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Southern Inland Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    That's a Poor start by City - all the Pre Season Dramas looks as though it took its toll yesterday
    My Spies at the Match tell me City didn't look as fit as they were last year and had no penetration at all when they finally held onto the ball
    The losses of Lagaali (Rugby in Melbourne) and Curgenven (League in Tumut) is something that City may not recover from
    Good win by Aggies on the Road against Griffith and CSU went close to the Steamers which is a Good sign
    Leeton & Tumut were apparently close at half time but Tumut faltered in the second half as their fitness was tested by the Flamboyant Phantoms
    Good to see the SIRU Website up to date with all the scores from yesterday
  2. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    Round 2 matches this Saturday with the Winners highlighted.
    Albury * v Griffith, Ag College v Leeton *, Tumut v Waratahs *, City * v CSU

    Toughest match is Aggies v Phantoms at the Uni
    Tumut won't be organised enough to trouble Waratahs
  3. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I heard a whisper that SIRU is short of a few referees this season? If it's true it's a shame as without them there'd be no competition. Although I was wondering if they are rewarded fairly for their time and input. If SIRU can't afford to at least make it worth their time or make it financially attractive then where will the next generation of match officials come from? Are the referees sponsored? I.e. Advertising revenue? Or only Union funded? Could they get sponsorship to help make it more appealing to recruiting? Let me be clear I'm not accusing SIRU or anyone of anything only enquiring? When I refereed junior rugby on Sunday's in my younger days in the UK we were paid around $120-$150 for a morning/game and travel expenses and home teams provided post match meals/drinks. Obviously the ARU has bigger fish to fry currently recruiting and retaining players let alone officials in country rugby.
  4. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    The Referee's Association is a stand alone organization - SIRRA (Southern Inland Rugby Referees Association)= my understanding is that all Referees that travel out of their home Town get paid a reimbursement by SIRU for their fuel costs at the end of the season.
    They are sponsored and are always looking for new members
    It's a shame if their numbers are struggling.
  5. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Both correct gents, SIRRA is a stand alone organisation and are struggling for numbers in 2017 following the retirement and relocation of some key officials. The aim of the Referee's Association is to support the competition on a week to week basis which is presenting some challenges in 2017.

    If you know of anyone who is keen to pick up a whistle or is interested in sponsoring the association, I can point you in the right direction.
  6. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  7. Maulalltheway Larry Dwyer (12)

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    2 cents worth for round 2.

    Tahs to dust Tumut. Too smart, fast and fit for Tumut. Tumut to be in the game for 45 minutes again, then run out of puff.
    Albury to continue Griffiths woes on the road. Manion. and Griffith to not travel with a complete squad (i hope this part is incorrect).
    City to beat CSU in a tight one. City need Stanton back. Minimal attacking threats currently from all reports. Feeling the loss of JC and Eddie greatly currently.
    Ag College to pip Leeton. Young College team to continue early form from week 1 and win with superior structure.

    looks like a good round i reckon.
  8. Phantom Stan Wickham (3)

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    2nd round picks with "score lines".
    Tahs to bust up Tumut just a bit, Tahs 32-7
    Albury will get back players from the wedding weekend and Griffith on the long road trip, Albury 28-19
    City should.. get home over CSU, although the chalkies put some points on Albury couple of weeks ago so if there was gunna a be a boilover of the century... City 26-17
    Leeton to smoke the Aggies, maybe. Leeton 39 - 12

    Should start to get a good feel for where the season is heading after this week end.
  9. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Lots of Fijians playing for Leeton this year ?
    Maybe its the Marika Vunibaka influence as coach
    If the Phantoms forwards can win an even share of possession their backs will be too fast and elusive for the Aggies defenders out wide
  10. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2017 Round 2 First Grade Scores
    Waratahs 36 d Tumut 17,
    Leeton 43 d Ag College 17,
    Albury 34 d Griffith 12,
    City 48 d CSU 0
  11. Sicnarf Ted Fahey (11)

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    Are we looking at a Grand Final Preview with Waratahs playing Leeton this Saturday.
    Leeton were very good against Aggies on saturday and Waratahs will need to be prepared for a tough clash if they want to maintain their long standing undefeated record
    Both teams like to run the Ball from everywhere so it should be a very entertaining match
    CSU look to be struggling again !!
  12. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    It looks like a pretty good round again this week, I think Tumut are the only certainties they have played the top two teams and I do think CSU will again be doing well to win a match this year - maybe at home to Griffith???

    City should be too strong for the Blacks, but in Griffith you never know and Aggies and Albury are fighting with each other for a finals berth so this one is really important, probably Aggies in a tight one.

    Possibly a bit early to be calling a grand final preview but after two rounds Tahs and Phantoms are the stand out teams. If Tahs can keep it a structured match they should come home with the win but the speed and counter attacking flair shown by the Phantoms has been impressive - looking forward to seeing these teams go at it, not sure this early in the season the structure will be there so Phantoms in a thriller.
  13. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Some good Round 3 matches tomorrow
    Albury will be too organized at Home for Wagga ag
    Tumut to win their first match of the year
    Griffith at Home against City in a close one
    Phantoms to bring Waratahs undefeated run to an end - in a thriller 25-24
  14. Reasoning Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Heard that Seth Stoltenteberg (SIRU Development Officer) handed in his notice yesterday
    Heading to the Gold Coast from all accounts
    Finishes on May 19
  15. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    If that's true, it's a loss to the region. Seth has been good value for Rugby in the Riverina. All the best to him up North.

    Can someone clarify for me, has the rule regarding rolling substitutions been changed back?
  16. Goodfun Bob McCowan (2)

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    First grade run the subs by the letter of the law, 2nds and 3rds are a bit more lax just so everyone gets some game time. Just trying to keep the good character of rugby alive I expect. Any scores from any games today?
  17. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    No, 1st Grade is 8 rolling subs, 2nds is 12 rolling subs, 3rds unlimited? and Womens unlimited.

    Scores to follow.
  18. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2017 Round 3 First Grade Scores
    Leeton 40 d Waratahs 36,
    Wagga Ag 37 d Albury 13,
    Tumut 33 d CSU 29,
    City 41 d Griffith 34
  19. MonkeyWrangler Frank Row (1)

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    Waratahs vs Leeton was a cracker for the spectators. Leeton played with 14 men for over half the game due to yellow cards (5) and to be honest there could have been more, a lot of high tackles and indiscipline. However the phantoms definitely deserved the win given the numbers issue and ability to keep hitting back. Waratahs struggled for clean ball from the ruck and failed to shut down the Leeton attack. The return leg will be worth the road trip. Great result for Aggies.
  20. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    5 Yellow Cards to Leeton on saturday and nearly all them for High Tackles
    Discipline will kill them when the Finals approach if they don't fix this problem up
    showing Physicality in a match is fine but when you go too far you will get penalised
    The Big crackdown on Rugby this year is cleaning up high tackles and so far Leeton don't appear to have responded to this
    Obviously the Phantoms have got some talent this year but it would be ashame to see most of it sitting on the sidelines during their matches

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