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    Wallabies 2019 Thread

    why would AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) be taking Banks spot, I would suggest DHP and Banks competed for the same spot, AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) (if you think he deserves to be there or not) would be covering different positions as well as the wing overlap.
  2. waratahjesus

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    Congrats to all selected. A nation supports and cheers you on, do your best to bring it home but make sure you have fun playing rugby along the way. What a great week it’s been chatting rugby and seeing wallabies gear coming out of closets around the country. Let’s hope we can keep it going...
  3. waratahjesus

    Wallabies vs All Blacks 10th August @Optus Stadium Perth

    regardless of results short or long term, always excited and filled with optimism both real and unwarranted every Bledisloe kick off. good luck to every player who pulls on the jersey. may your game be overflowing with skill, luck and the support of a nation. fuck New Zealand.
  4. waratahjesus

    TRC Round 2: Australia vs Argentina @ Brisbane - Saturday 27 July 2019

    good luck to all the fellas selected. Hope DHP gets another chance after a performance that was very unlike him. best of days to all in Brisbane, great venue and wonderful area for a drink, hope you all have a great day. Argentina are a great side and I look equally as forward to watching...
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    Wallabies 2019 Thread

    good luck to everyone that gets a run. hope they have a ton of fun and win a few along the way.
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    Global Rapid Rugby

    hey Y'all, long time listener first time caller. i just wanted to ask for those who live and participate in rugby in Western Sydney and also those of Polynesian family what a transplant team based in a different country means to you? its something thats been long discussed. often NZ...
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    Australian Rugby Union (ARU) - Positivity Thread

    i really like the rebrand. its all starting to come together.
  8. waratahjesus

    Wallabies vs England, Sydney, 3rd Test, 25 June @ 8:00pm

    I was taught by Bert Newton that no matter how it's going "If you're doing a bit, commit."
  9. waratahjesus

    Wallabies vs England, Sydney, 3rd Test, 25 June @ 8:00pm

    Apologies. I thought this thread was just having a laugh and didn't realise you where being serious. Please continue with the opinion you had going in and don't let anyone providing stats, examples or reasoned argument stop you from posting the same crap you do in multiple threads based on...
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    Wallabies vs England, Sydney, 3rd Test, 25 June @ 8:00pm

    What happened to the positivity thread because this thread has equal intelligent Mumblings as one of my mums Internet dates. I don't drop in often but this provincial bias BS is part of the reason England won. They divide & concour and you all sit feverish at keyboards typing away like the...
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    Waratahs v Highlanders, semi-final, Saturday 27 June

    hi everyone, long time reader first time poster. just wanted to point out that the semi final also falls on the same day as the lovely Shtinas 24th birthday as well. so its actually 2 huge events if the thread title could be altered and everyone could include some well wishes in there...
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    Kurtley Beale

    thanks for the congrats, did my best, the boys played there part and we came away with the W. would stick around but just doesnt seem to be anything to talk about.
  13. waratahjesus

    Kurtley Beale

    can you stop bullying me by slandering my backed up views in a forum i choose not to contribute in? Just because my view is different from yours does not give you the right to dismiss it as i haven't yours. cheers sir, hope you have a great day.
  14. waratahjesus

    Stormers v Tahs, round 8 2014

    A hard game to pick. It really is a tale of unhappiness and who will rise to find joy. In many regards it’s exactly like the plot of the great 1986 feature film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Both teams have had a bad experience and now find themselves in a situation were they need to take control...