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    Shute Shield 2013

    You can see uni awards here http://www.sydneyunirugby.com.au/_blog/Club_News/post/2013-presentation-night/
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    Shute Shield 2013

    ^^^^^^^ As the parent of a young man who has progressed through uni colts and is now playing grade I totally endorse Bruce's sentiments. My son and his mates grind it out for 11 months of the year while other kids are out having a good time. He thrives in this environment and had said to me he.
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    Shute Shield 2013

    It would be a shame to undo all the good work that the Gordon team and management have put in place this year. It takes time to turn a big ship around and Gordon deserve the chance to build on these solid foundations. The one thing they have to do is focus on their juniors, one colts team is not.
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    Shute Shield 2013

    His name was Brad Ether and like many boys his early size and dominance did not carry through. He played seconds and thirds in his final year at Baker.
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    Shute Shield 2013

    Especially as young Kingston got a run and showed some real pace and penetration whereas Betham bumbled through the game before being replaced. Turner might get the call again, who knows how the selectors think, a case of the revolving door in many positions from prop to winger. Any news from.
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    Former Sydney Uni Player to Wear #10 for USA Eagles

    Chris's mum Lisa is a septic so he has no problems qualifying. Very solid ex Gordon junior who should go well at a higher level.
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    Colts 2013

    Well done to the Parra management. There is no doubt that they have the cattle to perform well in Colts. Like all young men just leaving school it is a big, unknown world out there and they respond to encouraging and welcoming messages. Of cause this needs to be reflected in the delivery in the.
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    Shute Shield 2013

    Looks like Hedger is ex Qld under 16's coach and now coaching in Japan for the last 4 years. Interesting choice. Does this mean Manu Sutherland has been sidelined?
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    Shute Shield 2013

    If we are talking about clubs loosing 15K that seems like pretty small beer compared to the numbers quoted to run a SS club. It seems like the real issue is the absolute pitance that the ARU provides to all clubs, with really only one or two Sydney clubs not doing it tough from what I hear. By.
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    Which clubs are the Class of 2012 going to?

    I understand Tom Wilson will be playing for the students in 2013 and will be attending St Andrews college. Disappointing to hear that Brogan Roods is tipped to go to the Wicks, he had a wretched season in 2012 but his very limited time on the park for Uni showed he has great potential. I hope.
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    National U/16 Championships 2012

    The program lists them as Henry Devine for Qld and Angus Crichton for NSW. Devine dazzled NSW in the first half, ran great lines at pace, has a wicked step and knows when to pass, the boy clearly is one to watch. Cricthon shone in the second half, leading the NSW in their comeback with a gutsy.
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    National U/16 Championships 2012

    I dropped into the Reds V NSW Schools game today and it was an interesting game of two halves,with Qld dominating the first and NSW the second. The NSW boys were all at sea in the first half, no possession compounded by poor defence in the midfield and out wide. When they did get the ball they.
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    Shute Shield 2012

    Here are the Uni awards. • Craig Fear Encouragement (Grade) Award – Dan Simpson • Colts Encouragement Award – Finlay McDonald • 1st Colts Best Fresher – Sam Quinn • Most Promising Colts Player – Stuart Dunbar • Most Improved Colts Player – Jack Jones • Most Improved Grade.
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    Kane Douglas

    He certainly is a freak. His work rate is a cut above any other forward and he will only get better as he learns to better manage his game plan. At the moment it is raw enthusiam and athleticism, I remember him running down a French winger from behind in the under 20 competition.The guy has.