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Sevens 2022/23 (World Series etc)

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Hamilton is officially NOT an iconic venue:

“...World Rugby has recently confirmed to NZR that New Zealand will not be one of the seven locations hosting the Sevens World Series under the new format. Making the upcoming Hamilton World Sevens Series tournament (21-22 Jan) the last of its kind,’’ [an NZR official] said in a statement.

I'm shocked. Shocked, I say!

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Cape Town Pools:


Pool A looks the toughest in the men's draw.
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Cyril Towers (30)
Can I be really, really childish and repeat what was said above...

'managing Lily Dick's load'


waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
Fuck yeah!

NZ Women 31-7 Brazil

Aus 52-0 SA (!)

NZ 19-7 Team GB

Aus 38-0 Spain

NZ v Fiji & Aus v Ireland tonight/ Sunday morning depending on your time zone to determine who tops Pools A & B. Pool C decider USA v France who drew with Canada (who then lost to USA).

Da fuq?

NZ Men 10-14 Spain

Aus 19-21 Team GB

NZ v Kenya & Argentina, Aus v Uganda & USA to get things back on track. I fancy Aus's chances better than NZ's.

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waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
NZ Women 26-21 Fiji
Aus 29-0 Ireland

QF NZ 50-5 Canada
Aus 38-0 GB
Ireland 12-10 France
USA 10-7 Fiji

SF NZ v Ireland tonight at 20:24 AEDT
Aus v USA

Australian women yet to concede a point in four games, that's gotta be some kind of record.

NZ Men 31-5 Kenya, 21-15 Argentina
Aus 31-0 Uganda, 19-19 USA

Cup QF
NZ 50-0 Uruguay
Samoa 22-10 Argentina
USA 17-7 Fiji
SA 21-14 GB

NZ v USA 0:24 tomorrow AEDT
SA v Samoa

Aus 9th-place QF v Canada 19:18 tonight

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Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Needless to say the Aussie women’s defence has been outstanding. All aspects. Big hits. Incredible cover defence. Realignment work. Pressure over the ball. They’ve been exceptional. Notable that Madi Levi has been a little loose with her handling. Has probably left a handful of tries on the field.

waiopehu oldboy

Phil Waugh (73)
^ NZ have to hope Aus don't build an uncatchable lead before Hirini, Fluhler, Fitzpatrick & Woodman are back & sevens-ready (Tui would be a bonus at this point) & Nathan-Wong is back to something like her pre-concussion form. Even then it's hard to see where NZ can beat them.

Saw a caption last night that NZ are the most penalised & most carded team in the men's Series. Rolling the risk/ reward dice at every second or third breakdown & getting snake eyes more often than not.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The lack of media attention in Aus on the Aus women is just outright disgraceful. They are the best story in Aus sport lately and the best story in women sport which they love to amplify lately.
A-bloody-men. They are exceptional athletes and role models. You couldn't get more marketable either.

Meanwhile, the men haven't had the tournament they would have liked but they have a good one in Dally Bird.