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Rebels vs Crusaders Rnd 12 Super Rugby 2012

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Dave Cowper (27)
Nah, what you originally said was fine, the saders played pretty poorly. But it's an interesting question... Was it that they just played crap, or was it the way the rebels played that made the saders play poorly?

probably a mixture of both. Rebels defence out wide was very good, both teams threw bodies into the rucks with no regards for holding their feet (of course on here you'll only read about the Crusaders doing it) and their linespeed was top notch. Beale very impressive, if I remember correctly he was pretty average at 10 last season when tried, wasn't he?


Ted Fahey (11)
Is this for real!! I just saw the score on Planet-Rugby.

I just spent the entire day right beside a pub that was showing the game, but didn't want to go inside and face the humiliation! Now I am kicking myself for not watching this upset. Well not really, but I think I'll go out and try finding some belarussian muai thai boxer or someone to do the kicking instead, I deserve it for missing that.

Did Kurtly have a blinder? In the last 2 weeks without JOC (James O'Connor) and Cip's, the Rebels seem to have found a new form.


Dave Cowper (27)
it wasn't meant the way you seemed to have read it. what I meant was: Rebels played very well, Crusaders played pretty badly. Was I suppose to say "super amazing effort against an awesome team!"? Reality is that the Crusaders were pretty dire, but that's not taking away anything from the Rebels' performance
No worries... When you say well done against an atrocious team it sort of comes across that way. They weren't vintage, but not atrocious either. They just didn't bring it.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Sader's should have put a full strength team out there after the Bulls just piped the Rebels.
Got arrogant and got kicked in the arse for it. Anyway, Im f%^king loving this unpredictable season. If they sort the ref performance it would be near perfect.

The Red Baron

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Waratahs take note - the ball is passed in front of the moving attackers who work hard and back up. Even a busted old crock like Morty can back up FFS. Second when they kick they chase and the kicks can actualy be contested or go into touch. 1000% better than anything the Tahs have produced for two years and this is a team of discards, old crocks and ringins. Just brilliant.

I can't agree more with this statement. The key to the Rebels victory was belief in themselves, and trusting the men around you to do their job.When a team starts playing for each other, as opposed to playing for themselves, results will follow.

Beale had a cracker. He was everywhere. The Rebels disrupted the Crusaders rhythm all throughout the game. Just when you thought the Crusaders would look to open the game up, the Rebels shut them down.

When Mortlock came on, the team lifted into another gear. He might be old and slow, but god does he inspire his team. That said, the Crusaders losing Read only just after he came on had a negative effect on them.

Cracker of a game, and a well deserved victory. I think that the Rebels will really be a thorn in the side of any potential finals side they play from now on.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
(snip)Anyway, Im f%^king loving this unpredictable season.(snip)
Me too... Makes every game one to watch just in case you miss an unbelievable upset :). The wife is watching all the games too now since there is an air of unpredictability about the season


Bill McLean (32)
Honest question is it beyond the realms of possibility that the Rebels could finish above the Tahs on the Oz table. I think they will certainly finish above the Force. Tah have a tour now and I think they will struggle to take away a single point from their games away.

Congrats to the Rebels. Great stuff. Good crowd at the ground so hopefully, this whets their appetite and they come back for more.

Definitely not beyond the realms of possibility that the Rebels finish above the Tahs. Too bad the Tahs don't play the Lions or Blues this year, although they probably bring their C game for these and lose anyway. :mad:


Beale was starting to show signs of returning to full fitness against the Tahs a month or so ago. Awesome to see him back.

Vanuatu Chiefs

Sydney Middleton (9)
Beale very impressive, if I remember correctly he was pretty average at 10 last season when tried, wasn't he?

KB did play well at times at 10 for the Tahs last season albeit somewhat inconsistently. After an injury plagued off season he's obviously more match fit now & his move from 15 to 10 is greatly helping his team.

As has been been commented on by others he's now not trying to do it all on his own & he's trusting his natural instincts, game awareness & setting up his outside men. Witness the beautiful footwork & pass that led to a try against the Tahs. Also not one wretched chip kick tonight.

With no Cipriani (possibly a good thing) and no JOC (James O'Connor) at present, his game for the Rebels is growing to a greater maturity. Much to look forward to for Rebels' & Wallabies' fans. He's still only 23 y.o.


Dave Cowper (27)
^ playing for the waratahs makes you worse... I think the change has done beale the world of good.


Bill McLean (32)


Tony Shaw (54)
Can I just add re one of my favourite themes, namely the impact of great specialist coaches, and as born out tonight: the value of Muggleton's work and his consummate skill as defensive analyst and defence coach simply cannot be underestimated in this thrilling, impressive Rebs' victory.

To keep the Cru tryless in 2H was an exceptional achievement for any team, but an extraordinary achievement for a team whose defence was little but a source of endless amusement in 2011.

And that the Tahs deemed Muggleton 'a consultant' and let him go....as he wasn't needed....now who's laughing as their defence has been fraying more and more as 2012 has progressed.


Herbert Moran (7)

A lot of comparisons between the Tahs and Rebels here... It's a pity we've played our two games for the year, with the form we seem to be in and the form of the Tahs at the moment I'd reckon we are a shot.

The crowd was awesome, biggest I've seen there since the first fixture last year against the Tahs.
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