their ladies day when they play Uni so there should be a large and knowledgeable crowd present on the day!!


John Thornett (49)
How many games are required for a player to be eligble for the finals?

I'm just thinking the likes of Quirk, Turner (Easts), Kuridrani, Frisby, Kotze (GPS), Korzyk, JJ Taulagi,McDuling (University), Tapuai (Sunnybank), F-Sautia (Souths), plus all the Australian U20's.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
From the competition rules:

33.2 Finals series player eligibility Management Committee requirements for players to be eligible to participate in the finals.
(a) A player must have been properly registered with the club no later than six (6) weeks prior to the commencement of the finals. This specifically and strictly applies to Contracted Players.
(b) All ARU / QRU and ARU Sevens contracted players are eligible provided they comply strictly with the previous requirement.
(c) All non-contracted players must have played in at least one third (1/3) of the separate fixture rounds with the club in any grade in any QRU affiliated competition

So all Reds players and 7s players can play finals regardless of matches played. Not so clear on the Under 20s guys.

Tigers Tale

T12 - Reds/U20s automatically qualify, so all those above plus Gill, Hanson, Hunt, JOC (James O'Connor), etc would be eligible for finals footy. I wouldn't be worrying about those coming back to GPS as they won't be required for finals footy.

The issue is that they are associated with the QRU because in 2013 Bryce Hegarty returned from the Rebels and played a few games for GPS and the Gallopers tried to get him cleared to play in the finals but the QRU disqualified him.

I think the magic numbers of game is 6.

I wonder whether Aust 7s players like Wilkin, Malouf, Lucas, etc would qualify or whether they would fall into the same category as Hegarty?

Wilkin might be ok because I think he played Qld U20s this year unless he was injured. The QRU certainly claim him as a Queenslander when they talk of the number of Qlders in the Aust U20s.


Arch Winning (36)
I don't understand your confusion TT - it's covered in 33.2 (b) - ARU/QRU and ARU Sevens contracted players - as long as they're registered 6 weeks before the commencement of the finals they're eligible to play.

It's up to clubs to ensure that they are registered 6 weeks out if they think they're in the finals hunt and the player will be needed, but they don't have to play any games before then.

Hegarty's issue, if it were to come up again, is that he was contracted to an ARU/VRU team - the rules say now ARU/QRU and Australian 7s.


Tigers Tale

Cat_A part of what you say is correct in regards being registered with the QRU rather than the VRU or any other Australian Province.

As for "the bloke who ran out the tee" who are you referring to? - because my recollection was that Ed Quirke, Aiden Toua and David Lucas ran out the tee in the 2013 GF and I don't think they sat on the panel which decided the Hegarty matter.

I think unless you substantiate this claim I think you should take down that post because it is slanderous.

The QRU made the correct decision regarding Hegarty otherwise we could have the situation where clubs fly in players from all over Aust/World to play in the QPR finals. It would be like Easts flying back Toua/Seuteni/Placid/Butler this year to play in the finals - it wouldn't be right.
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