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Southern Inland Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Maulalltheway Larry Dwyer (12)

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    pretty fair question i reckon.
    Forfeit 2s due to lack of numbers. Win 1sts then trot said 1st grade winners out in 2s finals.

    i personally feel that if you are short on numbers and players play both 2s and 1s your recorded match as far as eligibility is concerned should be the highest grade you started that day. Not the lowest.

    its a stitch up of grand proportions and had the blacks not forfeited the last 2 2nd grade games it wouldn't be nearly as fishy.

    Drawing James Curgenven into a discussion about the form of Griffith is deflective at best. If i'm not mistaken Chris Latu required clearance the season he won a Grand Final and a best on ground medal playing for Griffith.

    The biggest point here is Griffiths use of forfeits in the last 2 rounds doesn't pass the pub test in any way shape of form.
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  2. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    As long as all the players are registered and have played 7 matches (or got the exemption) they are fine, the guys have played all season and earned the right to be playing finals (really finished 3rd if they weren't deducted points for the forfeits).

    I agree there is a dodgy feel to it but that is more to do with the fact that the Griffith Blacks 2nd XV this season would have beaten their 1st XV by 50 points.

    I don't think it was a real situation of the club stacking their 2nd grade but more to with players not willing to play for the 1st grade coach due to an internal club spat. These things happen and no doubt the Blacks will be back stronger in the future once it is sorted out.
  3. paul bristow Bill Watson (15)

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    I think there is a lot of truth in what you have said Bandar but I don't think it had much to do with the popularity or otherwise of the 1st grade coach. There is the pub test Mauler and then there is the Romanos test.
  4. always rugby Stan Wickham (3)

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    He needs to come and play in SIRU. A chat with the president and you are good to go[IMG]

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  5. Jock Mason Bob McCowan (2)

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    I'm with Mauler on this, for a small town club who in the name of country rugby this year played 3 unscheduled games with our 3rd grade (who are true 3rd graders and just want to play social footy) all of which away including at Griffith v Deni, not to have any return the favour, our 2nds now come up against a side that didn't have the numbers for the previous two games???
    I don't believe their side will be full of first graders, just the types we wouldn't want in the club culture we have been trying to build over the last ten years!
    We will field the strongest side we can (injury depleted as we are...welcome to rugby in August, I know!) and hope that the club that I love, which has been training four grades since January, might overcome a side that clearly lacks any club spirit and respect for country rugby!
    In my 21 years playing in this competition I have played in at least 5-6 years where you played two games every week (and were never in finals contention..) and could not be keener to get on that paddock tomorrow and show them what a team looks like that is playing for the CLUB that they love!!!
  6. centralwestrep Frank Row (1)

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    Beautifully stated Jock. This is what country rugby should be about.
    Good luck to the mighty Bulls tomorrow. There will be many hoping to see this great club succeed.
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  7. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    Jock is absolutely correct and PB please dont make excuses for this poor effort by the Blacks - maybe they could link up with Hay or Deni next year and be their 3rd Grade .
    The problem for SIRU was that you can only kick ateam out of the Comp after 3 Forfeits - Griffith forfeited twice !1
    Is Griffith taking the piss out of the Comp ?? - who knows-
    I know the Rugby Manager pretty well & I reckon MM will be onto Griffith today with their Teamsheets & eligibility because like you Jock he wouldn't like the wool being pulled over his eyes for 1 minute.
    Griffith might win Today on the Field but I wonder if they will make it to a minor semi the following week - this Time the Truth will be in the details and like all Clubs competing Today - Griffith has been warned about Ineligible Players
  8. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2017 Week 1 Finals -
    1st Grade
    Waratahs 37 d City 21, Tumut 38 d Wagga Ag 11,

    2nd Grade
    Waratahs 45 d Leeton 22, Griffith 29 d Tumut 9,

    3rd Grade
    Hay 12 d City 8, Waratahs 12 d Tumut 0, CSU 25 d Wagga Ag 5

    CSU 25 d City 5, Waratahs 25 d Griffith 22
  9. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Yikes namtrak! Money in the bank? Remind me not to follow you into crown casino!
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  10. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    At least you know it'll be a quick trip. My 2017 tipping season has come to a close...
  11. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    It was a Top day of Finals Footy on Saturday at Conolly
    A couple of close scores with a few blowouts and Tumut are the new Jekyll & Hyde Team- what a turn around from the Saturday before against Aggies,
    I was interested to see how City went against Waratahs in 1st Grade but was left disappointed by their performance in the end.
  12. Maulalltheway Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Completely agree re standard of matches WH.

    I thought that Tumut really controlled the pace of the match well. Once they had absorbed the Ag College 100mph start they were able to rebound very well when the Ag college pressure came off. Great performance from big Joe, Menzies and reformed centre Dia Hooper in the forwards. Tumut have 2 very handy imports in Friswell and Glamuzina. The way Friswell takes the ball at the line really creates opportunities for his outside backs. Space isn't something that Glamuzina needs a lot of to be dangerous.
    I thought that the Ag College boys played fairly well. a few missed chances early resulting in 3 rather than 7 points will probably leave them wondering what may have been. Plenty of positives in this young side though for the future.

    Waratahs and City was played at an extremely high pace from the start. In thought the back 5 battle would be good and it didn't disappoint. Hosegood, Wallace and Armstrong all very strong. Moloney, Sheard and Tuivali just as good.
    Wagga City look like a side that could be anything. It would have to frustrate the coaching staff just how many yellow cards they receive. its a very hard game to play 1/2 players down to the opposition.
    Stanton, Power and Curgenven are all integral to the City attack. I thought all played well on the weekend but when coming from a position where you're behind and missing blokes for periods of the game there is only so much that can be done.
    I was impressed with the waratahs use of the short side early in the game. Munro, Hosegood and Jack Mullany all made good metres and opened up space on 2nd and 3rd phase play well.

    For Tahs from here its a real case of keepings off next weekend. Don't give Leeton the ball and they're half a chance.
    For City, I feel that their backline will have too much strike power for Tumut to deal with. That is if they keep their players on the park to win enough ball first.

    Go well all.
  13. paul bristow Bill Watson (15)

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    Is Brian Brumbies correct in suggesting City and Tumut have begun videoing games in an attempt to combat refereeing inconsistencies. It just seems a lot of teams have an overpowering compulsion to commit yellow card indiscretions when playing Waratahs at Conolly during close/important games eg City on the weekend, Leeton rd 1.
  14. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    I must admit to having a chuckle when referee Inconsistency & videoing etc is raised by the likes of PB
    Griffith Blacks had a 'overpowering compulsion' as PB puts it to give away 2 yellow cards last saturday but unfortunately for PB and his conspiritist mates from City the Blacks were playing Tumut - not waratahs !! (royal commission required)
    City have filmed all their matches for the last 5 years or so - Do they show them to the Players because as their coach said after their loss last Saturday their Discipline let them down !!
    I suppose just before their player is about to get a Yellow Card they press the Fast Forward button
    Technology doesn't win you a Comp - especially when you don't use it properly & just use it to unload on Match Officials
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  15. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    Just had a look at the SIRU News page and they have the draw for Saturday. The 2nd Grade Minor Semi is between Leeton & Tumut. What happened to the Griffith Blacks????
  16. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    you might have to check with PB - it's either a Typo or they have been kicked out of the Finals
    They probably didn't deserve to be in the Finals anyways
  17. Maulalltheway Larry Dwyer (12)

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    This is massive news. I'm interested to hear the story as it breaks.
    I wonder if this will be put down to another Waratahs conspiracy?
  18. paul bristow Bill Watson (15)

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    I've checked the Griffith Blacks and SIRU FB pages - nothing there. Maybe it's a typo as Happy suggested. The only way the match could be taken away from us (Blacks) was if ineligible players were used. Surely not. That team has played successfully together nearly all season. Not many if any injuries. Why would there be any need to use an ineligible player? Especially as Francis said - that the team would be carefully scrutinised. I'll be gobsmacked if it's not a typo.
  19. nipnipnip Frank Nicholson (4)

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  20. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    I wonder what Ag College think of this? - They finished 6th in the H&A

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