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  1. Duncher

    The Israel Folau saga

    So, did Izzy not have sex before marriage? And what about his wife? Was she pure when he married her?
  2. Duncher

    Congratulations Richie

    Some say he's a cheat, he manipulates the refs, he's constantly offside, his hands seem to be glued to the ball, he's a thorn in our side and has been for ever it seems. But dam he's a great leader. Massive congrats to Richie. Not only has he managed to play a million tests, but now he's...
  3. Duncher

    Tahs Civic Reception

    bugger work and meetings, I'm going
  4. Duncher

    Complete Wallabies test caps list

    yeah, well, does anyone have one? preferably with dates of the first cap? The wikipedia (the second greatest site the gods ever made) only has our test caps up to 2010... We're missing a few I'd wager
  5. Duncher

    Root for the Wallabies

    OK this may be getting a little long in the tooth but I got this in an email the other day from a Kiwi mate at work (presumably from his private collection of inter racial porn) and I just thought it could be used for this years Bledisloe
  6. Duncher

    Nucifora - Next Wobs Coach?

    I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth
  7. Duncher

    Excellent opinion pieces

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/opinion/7698084/Apart-from-McCaw-All-Blacks-lack-enforcers great article, speaks volumes about our current forward pack as well... The thing that shits me most about watching the rugby championship at the moment is how much I respect Ritchies input... The dude's a...
  8. Duncher

    The dying - perhaps death - of Rugby in Australia.

    That's because we became shitter. 2001 was our peak, since then we have spiralled into the abyss
  9. Duncher

    Wallabies Fightback - Part 4

    another goodun Austin. I wonder though are our provinces performing any better at any of these areas of the game. I suspect they are but have no idea really. The other thing is it's obviously easier to perform the skills at a lower level where there's less pressure.
  10. Duncher

    How Did That All Blacks 1st Phase Move Work?

    It is so true!!!! We do need to get back to what it is about Australian rugby that set us apart from the rest of the world. We've never had the forwards of the Meat Eaters or Poms, never had the unpredictability of the Frogs, nor the speed and accuracy of the Darkness, but we've always (well...
  11. Duncher

    2012 Rugby Championship Game 1 Australia vs New Zealand - 18 August

    HEY! There's no need for that sort of language here on this forum
  12. Duncher

    Tahs hierarchy start falling on their sword. at last

    Well I for one am keen as mustard to get my Waratah membership next year... Can't be worse than this year, we must be better, hopefully with a bit of a head office clean out we can concentrate on kicking ass and taking names again. Remember the good ol days guys? back in '08 when we were...
  13. Duncher

    Rebels vs Crusaders Rnd 12 Super Rugby 2012

    I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!! We look a different outfit without him, far more applied in defense. I'm liking Lachy Mitchel at IC as well, all of a sudden we're looking dangerous in attack as well as solid in defense
  14. Duncher

    Rebels vs Crusaders Rnd 12 Super Rugby 2012

    Awesome!!!! A lot of comparisons between the Tahs and Rebels here... It's a pity we've played our two games for the year, with the form we seem to be in and the form of the Tahs at the moment I'd reckon we are a shot. The crowd was awesome, biggest I've seen there since the first fixture...
  15. Duncher

    Cipriani dumped

    I missed the queue