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QLD Colts 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by rugbysthewinner, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    So we are now at the big dance first week of finals.

    Colts 1 major final Souths v Brothers. Game of two styles Souths power game v Brothers more mobile and skilful game.
    Season finished one game a piece with Brothers flogging Souths in round two. I expect a close game with Brothers bringing very high line speed in defence. If both teams play there best rugby I expect Souths to win. My pick is Souths but it could go either way.

    I expect the winner of this game to go on and win the premiership.

    Sunnybank v UQ UQ seem to be Sunnybanks kryptonite I understand they have not scored a point against the students this year. Again power v mobility. I think the students will have too much for the injury depleted Sunnybank and win by 14 plus

    Colts 2 Souths v Bond both have been heads and shoulders above the pack all year. Bond have a good mobile pack with speed out wide and this is where they will try to win. Souths have a very good pack. I will go for Souths in a close game by 7.

    Brother v UQ Brothers just got in by beating Easts on the bell last week and may find it hard to back up. UQ have some good players who would be in most other clubs Colts 1 teams and I expect them to pull away and win by 20.

    Good luck boys.
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  2. Beer Baron Bill McLean (32)

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    Brothers up in 2's 15-5
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  3. Sage Too Ward Prentice (10)

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    What were the results for the weekend? I heard that Brothers Colts 2 won in a close one over UQ. Any others?
  4. The Nomad Bill McLean (32)

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    Colts 2

    Souths over Bond 40-38
    Brothers over UQ 15-5

    Colts 1

    Souths over Brothers 27-24 , won it with a penalty in the dying minutes
    UQ over Sunnybank 43-38 after being down 20-05 late in the first half, thankfully came out in the second half and kept ball in hand rather than the aimless kicking of the first half and put on plenty of tries. Hopefully lesson learnt.

    Souths straight through to the GF in both Colts 1 & 2 , great effort

    The Preliminary Finals next week should be crackers
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  5. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    UQ ran Sunnybank off there feet with better fitness

    Souths v Brothers was a tough affair

    Colts 2
    Bond will be crushed after having a one man advantage for 65 minutes and a two man advantage for 10 and then losing on the bell they may struggle to come back from that against a brothers team that has won two knockout games and has momentum on their side.
  6. The Engine Room Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Sadly, the referee had a major influence in the Colts 2 Minor Semi-Final. There should have been an adult refereeing the game at least, not a 19 year old peer. Two howlers of decisions (1. over-ruling a linesmen who called out and awarded a Brothers try 2. calling a Uni try held up after the linesmen ruled a try) that determined the outcome. In hindsight, the QRRA should ensure in future that our "younger" refs are not ref'ing their peer group, particularly in semi-finals. I am a great supporter of the QRRA Ref development in schools and clubs, but this appointment was wrong and should have been addressed prior to the game by diligent team manager/s. Lessons learnt for all.

  7. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    2 Cracking games in Colts 1 from what I’ve heard, missed them sadly! Who were the standouts across the 2 games in forwards and backs?
  8. Lion Ward Prentice (10)

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    I hear the QRU has sought input from Clubs on Colts moving to under 20s next year.
  9. Brisbane Boys Peter Burge (5)

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    Watched the Souths V Brothers Game.

    Closely fought affair for mine the Brothers Loosies went well getting many turnovers however I will caveat that by saying the Souths cleaners were poor so there were lots of opportunities. Brothers Inside centre was a handful and created plenty of space for those around him.
    For Souths the tight five were superior and the ten controlled the game very well. The Souths winger also made large inroads with ball in hand.

    IMHO this year the three teams left are clearly superior to the others and each is capable of winning it on any given day.
  10. RedsRugbyfan101 Peter Burge (5)

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    I must disagree with you having watched the game - not sure how you determined that the referee overruled the linesman?
  11. Bladerunner Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I thought the Uni forwards were tough and tried hard but the Brothers forwards were tougher, the young fella that came off before half time I think (white headgear), wasn't that big but was damaging the much bigger Uni players with some massive hits, the big front rower from Brothers was also excellent and scored a good try. The 12 for Uni seemed to be rattled all game and made some crucial mistakes, and the 10 only had 2 moves that Brothers picked up on early. In the backs for Brothers I thought the 9 was very good, nice pass and made some very crucial covering tackles to save potential tries, the 15 had a great field position game and set up one of Brothers tries and also the winger that was mentioned in the touch judge comment not sure what his number was.
    Brothers will be up against it with Bond, they look big and have been sharp most of the year, good luck to both teams on the weekend.
  12. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    So only two games this weekend
    Colts 1 Brothers v UQ
    Brothers were defeated in a very close game last week and can rake plenty from the performance. UQ ran Sunnybank off their feet with superior fitness. Styalistically this is a match up of similar teams and I expect plenary of ball movement. The battle of the centres should be awesome.
    This game is too close to call but for mine Brothers while being capable of very good football have not managed to back up strong performances so I am Tipping UQ by 5.
    Colts 2 Bond v Brothers. This is an interesting game in that Bond are the better team and should win based on ability however they had a crushing loss last week to Souths and finals are funny things. Brothers are a team with momentum so if they stick with Bond there could be a belief issue for Bond. I think Brothers might just get them in this one Brothers by 5

    Good luck boys.
  13. Brisbane Boys Peter Burge (5)

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    Pretty solid advantage to Brothers for the Colts 1 GF this week. As Souths are in both they can only use the bench for Injury replacement and not for tactical replacements, unless they get the bench to sit out the Colts 2 GF.
    Seems a bit inequitable to me.
  14. Dane Gleebles Frank Row (1)

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    Does anyone know anything about the QPR awards this morning? and who took out the u19 player of the year?
  15. Brisbane Boys Peter Burge (5)

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    Josh Flook Brothers apparently seems like an inside the tent choice to me.
  16. Dane Gleebles Frank Row (1)

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    Must be a bit of politics involved there I'd say. Would of had my money on Carter Gordan, someone who's dominated prem grade the entire year
  17. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Politics in Queensland rugby I won’t hear of it.
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  18. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Gordon didn't play a single colts game.
  19. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    What is the criteria Reg
  20. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    And neither did Wilson last year (until the finals),
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