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Scotland vs Australia - Murrayfield, 8 Nov 1:15AM AEDT

Kenny Powers

Alex Ross (28)
Hope the TMO is retiring as well some shocking decisions.
Looking forward to Tate coming on and sniping, White just a bit too indecisive like he was against Japan.


Charlie Fox (21)
Some poor decision making and execution particularly in the last quarter of the game. Needed cooler heads to prevail today.


Petaia is a liability. Made of glass. Beale added nothing and most pundits said as much. As soon as we lost Taniela our scrum was cooked until Skelton came on (and 7As (Allan Ala'alatoa) was out of the bin). JOC (James O'Connor) was far too deep and while some moments of brilliance in the backs, Wright giving away an easy penalty being a prat, speaks volumes for the senior leadership team not whipping the younger guys into shape.
White should have been hooked sooner, Samu doesn’t add anything if he can’t spend time on the pitch.
Ikitau was good, Paisami was ok, Kelaway looked quality.

Poite tho. Just looked uninterested in the game.

The Scot’s were good but damn they’re annoying whiny bitches. Hogg is a soccer player as previously seen and a dirty one at that.


Syd Malcolm (24)
Paisami gave away 2 penalties when we were about to score, combined with the Hooper no try left 15-21 points out there with poor discipline


Herbert Moran (7)
A game of a lot of exuberance but at times, at the expense of thought and execution.
Both sides sometimes prioritised a small physical win over the tackler, at the expense of the larger picture of positioning and fluidity.

At times, this exuberance translated to complete stupidity. Zander Fagerson, deep in the aussie 22, gives away an absolutely brainless penalty needlessly throwing himself into the ruck. Then Tom Wright gives up 40m tangling with Hogg on the sideline - the Scots were covered by a reasonable defensive line.

I assume the Aussies on this board will have a lot to say about the Wallabies, in particular the scrum.
For the Scots, they are missing some frontline players, and some of their stars looked completely off tonight - Stuart Hogg, so many times a saviour, was poor, and Finn Russell, at his best a magical orchestrator, was loose and lackadiscial. Ali Price, a Lion no less, had such a defeatist attitude, often trying to milk penalties while his team had front foot ball. Shocking decision making at times as well from the 9. Van Der Merwe was average, and was technically very poor with only Nic White to beat - what were you thinking jumping into the tackle? D'arcy Graham was good, while it reamins to be seen how well Kyle Stein goes against better opposition.

The Scots will be pleased with the second row of Gilchrist and Skinner - excellent. Watson was his usual pinball self. Matt Fagerson was robust at times but really lacks rugby IQ. Jamie Ritchie is a decent player, but as a decision maker and captain, not up to mark. Schoeman, for all the fanfare, looked cumbersome. Reserve hooker Ashman had a reasonably good debut.

Scotland was very messy today. At the highest end of the skill spectrum, their players were off. But a win against a Wallaby team is a big deal, and they will enjoy today.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Big poor plays all round.
Wright and that bloody penalty and a lazy chase costing us a 50-22
Ikitau with some loose offloads including a very dumb one early from the first intercept. Paisami’s early defence was poor as he went for hits instead of tackles and the dumb clear out penalty (the rolling penalty shouldn’t have been)
JOC (James O'Connor) didn’t control the game at all. Barely made an impact and that missed penalty kick for line was crucial.
Perese effective but over enthusiastic. He’s not carrying the Waratahs so doesn’t have to do it all.
Beale basically giving himself up by lifting his legs in that tackle. Dumb. He did look very sharp ball in hand though

Forwards were largely very good. Valetini the quietest game all season.
Hooper fantastic while Leota was great.
Rodda is getting better every test and was a weapon in the line out.
Arnold was impactful. Did what we wanted. Skelton less so.
FF (Folau Fainga'a) was terrific too. Again, lineout was spot on.
A debacle for the props. Slipper toiled manfully but was played early on. AAA yellow deserved unfortunately. It did look like he lined him up. Tupou had a great cameo. All too short.

Kellaway looked very solid at 15. He can stay.
England next week looks increasingly hard.


Bob Davidson (42)
Back to the old ways of not converting our opportunities into points. JOC (James O'Connor) missed penalty, scrum penalty against Slipper, Paisami clean out, Paisami extra roll, 7As (Allan Ala'alatoa) yellow causing the Hooper no try all in the first half.

Scotland's first try was an obstruction no doubt in my mind.

It could have been 24-0 at halftime but we shit the bed majorly.


Watty Friend (18)
Rough ending, but I'm feeling positive. We had a lot of injuries (+ new combinations) that cost us some cohesion in attack. Losing Tupou also really screwed up our scrum.

Biggest worry is first and foremost our lack of a #10 outside of Quade. JOC (James O'Connor)'s fine but lacks the ability to organise our attack in the same way.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Well, what a game that... *Pweeeeep*. Sorry. As I was saying, an intere... *Pweeeeep*. Ahem, the wallab.... *Pweeeeep* maybe if I'm allowed to just fini.... *Pweeeeep*

Has there ever been a match refereed by polite where he doesn't interfere with every little thing? Constant interference just disrupts any kind of chance a flow can develop - players get frustrated and the silly shit starts.

Good riddance to a truly fucked referee..

"Oh but he blows it both ways", yep - and it's still fucking shit to watch.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Well we threw that one away. The refereeing didn’t help. Nor did the rolling maul off every line out. We aren’t going to win many tests, nor fans, if we do it every fucking time. It’s ok to have it in the armoury but it needs to be a point of difference used at the right time, and definitely not as a selection criteria for the 6th best hooker in the country.

Poite wanted to make his last test all about him. It’s an odd time to retire, why not at the end of the autumn tests? That said....don’t hit the door on the way out.


Rod McCall (65)
Well I recorded the game and just finished watching it. I thought it was a good test, but then again I a neutral, so didn't worry me who won. I didn't find the reffing to bad, he was ok. The YC I found a little harsh, I agreed no try as AAA dived of his feet, but thought if there any contact was very neglible, but it was what it was. Perhaps Wallabies are back the playing moves too much? Just impression I got noone really does too much off their own bat.
I will say in Hooper ,I struggle to think of a better 7 playing at the moment, geez he had a huge game again. I still not a big fan of Skelton, he big, but looks bloody slow to me, seemed to just jog around between plays, but to be fair coaches probably want him to do that so who am I to say he's not bloody good.
I realised something watching this morning, I have been back home long enough to be completely neutral when Wallabies play, when I lived in Aus was generally barracking for them against NH teams etc, today I just watched and enjoyed game!!


Jason Little (69)
Have only watched highlights, but it was clear we were our own worst enemies, and lost the game by a narrow margin as a result.

Cleanout past the ball. Stupid cleanout. Missed early penalty. That's Test rugby smarts we weren't showing right there.

First Scots try tho: how is that not obstruction? If the receiver still has the ball it is by the thinnest of margins and they move forward after Blue receives the pill - unattached, mind - before he rejoins.


Jason Little (69)
Paisami’s early defence was poor as he went for hits instead of tackles

Like he needs it as a switch to get into the game. Coach just needs to tell him the bigger satisfaction is looking up at a winning scoreboard.


Jason Little (69)
First Scots try tho: how is that not obstruction? If the receiver still has the ball it is by the thinnest of margins and they move forward after Blue receives the pill - unattached, mind - before he rejoins.

Have watched this three times now (clip starting 2:22) and still no idea how the AR and TMO had no say in this.