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Waratahs 2023


Watty Friend (18)
rumours that you guys have signed Philip for next year
That would be a tremendous get if true... assuming we also pick up the other big fella "Miles Amatosero" and can retain Holloway and potentially Hanigan, we are looking a much more formidable team next year with Sua'ali'i to follow in 2025.


Allen Oxlade (6)
To have a game plan
A game plan that is simple and one that the players understand. The clunkiness in the Waratahs attack seems to stem from the players not knowing what their roles are. Too much attack off 9 to forwards and not enough off 10. The end result is a minimal no of phases due to unforced errors and penalties against.

The Ghost of Raelene

Andrew Slack (58)

Signed till 2025.

Unfortunately it doesn’t do much for me right now.


John Solomon (38)
Just looking at Pietsch in that photo, I have to say I think Marky Mark (Nawaqanitawase), Pietsch and Jorgensen are as good a back three as any in Super rugby. If only we could get 9 and 10 operating effectively to make use of them.